Free Teleseminar: Brand Prescription 101

Date: April 29th
Time: 8:00 pm EDT
Location: Your Telephone

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Are You Asking These Questions?

   * You are not sure where you should start to gain more visibility.

   * You ask "How do I make my service unique and stand out from the crowd?

   * Should I Brand my Name or my Business Name?

   * Should I use Social Media To Brand My Business?

   * How Do I Develop A Powerful Brand On A Shoe String Budget?

   * Should I have a regular website or a BLOG?

   * What type of Logo should I use?
( Hint: There are at least 4 logo formats you should use)

This event is about having a major breakthrough that can actually DOUBLE your income over the next 12 months.

I'll be joining several experts who will share their best kept strategies and Brand Strategist, Nikki Curry will be teaching some of her NEWEST and never seen before content.

Get ready for an amazing 6 weeks!

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Your First Million: Keys to Creating Your Business Cash Windfall

Presented by Ali Brown and special guest Anne McKevitt
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 8pm Eastern

Learn more and reserve your spot now.

Do you think a million dollars is out of your reach?

(It's not, by the way, and I'll show you why in just a second.)

Whenever someone mentions "My goal is to make a million dollars
this year," I hear what you're saying. But let me ask you another
question... do you believe it's possible for YOU?

If you become aware of the things you're doing now that are
actually holding you back from ever reaching that million-dollar
benchmark, then it IS possible! In their no-cost teleseminar
Ali Brown and her mentor Anne McKevitt will share the million-dollar habits
that must become part of you and your team in order to fast-forward your
business and actually bring one million dollars within your

On this no-cost 75-minute call, Ali and Anne will reveal:

* the million-dollar habits you must instill in yourself and your
team in order to fast-forward your business (take it from us,
these are a must!)

* how to learn what is stopping you from reaching your financial
goals -- it may be at a completely unconscious level, and it's
important you nip this in the bud now before you suffer any

* the difference between being smart and being financially
successful (There are many more smart people in the world than
wealthy. Why? We'll explain, and show you how to be both.)

* why most of what you've learned about success and becoming rich
is WRONG and what you need to know in order to change your
destiny right now

* simple ways to reset your internal success compass to attract
the results you want using finesse - not struggle or hard effort

If you're anxious to break out of the million-dollar barriers
surrounding your own business, don't miss out on your only
opportunity to hear Ali Brown and the "Billion-Dollar-Woman,"
Anne McKevitt on this call!

Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World

May 5 and 6th 2010 in New York City, NY

Savor the Success’ Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World day is designed around 8 steps to skyrocket your business.

Imagine meeting the right person who can help change the course of your business forever, making more money because of an idea someone gave to you, becoming the star expert in your field, tripling your personal and professional productivity, building a team of people who support you, and – most importantly – meeting key people to create even more profitable relationships.

Readers of the Secrets of Success blog are entitled to a 20% discount on the admission fee for the event. Use code F4254 when you register.

Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz are owners of Courage Crafters, Inc. and the creators of a ground breaking business building strategy called, Go for No! Through their book "Go for No!" learning materials, and speaking engagements they have made it their mission to spread the “power of no.”

Their philosophies have been embraced by people in every business and industry and are especially proud of helping women entrepreneurs become empowered and excited to grow their businesses.

Are You Throwing Money Out of the Window?

by Sandra Martini
You know that feeling when you sign up for a new program or service -- this is THE one, the one which will answer all your questions, particularly if it comes with a resource library of some sort.

You go in all bright-eyed and then it happens. . .life interferes.

Perhaps another program caught your eye (and wallet) or a well-meaning coach told you you're spending too much time working "in" your business and not "on" it.

Regardless, you're pulled off course and don't use the benefits you've paid for.

There it goes. . .more money out the window. . .and you?

You're wondering why you didn't achieve everything the program/service promised or you know why and you're frustrated with yourself for once again drowning in overwhelm.

The solution?
  • Review the program and make a decision about what you're going to accomplish as a result of it BEFORE you sign up.
  • Review the program benefits and determine how and when you're going to use them.
  • Recognize that you have to work IN your business so that you have a business to work ON -- too many people advise against working "in" your business and, quite frankly, that's a mistake.
  • Do the work.  Whatever program you sign up for is going to require you to do more than simply show up to the calls, take info in via osmosis and have instant results. 
  • Doing the above sounds like a no brainer when you read it here, but I can count on one hand the number of programs I've managed/been part of where members used all their benefits.
My Request to You

While signing up for new programs and services is exciting and often motivating in and of itself, know WHY you're doing it and go through each of the above steps to ensure you're getting the absolute most from every program you're a part of.

After all, your business deserves your best. 

Sandra Martini is a strategic marketing and productivity consultant who helps entrepreneurs create and implement the systems to achieve their visions, with services such as coaching, client systems development, consulting and Team Sandy Done 4 You Online Business Marketing & Management as well as a variety of informational products. For more business building strategies and to get your free audio series “5 Simple & Easy Ways to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot,” visit Sandy’s site at today.

Trust Your Intuition More than the Application

Join me on Soulfulblend Radio on Blog Talk Radio on Monday, April 19th. Host Adrienne Bennett and I will be discussing topics from my new book, "Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life."

Monday, April 19, 2010

7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT.

Join us in the chatroom or on the phone lines at: (347) 843-4690 or listen to the recorded show 24/7.

Finding Opportunities in Any Economy

by Jack Canfield

Your own beliefs and behaviors are great predictors of your success than any fluctuation in the marketplace. Even when the newspapers splash the word recession across the front page, you can write your own success story.

Master the Art of “Inverse Paranoia”

Start by becoming an “Inverse Paranoid”. What I mean by this is, believe that every event in your life is the seed for your greater good; something meant to enrich you, empower you or advance your cause.

Imagine how much easier it would be to succeed in life if you were constantly expecting the world to support you and bring you opportunity.

You can easily verify this belief for yourself. Just think about the last time that a terrible event turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

A big blessing for me came during the 1970’s when I lost my job. I was working at the Job Corps Center in Clinton, Iowa, pioneering new ways to teach underachieving students. One day the word came down that the center was being relocated – and I was being laid off.

While attending a workshop at the W. Clement & Jesse V. Stone Foundation in Chicago, I shared my predicament with the presenter. He happened to be vice president of the foundation, and he immediately offered me a job working with inner-city black and Latino kids.

I accepted the offer, and what I got in return was a bigger salary, an unlimited budget, and a laboratory for learning the success principles that transformed my life and launched a new career path.

Ask Yourself: What Opportunity Exists Here?

Take the fast track to inspiration by constantly asking yourself: What’s the opportunity here? Make this a habit, and you’ll stay calm and centered during any event that seems like a setback.

The beauty of this question is that it triggers your mind to respond with positive suggestions. Compare these to the useless information you get by asking yourself the questions such as: Why did this happen to me? Or, Who’s to blame for this mess?

If you get passed over for a promotion or your retirement account takes a hit in the stock market, remember to ask: What’s the opportunity here? – or one of its inspiring variations:

What can I learn from this event?
What will I do differently from now on?
Who can I turn to as a mentor or coach?
What’s my next action?
Remember the Three Things You Control

In a way, the economy is just a vague and sometimes ambiguous idea. It refers in a general way to trillions of dollars of goods, services and products by billions of people across the planet. When you face a financial challenge, it is the vast, impersonal economy at work? Or is it your personal economy, which you can directly control?

You can’t always count on the economy, but you can always rely on yourself.

Remember, you have absolute control over three things in your life:

The thoughts you think
The images your visualize
The actions you take (including what you say to others)
Your life experience is simply the sum total of the choices you make in these three areas. And you can attract new results at any time by making new choices. Use the ideas and exercise found in this article to do just that!

© 2010 Jack Canfield

* * *

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

How Public Speaking Can Help You Dramatically Increase Your Business

by Donna Gunter, The Internet Marketing Automation Coach (TM)

There's an often-quoted statistic that the fear of public speaking is right up there with the fear of death as the two events people most fear in their lives. However, as a business owner, I can guarantee you that public speaking is a phenomenal way to grow your business, so if it's an activity that scares you, you need to take the bull by the horns and start working past that fear. As an introvert, public speaking isn't something that comes naturally to me, although I'm told I'm good at it. It's been quite a learning process, and I've had as many failures as successes. My best learning experiences have come through the process of finding the courage to just do it and learn along the way.

If you're a self-employed service professional, you work in a time-based economy. You have only so many hours in the day to work directly with your clients. Speaking to groups gives you the opportunity to reach out and touch and impact others who might otherwise never cross your path and for you to get them into your marketing funnel so that they can begin to get to know, like and respect you. Once they're in your marketing funnel, and if you provide a solution that solves a problem that they have, they'll ultimately hire you.

Here are ten steps I recommend to get you into action to use public speaking to fill your professional practice:

Pick 3 topics on which you can present a 20 minute - 60 minute speech. These should be topics on which you love to speak and will readily showcase your expertise to your audience. The topics also need to be ones that speak to your target market's pain and provides a solution for a problem that they're having.

For each presentation, write a 2 - 3 sentence description of that provides a brief overview of your content. To add some meat to the description, create a benefits statement for each presentation and what they'll learn or get out of your talk. Remember, your audience will always be asking the same question, "WIIFM", or "What's In It For Me?", so make your description so compelling that they think, "Hey, I've got to hear that!"

Have a professional photo made, and create a 3-6 sentence introductory bio of yourself. Many bios sound the same and are pretty boring, so on my website, I decided to tell something of a story about myself to make my bio a bit different. Let your personality shine in your bio.

With your topics, bio, and photo in hand, you can now put together in MS Word a simple speaker one-sheet that tells a prospective association program chair everything s/he would need to know about you. If you have a list of audiences to whom you've spoken previously, you will want to list some of those under the heading "Satisfied Clients", and spread 2 - 3 testimonials from other speaking gigs throughout the sheet. In order to get ideas for layouts of the one sheet, visit the National Speakers Association,, and view the speaker one sheets of other speakers to jumpstart your creativity.

Create a speaking link on your website and have the presentations you've outlined available on your site, as well as your speaker one sheet, and a separate link with your photo and bio. Many association program chairs will want to "check you out" online, even though you're offering to speak to them free of charge, so give them the opportunity to read all about your speaking topics on your website.

Now you need to find audiences filled with your target market. To start locally, approach the program chairs of professional associations to which you already belong and see if you can get on their speaking schedule. Your local library or Chamber of Commerce may have a current list of professional associations in your area which you can also approach. Other sources for finding speaking gigs include the American Society of Association Executives. On the website, click Directories on the left hand links column, and then Associations, and then select Gateway to Associations. Once you're in the Gateway, you can look up associations by keyword or by location. A second place to locate associations is Gale's Encyclopedia of Associations. This multi-volume encyclopedia is present in the reference section of all major libraries.

You (or your Virtual Assistant) will then need to call these associations and get the name and contact info of the program chair. Some program chairs will want to talk to you right away regarding your speaking topics, so be prepared to have that conversation on the fly. Being able to send them to your website to read more about the topics is also helpful. Others will want you to send information, so you'll need to draft an introductory letter that you can snail mail or email along with your speaker one-sheet.

Once you've got a speaking engagement, ask the program chair some questions about the audience so that you can better tailor the speech to fit their needs. I learn best through hearing stories, so as I'm asking questions about the audience, I'm going through my own list of illustrative stories I've told to see which ones might best match my audience's needs. Remember that your audience wants a full experience of you as well as the information that you're providing, so be sure and inject alot of your personality and wit and humor into your speech.

Before your speech, determine how you want to get audience members into your marketing funnel. Do you want them to sign up for a complimentary consultation on the spot? If so, bring your calendar or a sign-up sheet. Do you want to get them on your mailing list? Give away something at the end of your presentation that is compelling enough for them to part with a business card or to write down their contact info to enter the drawing. If your goal is to get them on your email newsletter list, be sure and get their email address. If you use direct mail, you'll want to get their physical mailing address.

The day of your presentation, just relax and have fun! This may be the hardest of any of the steps outlined here, but being authentic and being yourself will get you in the good graces of most of your audience, despite what you might say (or forget to say!). Think of your presentation as the beginning of a great relationship that you're establishing, and leave your audience feeling good about themselves and about you.
Try and book 2-3 speaking engagements per month, and soon you'll become the "go-to" expert in your industry!

Internet Marketing Automation Coach Donna Gunter helps independent service professionals create prosperous online businesses that make more profit in less time by teaching them how to automate their businesses, leverage their expertise, and get found online. Would you like to learn the specific Internet marketing strategies that get results? Discover how to increase your visibility and get found online by claiming your FREE gift, TurboCharge Your Online Marketing Toolkit, at ==>

Author Alicia Morgan on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Alicia Morgan

Alicia Michelle Morgan was born and raised in New Orleans. She currently resides in the North Dallas area. A graduate of Tuskegee University and New Mexico State University with degrees in engineering this analytical thinker has an equally creative side that is completely outside the box of conventional thinking. The birth of the writing pen name A.M. Morgan is the outer extension of an inner voice taking on a new world where an appreciation for the creative and performing arts takes center stage.

Her recent book Father and Daughter Time: Conversations from the Heart tackles the issue of the absence of fatherhood through sharing her positive and often challenging experiences with her own father. A multi-faceted woman on a mission to turn literary passions into a fulfilling career A.M. Morgan will not stop until the ambitions of this writer with a little business savvy is the foundation of the successful brand 3 Morgan Publishing. 3 Morgan Publishing is the birth of a family dream in which the extraordinary gift of writing will provide insightful words to spark engaging conversations.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Join me on the Home Biz Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio on Monday, April 12th. Host Jeane' Elliott Bennett and I will be discussing topics from my new book, "Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life."

The Home Biz Radio Show
Monday, April 12, 2010
10 am PST/11 am CST/12 noon CST/1 pm EST.
Join us in the chatroom or on the phone lines at 646-929-0711.

"How to Publish, Promote and Profit From Your Book"

Presented by Deborah A. Bailey

DATE: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
TIME: 8:00 p.m Eastern time
FEE: No charge

Writing a book is the main way to position yourself as an expert in your industry. But just writing a book isn't enough.

You also have to know what to do next...

Publishing - traditional or self publishing?
Promotions - how do you get your book into the hands of your target market?
Profiting - can you really make money with a book?

I've just written a book, "Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life" and within two weeks of completing it, I was booked for:

  • an appearance on the Fox News Strategy Room national news program,

  • three radio show interviews

  • an assignment to write articles for Careerbuilder

All of that and my book hasn't even been published yet!

If you're a solopreneur you won't have the huge budget to put into producing and promoting your book. That's why you have to focus on how to leverage your expertise and use that to build demand.

In this teleclass I'll reveal what today's author has to create your media platform - using tools that you may already be working with.

Here's part of what you'll gain when you join the call:

* How you can get INSTANT media attention - but only if you have THIS

* Why you'll have to wait up to TWO years for your book to be published if you get a contract with a traditional publisher

* Which social media tool is still under the radar but is HEAVILY used by celebrities, entertainers and authors

* How your book can REALLY make you money - if you do THIS

* The TWO things you must include in your book - otherwise your book won't be taken seriously!

Reserve your "seat" NOW so that you can be sure to have a place on the call. (If you can't make the call, the recording will be available for 3 days after the teleclass.)

"See" you on the call!

Are You A Member Yet?

by Julie Barnes

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly wondering if we are taking the right steps to take the business to the next level. It can be hard not to compare our business with the other thousands out there leaving us to wonder, if we buy into the latest program will this boost business?

Beware of all of the “gurus” out there when surfing the web. You know the ones. They have the sensational “squeeze” pages. Before you know it, you’re off running to get your credit card, knowing that if you buy this one program, you will be at six-figures by the end of the year.

Tip: There are rarely “overnight” successes. While it may seem that the “guru” hit the mother lode in less than year, most entrepreneurs achieve the success of their dreams by staying focused, working hard, and not letting outside influences sidetrack them. Also, remember that your idea of success may different than the next entrepreneur.

Then there are the membership programs. It seems like everyone has some variety of membership program and your email box is full of reasons why you should join.

Tip: Some of the greatest entrepreneurs attribute much of their success to working with mentors and coaches. While some groups and programs may be worth the money spent, it is always beneficial to follow the rule of “buyers beware”. Google the program. Research the instructor. Ask your circle of peers. You’ll soon find out that the Cyber World is smaller than you think.

Copyright © 2010 Julie Barnes and One Who Writes

Julie Barnes is a Freelance Writer focusing on her passion of entrepreneurship. Julie published “So You Want to Start a Business…Now What?” in December 2009. Julie lives and works in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, KS with her husband Ron and lovable dog Hank. You can visit her site at

Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.

Monique Hayward on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Monique Hayward is President & CEO of Nouveau Connoisseurs Corp., which she founded in April 2004 and most recently owned and operated the award-winning Dessert Noir Café & Bar in Beaverton, Oregon. Monique is also a senior marketing manager at Intel Corp. in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Monique is an entrepreneur and corporate player with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, public relations, business development, and entrepreneurship. She has shared her knowledge and expertise as a contributing writer and interviewee for mainstream media like, The Oregonian, The Denver Post, and CNN and online and print publications for entrepreneurs like Women Entrepreneurs – The Secrets of Success Blog, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, and Restaurant Startup & Growth.

In Feb. 2009, Monique published her first book, Divas Doing Business: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About Being a Woman Entrepreneur. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences and colleges and a mentor to up-and-coming professionals and entrepreneurs.

Monique was selected as a winner in the 2008 Make Mine a Million $ Business program, a collaboration between Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and OPEN from American Express that provides a combination of money, mentoring, marketing, and technology tools that women entrepreneurs need to help grow their businesses into million-dollar enterprises. She also was selected for the Portland Business Journal’s 2009 “40 Under 40” award, which honors young business leaders and entrepreneurs in the Portland area. She also has worked as a commercial model and spokesperson and served as the executive producer, writer, and host of her own talk show on a local cable TV station.

A native of New York City who also spent part of her childhood in Columbia, S.C., Monique has a master of business administration in marketing from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelor of arts (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in journalism from the University of Maryland College Park. She is an inaugural fellow of the ASCENT Mastering Management Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She also participates as a visiting fellow for the Austin Entrepreneurship Program at Oregon State University and teaches a course for aspiring women entrepreneurs at Portland Community College.

She also is a member of the National Black MBA Association, National Association of Female Executives and Entrepreneurs, and National Association of Women Business Owners and serves on the board of the Oregon Chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs. Monique is married to Tom Freeman and the couple resides in Beaverton.


How to Get Results from Your Product Launches

Were you on Ali Brown's call last week where she shared her proven secrets about how to successfully launch a product, program, or event every time?

On the call, Ali generously gifted everyone **$100 off** her new product: Product Launch Systems - Proven Formula for Greatest Impact & Maximum Profits, but only through Wednesday, April 7.

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Her brand new Product Launch System is packed full with
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Reserve your copy of Product Launch
System now, and collect your free bonuses, too, before they're

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Search Engine Marketing Plan

by Kristin Marquet

Who wants to double or triple their website traffic almost immediately?

Are you getting the most out of your online marketing?

So many people pose to be marketing experts, when in fact, some may actually be, but in my experience, I’ve come to find that most are full of hot air.

They claim you will get thousands of visitors and increase your conversion rates by 100% if you purchase their program and follow their directions. Nevertheless, the problem is many small businesses, both startups and established lack the funds to spend on marketing and they don’t know whom to trust.

To make your marketing road a little easier, here is a blueprint for you to follow. Here are the elements you need to include in your marketing plan.

Please sure to include the following list in your marketing plan:

Analytics - use analytics programs such as Google Analytics for tracking. You should know the exact amount of visitors that come, where they come from, and how long they stay on your website. Many programs also tell you where visitors click off.

Blogging – Blogs are often used in conjunction with or as substitutes for company websites because they are more user-friendly, cost-efficient, and personal than traditional websites. In fact, most blogs are free, while customized websites can cost thousands of dollars

Building a Brand – Microblogging and social media are two of the greatest ways to build online brands. Mircoblogging, using an application such as Twitter, helps position you as an expert in your field (additionally, there are a few ways to monetize the Twitter application). Moreover, using social media applications such as Facebook and Squidoo enable you to interact with prospective as well as existing customers.

Keywords – Keywords are used when people are searching for certain product, service, or information on search engines. Using the right keywords/keyword phrases for your site and integrating them into the title, tags, and headlines improve search engine rankings and your search engine positioning

Link Building – Link building is a great way to get better search engine rankings. Search engines use links as tools for determining how valuable and relevant the site’s content is to a search.

Online Public Relations – It doesn’t matter the size of your company, PR should always be used. If a few angry customers have tainted your online brand, it could damage your business, thus online monitoring is imperative. Nonetheless, online PR could also be very effective – distributing online press releases, doing interviews (explore and writing bylined articles help increase a brand’s visibility.

Pay Per Click Advertising – Pay per Click advertising is when certain keywords are purchased on major search engines such Google or Yahoo. It is paid placement, usually on the top or right side of the search engine results. Keywords are targeted toward certain markets. It could be very expensive but also very effective if planning effectively.

With a no B.S. attitude, Kristin Marquet is the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency (formerly award-winning firm, Marquet Media). Kristin also develops, manages, and implements various internal and external communication and social media initiatives. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful internal and external communication programs across all media platforms.

Kristin Marquet is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.

Photo credit:

Domenico Loia

Enjoy Your Day!

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