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Alicia Morgan

Alicia Michelle Morgan was born and raised in New Orleans. She currently resides in the North Dallas area. A graduate of Tuskegee University and New Mexico State University with degrees in engineering this analytical thinker has an equally creative side that is completely outside the box of conventional thinking. The birth of the writing pen name A.M. Morgan is the outer extension of an inner voice taking on a new world where an appreciation for the creative and performing arts takes center stage.

Her recent book Father and Daughter Time: Conversations from the Heart tackles the issue of the absence of fatherhood through sharing her positive and often challenging experiences with her own father. A multi-faceted woman on a mission to turn literary passions into a fulfilling career A.M. Morgan will not stop until the ambitions of this writer with a little business savvy is the foundation of the successful brand 3 Morgan Publishing. 3 Morgan Publishing is the birth of a family dream in which the extraordinary gift of writing will provide insightful words to spark engaging conversations.

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