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Mary McManus  

Mary has always loved creating original poetry for special occasions. Everyone who heard her creations told her she should work for Hallmark. But Mary was a dedicated social worker helping patients to heal their lives and never imagined that her career path would take her to being an entrepreneur, a poet ,an inspirational speaker and a 2009 Boston Marathon finisher.

When Mary was diagnosed with post polio syndrome in December 2006, she felt her life was crumbling around her. The first thing doctors told Mary was that she needed to quit her award winning job as a social worker at the VA and receive social security disability.

With only three years until Mary 'could retire' she asked her team of therapists and doctors to help her remain at work, but, in May 2007, Mary took a leap of faith and left her full time career to follow her passion as a poet. She created New World Greeting Cards, original poetry for every occasion. She delights her customers with original creations that weave into a poem the words they want to say. She also discovered the gift of writing inspirational poetry, and is the author of “New World Greetings.”  Her 2nd book, “Set Sail for a New World” is due out this year.

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Oils and Poetry said...

Wow! This is so inspiring. I too am an inspirational poet and apeaker. I have recently made a full time business out of it as a single mom. I am encouraged by this article and inspired to continue in the business of writing inspirational poetry. Thank you for sharing!

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