How to Attract all the Clients You Need

by Ileana Kane

I was taught if I work hard and take one step at a time, I'd get to my goal. For awhile that did serve me and it's only one way. What I'm talking about is day to day, striving and struggling to make incremental gains in business. It's the path of conventional growth. What I call ladder climbing instead of leap-frogging. What I'm asking of you is to be open to stop accepting present circumstances and being content with incremental growth in your business.

Take a risk on going for unconventional success by going the route of unconventional approaches. Go for a breakthrough! A quantum leap!

Focus On The End Result

Start first with a crystal clear vision (dream) of the outcome you want. Create a strong focal point for yourself and your business. Go ahead and visualize your arrival - just as if you were a runner readying yourself for a race. Forget the how! The answers will come to you like simple and streamlined solutions. No forcing necessary - stay out of your own way and let it occur. Now for you perfectionists, forget making the perfect plan, forget getting everything neatly organized and eliminating the risks. Be willing to be with ambiguity, confusion or chaos. All that you're doing is what Columbus did. He sailed into uncharted territory. Just keep your focal point of where you're going to land.

Light The Fire In Your Heart

Passion is the single element that will energize the soul, fill the spirit and put fire in your heart. Go with your burning desire, the fire in your heart, and you will never be let down. In order to allow this to happen, shift the limits on your thinking and give yourself the permission to carry you past the point of wishful thinking and halfhearted effort.

Employ New Behavior

If you want unconventional success, be willing for the unconventional approaches. Accelerate your achievement by rapidly employing the new behaviors. Otherwise, more of the same gives more of the same. So, if you lean on the dependable behaviors from the past they turn into major obstacles to your future success. To have a business without boundaries you must think without boundaries. Trying harder will take you down the path to burnout. Hint: More effort isn't the answer. Get uncomfortable and go for it!

Ditch the Doubt!

Imagine a new definition of rational thinking. What if rational thinking is the same as skepticism? The truth is doubts are the product of habitual thinking, not accurate thinking. Put the old inhibiting ideas aside (just in case you may want to pick them up again at some other time. Try on accurate thinking. Imagine for a moment you could double your income or even triple your income in less than a year. Suspend your disbelief from what's probable to believing in what's possible.

Ready Aim Fire

In the ready, aim, fire strategy, getting ready is the con game you're playing with yourself. If you wait to get all prepared, organized and perfect - you'll never get there. Taking action is an act of faith. Once you take a step the next step will appear. Your dreams will begin to crystallize into your reality when pursued-how cool is that?

Breakthroughs In Action

Ready to take a shortcut? Have you ever felt resistance to something that you want to take action on? Then you don't take action and you resist the resistance. Ready to change? Make a list of all that you are resisting. The next thing to do is to take action on each one. Go ahead try'll be pleased.

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Arabella Bianco said...

Hi, I very much like your blog and have just become a Follower.

One of the keys is to get right out of your comfort zone, amazingly it's the situations you feel most uncomfortable with that are the most successful. Would you agree?

By taking the unconventional route, you don't need to take decades to achieve success.

Well, that's it from me for now, I would recommend for further reading 'Awaken the Giant Within' by Anthony Robbins.

Best Regards, Arabella

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