6 Tips to Help You Stay Productive

by Shannon Suetos
Ever had one of those days where you seemed to get off task no matter how much you tried not to? Of course you have, we all have been there—whether it is going on Facebook for a minute and it turns into an hour, or we get lost in the comments of an article the fact is it happens.

Staying productive will not only help you and your business, but it can keep your mind clear and less stressed. Procrastinating tasks only leads to build up and an overwhelming feel that is not healthy. Try these 6 tips below to keep you on track and in the fast lane of productivity.


Utilizing your email calendar can be a great way to stay on task. Email providers like Gmail and software programs like Outlook or Mail have great calendar features just waiting for you to take advantage.

Having a reminder pop up that an important task, or phone call is coming up can do wonders. You may already remember to do the task, but that constant reminder should keep you from procrastinating.


Most of us get hit by a large amount of emails every day. If this is the case for you, having your inbox filled with 200 emails can be overwhelming. A great way to fix this is to label your emails accordingly.

Have a folder for items that need to be addressed immediately, and also folders for co-workers and clients. Once you have read the email, and done the task throw the email into the appropriate folder. This will clean up your inbox, and keep you on task more than you can imagine. Set a goal of keeping only 10 or so emails in your inbox will help keep you on task, and hopefully speed up your response times for clients.

Priority Lists

As a business owner you have multiple hats you have to wear. Because of this you should begin each day by making a list of things that need to be accomplished. Put the items that are the most priority at the top of the list and work your way down. Crossing off each item that gets done will also be an added bonus for you, and a visualization of what your accomplishments are for the day.

Plan ahead and think about how long each task should take—and try to stick to it. The goal is to have a set schedule and stay as close as you can to the desired finish time.

Take Breaks

If you don’t take breaks, it could actually be counterproductive. Burn out can occur, and you may not produce your best work. If you work from home, get up and walk around the block or go out for lunch. The same goes at the office—clearing your head even for 5-10 minutes can really help.

Limit Social Media

If you engage in social media for your company you may not be able to cut this out completely. If this is the case, schedule an amount of time each day to focus on your social media efforts. This can be good for many reasons, one being your followers will know when to expect to see you on, and engaging with you.

A lot of us can get lost easily on Facebook and Twitter. You see a picture or article you find interesting and then your mind drifts into a new subject and it’s a ripple effect. Next thing you know an hour has passed, and you haven’t done any real work.

Stop Working When You Go Home

If you work from home this could be even more difficult. Pick a time each day when you should be done working, and stick to it. Working yourself to death will do nothing but be counterproductive, and stress you out. If someone sends you an email at 9 o’clock at night, it can wait until the morning. There are far and few between times that you would need to answer it.

Keep your business phone and personal phone separate. There is no need to check up on your work email while you are at the grocery, at your kid's soccer game or any other personal activity. It may be hard at first, but you will soon find it is actually more relaxing when you aren’t thinking about work 24-7.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on document management software based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as document software at Resource Nation.

Selena Cuffe, President and CEO of Heritage Link Brands, LLC on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Selena Cuffe

Selena Cuffe is the President and CEO of Heritage Link Brands, LLC, the first and largest U.S. company dedicated to importing and distributing wine produced by indigenous Africans and those of African descent. The wines have been featured by media outlets including TIME, O Magazine, PBS and the Today Show and have won industry accolades from the International Wine Challenge, Decanter Magazine and Wine Spectator, among others. Customers include household names such as Whole Foods, Disney, Sam’s Club and United Airlines, and the wine can be found in stores in 41 states.

The true birth of Heritage Link Brands occurred on an unrelated business trip to South Africa in 2005, when Selena discovered that out of South Africa’s $3 billion wine industry, less than two percent was owned by blacks. Seeing the inequality – blacks make up over 80 percent of the country’s population – she founded Heritage Link Brands shortly thereafter.

Prior to starting her own business, Selena worked as an Account Executive for United Airlines and as a Business Development Manager for United.com. During her tenures at the airline and its website, her main responsibilities were the promotion and launch of new routes and negotiating strategic online initiatives with Microsoft, Starwood and Orbitz. She received her marketing training from the Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, OH, where she served as Assistant Brand Manager for the Pringles brand and was a key figure in the development and execution of marketing plans in the Latin American countries of Brazil and Mexico. In her last job before founding Heritage Link Brands, Selena served as the Director of Marketing for the Council on International Educational Exchange, overseeing the promotion of student and work exchanges for over 50,000 people worldwide.

Selena graduated with an AB in International Relations from Stanford University and holds a Master of Business Administration, with honors, from the Harvard Business School. She is also certified, with merit, by the UK-based Wine and Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) and is a Diamond Life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. A mother of two, she works alongside her husband, Khary, the CFO of Heritage Link Brands.

Listen to the archived show on Libsyn:


Lora Sasiela Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Lora Sasiela

Lora Sasiela of Financially Smitten, LLC is a financial therapist and money coach who specializes in empowering women to kiss their financial heartache goodbye so they can love their money and love their life.

Lora offers private and group-coaching services, both in person at her office in Manhattan as well as to clients outside of NYC via phone. She also holds live workshops entitled How To Romance Your Money...and make sure the honeymoon never ends! which lay the foundation for her proven tools and techniques to become clear, confident, and conscious when it comes to dealing with any and all financial matters. Lora enjoys speaking to a variety of women's groups, mom's groups, as well as professional organizations.

Prior to founding Financially Smitten, Lora maintained a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan for over 14 years, with a specialization in working with women to heal eating and body image issues. As she moved into doing more of the money coaching and financial therapy work, she came to see that much of the skill set and experience she had developed in helping women come to a place of peace and empowerment in their relationship to food and their bodies was able to be leveraged in helping women release the shame, isolation and fear surrounding money.

Lora is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a Masters of Social Work from New York University. She has completed a variety of postgraduate certificate programs including The Women's Therapy Centre Institute, the National Institute of the Psychotherapies, and the New Hope Guild. She was also awarded a fellowship at New York University's Psychoanalytic Institute. Lora has studied with pioneers in the money psychology field such as Olivia Mellan and Barbara Stanny, and taken courses at the Financial Recovery Institute and the Women's Earning Institute.

Lora publishes a celebrated newsletter, The Flirting with Finance Diaries. Financially Smitten, LLC maintains a vibrant and informative website. Each month, people from almost 70 different countries visit the site at www.FinanciallySmitten.com. Lora maintains the Financially Smitten blog hosted on the site, and regularly updates the comprehensive free resources section.


Are you a victim of the “6 Figure Myth”?

by Sandra P. Martini

Have you fallen victim to the “6 Figure Myth”? You know, the myth that so many gurus perpetuate which implies that once you “break through” (sounds hard!) to 6 Figures, all will be well:

• You’ll pay off your mortgage or invest in a bigger home
• You’ll convert those 6 Figures to millions while working 4 hours a week
• You’ll want, and get, a pair of Jimmy Choos for every outfit

You get the idea.

Fact is, it’s a myth. All of it.

I see so many business owners who reach and exceed the 6 Figure mark, only to be “making” less than when they were “under 6 Figures”. In fact, many of them have negative profits – yep, they made over $100,000 in revenue and had less than nothing left at the end of the year.

It’s not about revenue, it’s about profit.

Say it out loud. . . It’s not the revenue. It’s the profit.

As a business owner, there’s one number which matters more than any other – PROFIT. It matters more than revenue, more than list size, more than ezine open rate, more than Twitter or Facebook friends.

At the end of the day, how much money are you keeping?

Making It Real: My Request To You

As a conscious business owner, you may be shaking your head believing it’s not all about the profit, it’s about the impact you’re making.

Absolutely. . .the impact is important; crucial in fact when it comes to feeding your soul. However, without the profit, you can’t stay in business and if you can’t stay in business, it’s a lot harder to make a substantive impact.

Here are a few simple-to-implement ways to keep your eye on the bottom line as you reach for the stars:

1. Stay focused on the money by tracking how much you’re bringing in each DAY
2. Schedule a “Marketing and Money” meeting with yourself each week where you track key metrics such as revenue, profit, unique website visitors, ezine conversion, open rate, etc.
3. When creating new programs, products and services, know what your profit will be BEFORE you launch them.

By focusing strategically on both the marketing AND finances of your business, you can start increasing profits today, regardless of whether you’re currently making 6 figures, are a motivated 5-figure business or just starting out!

It’s about optimizing as much as it’s about creating. :-)

Sandra Martini is an award-winning marketing and productivity consultant who helps entrepreneurs create and implement the systems to achieve their visions, with services such as coaching, client systems development, consulting and Team Sandy Done 4 You Online Business Marketing & Management as well as a variety of informational products. For more business building strategies and to get your free audio series “5 Simple & Easy Ways to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot”, visit Sandy’s site at http://www.SandraMartini.com today

© 2002-2010 Sandra P. Martini. All Rights Reserved

Webinar: Your Type, Defined for Success!

Presented by: Michele DeKinder-Smith
Date:  Wednesday, July 28
Time: 3:00 pm Eastern time

If you’re serious about taking a good look at yourself and how you affect your business, then it’s time to reserve your spot in the free webinar my friend Michele DeKinder-Smith is offering.

Michele, Founder and CEO of Jane Out of the Box, an online resource for female entrepreneurs, is completely passionate about helping women business owners to succeed, on their own terms.

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That’s why she’s offering, “Which Jane Are You? Defining Your Entrepreneurial Type So You Can Recognize and Utilize Your Strengths and Overcome Your Challenges.”

Having researched and interviewed more than 3,500 female entrepreneurs, Michele is at the cutting edge of what it takes to succeed – no matter where you are now.

Her powerful webinar will cover:

*An overview of the 5 different types of female entrepreneurs, so that you can determine your type and learn to work to your strengths and overcome your challenges.
*The Number One challenge facing each type.
*Advice for each type for overcoming her Number One Challenge.
*Why it’s crucial to understand your type – and all the others, too.
*How knowing your type can help you build a massively successful business that works for you, specifically.
*More information about upcoming Jane Out of the Box events that will give you even more customized action steps to find increased income, greater success, and more enjoyment in your unique business.

Trust me when I say that you definitely don’t want to miss this webinar, if you have bigger and better dreams for yourself, entrepreneurially.

Learn more about the webinar and reserve your spot at http://janeoutofthebox.com/2010event/

5 Reasons Why Persuading Prevents Sales

by Tessa Stowe

Do you think selling is all about persuading and convincing? Are you trying hard to get people to agree with what you tell them? If that is the essence of your sales approach, it will lose you sales. Here are five reasons why.

Reason #1: You will resist selling.

If you think selling is all about persuading and convincing, you will resist doing selling as you probably don't enjoy the experience of having to get people to agree with you. Doing that is difficult and can feel like fighting. You may also be concerned about what people will think of you. As a result, selling will be something you do rather reluctantly, and really wish you didn't have to do at all. If you resist selling, you are not going to be selling as often as you need to. Consequently, the less time you spend selling, the less sales you will make - plain and simple.

Reason #2: You will experience sales resistance from your prospects.

The moment you start trying to persuade or convince is the moment your prospect identifies you as a "typical salesperson." As soon as they reach that conclusion, they go into protection mode to prevent themselves from being sold to. They put their sales resistance barrier up. When a sales resistance barrier is present, the chance of getting a sale goes down.

Reason #3: You will miss out on the larger sales.

If your prospect trusts you, it is fairly straightforward to make a much larger initial sale. You can do this by giving them an option which assumes they will be with you for the long term. If they trust you, they will give serious consideration to this longer term, higher priced option. However, if you are persuading or convincing your prospect, it is unlikely they will trust you. They'll think that you care more about making a sale than you do about helping them. When there is little or no trust present, your prospect will be very cautious about making a long term commitment to you. Hence, they will probably not be interested in your higher priced option.

Reason #4: You will miss out on the easiest sales of all.

The easiest sales of all should be from your current customers. However, and this is very important, if you acquired a customer through persuading and convincing, it will affect the trust between you and your prospect. He or she will probably not be too keen on repeating the last sales experience with you. So next time they need something that you can offer, they may go look to someone else who cares more about them than about themselves.

Reason #5: You will have few referrals.

If your prospects and customers did not enjoy the persuading and convincing sales experience with you, they are definitely not going to give you referrals. They will want to protect their own reputation within their network of friends and associates.

So what is the solution?

Instead of thinking that selling is about persuading and convincing, approach selling as helping people to get what they want. If you approach selling in this way - and use a sales process that matches it - then there will be little sales resistance on your side and from your prospects. As you successfully build rapport and trust, your prospects will be more open to higher priced initial options. Finally, you will get more repeat sales and referrals from your customers.

Starting today, stop persuading and convincing, and intently focus on helping people to get what they want. Both you and your prospects and existing customers will feel the difference. This simple change in your sales approach will result in more sales and customer loyalty.

©Tessa Stowe, Sales Conversation, 2010
Tessa Stowe teaches small business owners and recovering salespeople simple steps to turn conversations into clients without being sales-y or pushy. Her FREE monthly Sales Conversation newsletter is full of tips on how to sell your services by just being yourself. Sign up now at www.salesconversation.com.

SMS campaigns: Are they a Match For Your Company?

by Shannon Suetos

Seventy-two percent of all cell phone users send or receive text messages according to a study done by PewInternet. As a result more companies are using this medium to send their customers messages. One of the latest corporations to do so is the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino.

In their SMS campaign, they ask consumers to text a keyword to during the promotion and the hotel will then send a message to the consumer stating, "bring this message to the Believe box office at Luxor to claim your prize." The Luxor isn't the only company taking advantage of SMS.

Take Action Immediately
One of the reasons SMS campaigns are becoming so effective is the immediacy it brings for your customers. Getting them to act immediately to something can excite them and make them feel special. SCA Promotions (a promotional solutions and incentives that connect with consumers, without risk to the sponsor) Director Tony Ebert says, "utilizing text messaging for promotions is a natural. Promotions are designed to incentivize people to take action. With text messaging they can take action immediately."

Not only does most American's have cell phones, most don't leave home without it. Implementing a texting campaign will ensure your message is reaching your audience within minutes of sending the message. According to Moto Message, "over 90% of text messages sent are opened and read by your customers in 15 minutes. No other advertising medium has that relationship with the consumer."

If you currently cannot or don't want to spend the money for radio, print and TV ads, texting can be a great option. There are many services to choose from that can host your SMS efforts-and like you would guess the price varies. The more DIY type companies are going to be cheaper than the more sophisticated service.

Before committing to a company, talk to multiple companies that offer multiple service features such as creating lists for you, tracking your efforts and producing reports. One company may be a bit more than the other, but if their features are more intricate and helpful it may be worth the money. MobiQpons for example has 3 data plans to choose from ranging from around $10 a month to $50 depending on your SMS needs. Microsoft actually offers a desktop software application that can send SMS messages-and the download is free.

According to a survey conducted in May of this year has stated that, "one-third of Americans who currently have signed up for mobile marketing alerts indicate that such services impact their decision to go into stores and 27% report that such programs have impacted their decision to buy products in physical retail locations."

No matter what you decide, the fact remains that SMS campaigns are becoming a viable marketing tactic. The number one thing to remember is to plan accordingly, and decide ahead of time if it is the right tactic for your company.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on debt leads based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as debt consolidation at Resource Nation.

Barb Wade on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Barb Wade

Barb Wade, M.A., specializes in coaching Entrepreneur-Moms to create thriving, 6-figure businesses without losing their families or their minds!  As a mother of two and thriving entrepreneur herself, Barb knows what it takes to build a strong and consistent business while simultaneously attending to quality time with her family - now in her 10th year of coaching, Barb has truly mastered the strategies and techniques to work smarter, not harder.

In particular, Barb teaches her clients how to consistently attract their own loyal, high-paying clients, how to charge what they're truly worth (and get it!), how to successfully sell their products and services without being "sales-y," how to create their own rewarding and lucrative businesses on their terms and schedule, and much more...all while having the freedom and flexibility for ample intimate time with their families.

In particular, Barb is passionate about helping clients move away from the limited, "hours for dollars" business paradigm, and instead create multiple streams of income for themselves from their expertise.  Barb offers a variety of services from both Private and Group Business Coaching Programs to V.I.P. Intensives to Telelcasses and Seminars on these passive and leveraged strategies, allowing her clients to work less, help more, and make more.  

In addition to working with her Entrepreneur-Mom clients, Barb has provided coaching for a variety of companies including IBM, House of Blues Digital, Sony Pictures Corporation, Hand & Associates, Digital Envelope, and Toyota.  Prior to becoming a Life Coach, Barb had a successful career in business as a Vice President for two of Bill Gross's prestigious Idealab Companies, and at Dreamworks SKG where she led the Kids and Family Products group for the studio's Interactive Media department. (And a little known secret about Barb is that right out of college, she landed a lead role on a prime-time NBC series and was a television actress for two years - a funny story!).

A frequent speaker on industry panels, Barb also served for 8 years as the official On Air Success Coach for the Fine Living Channel.  Barb loves living in northern Colorado and spending lots of time with her husband and 2 "spirited" daughters.

For a variety of valuable tips and resources, please visit www.BarbWade.com.

**SPECIAL GIFT only for listeners of Deb Bailey's "Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success" Blog Talk Radio Show at http://www.BarbWade.com/SOS ***


Zuzy Martin Lynch Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Zuzy Martin Lynch
Zuzy became obsessed with good food and restaurants at an early age. She grew up eating grandma’s home-cooked food while her single mom was out working all the time. Trying to spoil her, grandma never let her in the kitchen. As for mom, cooking was something she just “didn’t do.” Couple that with living near NYC, it’s no surprise that restaurants soon became an obsession. Cooking, however, became more and more a distant concept – until she hit her thirties and eating out every night became a norm that lost its luster and felt too expensive a habit to keep. Today, she’s on a mission to admit she was clueless, ask all the questions and start to slowly help her generation get cooking. http://cooking4theclueless.com/


How to Take Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life

Join me on Monday, July 19th at 1:00 pm eastern time when I'll be a guest on Entrepreneurs Talk Radio, hosted by Donna Price.

Topic: "How to Take Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life by Making the Move into Entrepreneurship"

Time: 1:00 pm EDT

Where: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/entrepreneurs-talk (listen to the live or recorded show 24/7)

Entrepreneur's are facing new challenges each day. Donna Price, Business Success Coach, host brings tools and strategies for entrepreneurs from experts in the field. Entrepreneur's Talk Radio is designed to provide YOU, the entrepreneur, with real world solutions that will help you to grow your business.

We will have guests that share expertise in the areas of strategic planning, multiple streams of income, personal growth, sales, writing good copy and more.... Join me for the conversation!

Webinar: Think Like the Entrepreneur You're Meant to Be

Webinar: "Think Like the Entrepreneur You're Meant to Be"
Presented by Deborah A. Bailey 
Hosted by: Ladies Who Launch

Learn the 5 Essential Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur!

If you're going into entrepreneurship and still holding on to the belief that it's the same as being employed (except without benefits and job "security") - you will find yourself in a very limiting position. When you have your own business you will have to develop traits to successfully transition from employee to CEO.

Access webinar recording here: http://www.ladieswholaunch.com/classes

Starting your own successful venture is completely possible, but it all starts by shifting your thinking.

In this jam-packed 75 minute webinar Deborah will teach you how to adopt the right mind-set and avoid the common pitfalls of new businesses.

It's not enough to have a business plan if your thinking and your actions are working against your business dreams.

In this webinar, Deborah will cover the five must-have traits for entrepreneurial success.

Access webinar recording here:

Here's what you'll take away from this webinar:

1. Why your "story" about what's possible for you can stop you from having a profitable business - and how to clear out beliefs that stand in your way

2. Why the employee to entrepreneur transition has challenges that won't be found in a business plan - and how to head them off by trusting your inner voice

3. Why failure is an option - and how to use it to build a stronger business

4. Why old fears can stop you from making decisions - and how to make fear your ally

5. Why entrepreneurship is more about "being" and less about "doing" - and how you can become the entrepreneur you want to be

Access webinar recording here:

Google Caffeine: What You Need To Know

by Shannon Suetos

On June 8th Google officially launched Google Caffeine. According to Google’s official blog, “caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it's the largest collection of web content we've offered.”

Before caffeine was introduced, it took up to 30 days for new information to become indexed by the search juggernaut. PC World puts some history into the update, “immediately after the attacks [Sept. 11th], CNN.com and other news sites had trouble keeping up with demand. As Google was able to access those sites, it began posting cached versions of them because it had the bandwidth to support the visitors, said Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web spam team. Its experience of the demand after Sept. 11, in part, led to the creation of Google News. It was also the impetus for a renewed focus on immediacy at the company, he said.”

Now competing with real-time results such as Twitter, Google had to come up with a new system to give its users the most relevant information possible. According to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Twitter is only second to Google in search queries (beating out both Bing and Yahoo!). With Google stepping up to the plate, it will take some time before we will see if Twitter can ever beat out Google.

What Now?

With all of this being said what can you do to deliver a top notch website that is still able to produce high organic search ratings? For the most part, just keep doing what you are doing. Link building and unique content are still major factors for Google. The main take away is that if you update your web page, it will get indexed faster by Google.

With Google’s other new advancement MayDay, it seems longtail keywords aren’t holding as much weight anymore—which could hurt some e-commerce sites. The best thing anyone can do for SEO management is to produce great content. If your site is full of great content, the rest should fall into place.
If you have relevant original content people will want to share your knowledge. They can do this by Twitter, Facebook or by quoting you in a writing they are doing themselves. All of this will help get you external links and also can help drive your word of mouth which is priceless.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on credit card processing based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as credit card processing companies at Resource Nation.

Karen Salter, Virtual Assistant, Author & Speaker on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Karen Salter, Virtual Assistant, Author, Speaker

Karen Salter is the founder and CEO of Salter Virtual Assistants.  She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and, in 2009, Karen was one of the first Virtual Assistants in the world to become VAcertified.  "VAcertified.com" is the first international organization to offer a universally recognized Virtual Assistant Worldwide Certification. Karen says, "I've been called a computer geek by friends but my clients say I take the "geek-eze" out of an explanation."

Karen has been featured on At Home Biz Radio, Careers from the Kitchen Table Talk Radio, and Relationship Marketing Radio, as well as teleclasses for business owners.  She enjoys sharing her experience and tips on starting your own business, out sourcing, being a "mompreneur", and the world of virtual assistance.
Karen is the author of two books, How To Create, Publish and Sell Your eBook and Untangle The Social Media Web: A Beginners Guide to Facebook and Twitter, which are both available on Amazon.com.

Salter Virtual Assistants offers a variety of services including internet marketing, website design and maintenance, best seller campaigns, ghost writing, administrative assistance, and bookkeeping.

Karen makes her home in beautiful Charleston, SC, where she is the proud mom of two incredible young boys.

Connect with Karen through her website www.SalterVA.com. She is also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

Rachel Moheban on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Rachel Moheban gleaned two things from her life and those around her—a curiosity for the way people related to each other and a discovery of the self-healing power of the mind.

This inquisitiveness inspired her to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University. It was not long before Rachel’s gift for providing humanistic therapy made her one of the most sought after psychotherapists in New York City.

What these fortunate clients experience is a warm, dynamic exchange between client and therapist. Rachel removes her clients’ trepidations with engaging interaction that arrives at the heart of their problems and unearths their unfulfilled dreams. Non-judgmental feedback and individualized psycho-dynamic techniques empower clients to conquer anxiety disorders and depression. Individual therapy is not the only thing driving Rachel’s thriving therapy practice. Top law firms, advertising firms, banks and nonprofit organizations request Rachel Moheban’s corporate counseling services. Even with this success, Rachel’s experiences as a couples therapist and her growing clientele of dating, married and same sex couples prompted the development of her next service.

Over twelve years, Rachel began to notice couples—whether they were dating, married or same sex partners—were missing a key ingredient to creating and sustaining rewarding relationships. She realized couples needed psycho-educational program to address common relationship issues such as communication problems, physical intimacy, anger and money before they arise. The psychotherapist saw the thick wall of resentment stacked between couples that waited too late to seek relationship therapy.

Couples and singles needed proactive relationship coaching that provided psycho-education, skills and techniques to complement therapy. They needed a safe place to get to the root of their problems and transform their relationships while learning from others in the comfort of their own homes. They needed The Relationship Suite.

Rachel developed:
The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program,
Put the joy back into your relationship.
Resolve life challenges with more peace, and love more deeply.

This technologically advanced relationship program that accelerates therapy by addressing the four underlying issues that trigger common arguments that plague every couple.

She did not stop at The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. In addition, to transforming couples’ relationships and lives Rachel also provides coaching for singles. She helps singles drive past insecurities and counterproductive habits—barriers standing in the way of the love and live of their dreams. With new found social and dating skills, they can enter dating scene with confidence.

While Rachel’s extensive education and training merit a trip to The Relationship Suite, the true testaments to the success of her therapy practice and coaching programs are the richer, more fulfilling lives of her satisfied clients. www.therelationshipsuite.com

(Archived show originally broadcast in July 2010)

Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness

by Jack Canfield

Understanding the relationship among consciousness, action, and prosperity is crucial to your success.

In my seminars I sometimes stand in front of the room and hold up a $100 bill, state that I’m wiling to give it away, and ask if anyone would like to have it.

Usually lots of people raise their hand – and do nothing else. I keep waiving the dollar bill until someone finally jumps out of his or her chair, walks or runs all the way up to the stage and reaches up to take the bill.

There are two lessons here. One is that money goes to the person who takes the necessary action. The other is that a certain state of consciousness makes it possible to take action – or to avoid it.

When I ask people what kept them from walking up to the front of the room to claim the money, I always get the same answers: they felt shy. They worried about what other people would think. They thought it was a trick. Those answers come from a consciousness dominated by fear, scarcity, and cynicism.

The same forces can operate in our daily lives. In each moment we either feed those forces – or replace them with something better. Following are some essential ways to expand your prosperity consciousness and claim the wealth you deserve.

Monitor Your Conversations

We swim in a sea of conversation. Every time you attend a meeting, make a phone call, or send an email, you start up a conversation. Whenever you listen to an audio recording or pick up a book, you start a conversation with an author. And whenever you write in your journal or just a take a few minutes to sit and think, you start a conversation with yourself.

Consider the combined effect of those conversations. My friend Jim Rohn liked to say that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. The quality of our conversations creates the quality of our lives.

Who are the five people that dominate the “conversation space” in your life? What did you talk about the last time you saw each person? And did that conversation build up your prosperity consciousness or tear it down?

Stay in Prosperity Conversations

Make it a point to drop out of the “aint it awful” club – toxic conversations with people who dwell on resentments or complaints. Instead, get engaged in conversations that support your path to prosperity.

For example, spend more time with the people who are already doing the kind of work you want to do. Ask them how they entered the field and what it takes to succeed.

In addition, read at least one book per week. Focus on uplifting stories and biographies of successful people. Read more and learn ways to build your skills at managing money, raising happy children, creating loving relationships, and maintaining your health. Feed your prosperity consciousness with a constant stream of useful, positive ideas.

Keep Catching Your Dream
Have you ever shared your dream with someone who then doubted your ability to achieve it? This happened to Mark Victor Hansen and me during a conversation with the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul. We asked him how many copies of the book we should expect to sell. The publisher said that we’d be lucky to sell 20,000 copies.

Believe me, that was NOT our dream! Our goal was to sell 150,000 copies in six months and 1.5 million in 18 months. Our publisher just laughed out loud and said it was impossible.

We ended up selling 135,000 copies in six months and 1.3 million in 18 months. We didn’t quite meet our initial goals, yet we sold much more than our publisher estimated. That first book went on to sell over eight million copies in America and 10 million copies around the world.

Whenever you have a dream-killing conversation, you have two options. Give up your dream or return to your original intention with even more energy and commitment. Focusing on your original intention sends an urgent message to your mind: I am going to persist until my dream manifests. Starting right now!

Support this deeper level of intention with affirmations, such as:

  • I always attract the perfect people to work with me.
  • No matter what is going on in the economy, I attract people I can help – and who can help me.
  • Our customer base is expanding.
  • Repeat business and referrals keep coming my way.
  • Then add supporting visualizations. See yourself holding bigger paychecks, rent checks, or royalty checks in your hands. Visualize people handing you cash.

Give Back

Round out these images with visions of sharing the wealth. Many of the world’s wealthiest people are dedicated tithers, meaning they give 10 percent of their income to charitable organizations.

Visualize yourself doing the same thing. Those who give also receive, and service always comes back multiplied.

© 2010 Jack Canfield
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What We Can Learn From BP

by Shannon Suetos

Over the past two and a half months we all have watched the developments in the Gulf. The oil spill was unexpected and tragic, but what has BP done to help the situation? It turns out not much, and they are getting ridiculed by public relation pros everywhere.

You may not be an oil company, but knowing how to manage crisis communications is a must for every business. Looking back at other crisis communication situations and you will see not everyone handles the pressure as bad as BP.

Back in 1982 Tylenol had a huge situation on their hands when people started dying from the over the counter drug. After admitting yes we are wrong, they went on to fix the problem as fast as they could, and rest assured most of us still use Tylenol to this day.


Knowing all of the good and/or bad things the public is saying about your company is imperative. The Internet has made this a much easier task. If you have a Gmail account you can set up Google Alerts for your company. This will allow you to see who is mentioning you on their websites, and if any of your articles or press releases got picked up.

Monitoring what people are saying on social media sites is also important. You may not have a presence on these sites, but monitoring them is a must. USAA, an insurance company has developed an entire radio campaign letting listeners know what people say about them on Facebook. HGTV does a similar thing for their TV shows—showcasing a tweet or Facebook comment about a show they are airing.

On the flip side of these examples, you can find anyone who has a problem with your product or service and contact them directly. Many airlines have done this—there have been many instances when someone has tweeted about not having a pillow etc, before takeoff and many times the situation is addressed then. Because these complaints are in real time, they can be handled a lot faster than if they waited to go home, and call a customer service rep.

Admitting You’re Wrong

No one likes to admit when they are wrong, but for companies it is a must. Take the blame, but also say what you are going to do and then do it. This is where BP failed horribly. They finally admitted what was wrong, but have been slow to fix anything. If your company consists of more than just you, make sure you or your partner is the one making these statements—the CEO should always be telling the public what is wrong.


Depending on the crisis it may take a while before the error is corrected. If this is the case make sure your public is fully aware of everything that is happening and getting updates about the situation. In BP’s case they were informing the public, but it wasn’t correct information—taking the situation from bad to worse.

These may seem like general ideas, but you will not believe how many companies overlook these processes. It will take a little time out of your day, but it is better than having a full on crisis on your hands.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on VoIP phone systems based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as VoIP phones at Resource Nation.

Sarah McIlroy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Sarah McIlroy

Sarah McIlroy is the CEO and Founder of FashionPlaytes, the leading clothing design studio for girls ages 5-12. She is an innovative marketing executive with fifteen years of experience in product management and the interactive world of gaming, having worked for such industry giants as Midway Amusement Games and Atari.
Sarah holds a BA from Duke University. She is a mom of three young children (including two FashionPlaytes designers) and resides in Marblehead, MA. www.fashionplaytes.com


Maria Ross Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Maria Ross

Maria Ross’s mission is to engage, inform and delight audiences and keep them coming back for more. A born storyteller, she has over 16 years experience building brands, crafting marketing strategies and coaching businesses on how to tell the right story to the right people at the right time.

Maria is founder and Chief Strategist at Red Slice, a branding and marketing consultancy, and has worked with large companies such as Accenture, Business Objects, Discovery Networks, Monster.com and Microsoft as well as technology start-ups and small businesses like CRAVE and Mudbay in Seattle. She is the author of Branding Basics for Small Business (2010, Norlights Press).

In her free time, Maria is a volunteer, a published lifestyle writer and an actress. Maria received a B.S in Marketing, with a minor in Spanish from Indiana University, Bloomington. She lives with her husband Paul and their black Lab mix, Eddie, in Seattle, Washington


"Think Like an Entrepreneur" Live Author Chat on Tuesday, July 6th

Join me at the i-Virtual Assist blog for a live chat. Click on "Author Chat" to get into the conversation!

Think Like an Entrepreneur Live Author Chat
Where: i-Virtual Assist Blog
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Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Time: 8:00 pm Eastern time


4 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle for Women Entrepreneurs

by Shannon Wills

No matter how much we hate to admit it, women do have to put in extra effort because it is a man’s world. And although we may fight to fit in and eventually do so, because we are physiologically different and considered the “weaker” sex in terms of brawn, there are times when the struggle takes a toll on our health and leaves us drained and exhausted. Women are trying to do it all and succeeding – they are able to manage their homes, workplaces, and their personal relationships without shirking responsibility, but this success sometimes comes at the cost of their health. It’s not that hard to preserve and safeguard this great asset that we are blessed with at birth; all women entrepreneurs need to do is put in a little conscious effort:

1. Eat right: It’s very easy for busy entrepreneurs to forget to eat and then just grab whatever is available when hunger pangs strike. But this not only ruins your metabolism, it also plays havoc with your overall health in the short and long run. If you’re in the habit of keeping hunger at bay with unlimited cups of coffee or easy snacks like doughnuts or bagels, then you’re already in the danger zone. Make a conscious effort to make a positive change – wake up earlier to enjoy a small breakfast, eat lunch and dinner at around the same time, and keep healthy snacks at hand to satisfy hunger pangs throughout the day. It may seem odd at first to pay so much attention to food, but it’s your body and you have only one chance to keep it healthy.

2. Exercise regularly: I can almost hear the “I have no time” excuse when it comes to exercise, but I’m not going to accept it because all you need to stay healthy is 30 minutes of exercise four times a week. You can walk, jog, play a game, cycle, swim, work out with weights, do yoga, sign up for tai chi or pilates or aerobics – it just has to work your limbs and muscles and boost your blood flow. Exercise helps relieve stress and boosts your energy levels, besides keeping you active, fit, healthy and slim.

3. Find ways to de-stress; it’s not easy to avoid stress altogether because the workplace and home are both equal pressure zones, so the next best thing is to find ways to get rid of the stress. Do whatever works for you rather than following the herd – take a break once in a while with your friends or family or go away by yourself if that gives you peace and quiet; on an everyday basis, go for a jog, play a sport, listen to music, go for a long drive, take a warm bath, get a massage at the spa – whatever you do, it should serve to make you feel good about yourself and leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Tackle problems proactively: And finally, your mental approach to problems in life determines how healthy you are in the long run. If you obsess over every tiny issue and fret about it, you’re going to suffer ulcers and other stress-related illnesses. Rather, push your brain to work out a solution to those problems or tackle them differently. When you don’t let troubles push you down and instead try to claw your way back up, you feel positive and energized; this gives you health an added boost.

Shannon Wills writes on the topic of Physical Therapy Assistant. She welcomes your comments at her email id: shannonwills23@gmail.com.

Happy July 4th!


Are you Ready for the Heat?

by Janet Gomez

Being able to enjoy the sun in the summer brings true pleasure. The light lifts our spirits, our body can make plenty of Vitamin D and we're just generally more relaxed.

In Ayurveda we know that the heat of the summer can also be a negative source of stimulation. We are typically much more active because of our increased energy levels and all this action produces heat within our bodies (fine as long as we don't overheat!). What's more, the general race to get as much done before going away on holiday can easily result in hot tempers etc.

We can use Ayurvedic nutritional knowledge to keep cool. So let me share my 9 top nutritional tips to keep both body and mind refreshed and alert this summer and help you get ready for the summer heat.


    * cooling spices and plenty of fresh green herbs, for example, fennel and coriander seeds, mint, basil
    * more green or pale (white) fresh fruits, vegetables and salads
    * cereals and grains like rice, barley or millet


    * plenty of (non-sparkling) water (at room temperature or slightly warm) throughout the day to hydrate even more quickly
    * at least one glass of water for each hour you are in the air on any flight
    * lots of refreshing herbal teas such as mint, fennel or nettle

Cool down

    * by avoiding coffee, alcohol
    * with a refreshing rosewater face/body spray
    * by practising gentle yoga, walking or breathing exercises (alternate nostril breathing, for example, is cooling at all levels).

Janet Gomez, nutritional consultant, produces the "Nutri-Jyoti News", a free bi-monthly e-newsletter for busy professionals. Feel ready to learn how to use nutritional strategies to manage your energy levels? Then sign up for her FREE e-course "5 Nutritional Keys to Vitality in your Life" on the Nutri-Jyoti home page now.

Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved Janet Gomez
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