Are you Ready for the Heat?

by Janet Gomez

Being able to enjoy the sun in the summer brings true pleasure. The light lifts our spirits, our body can make plenty of Vitamin D and we're just generally more relaxed.

In Ayurveda we know that the heat of the summer can also be a negative source of stimulation. We are typically much more active because of our increased energy levels and all this action produces heat within our bodies (fine as long as we don't overheat!). What's more, the general race to get as much done before going away on holiday can easily result in hot tempers etc.

We can use Ayurvedic nutritional knowledge to keep cool. So let me share my 9 top nutritional tips to keep both body and mind refreshed and alert this summer and help you get ready for the summer heat.


    * cooling spices and plenty of fresh green herbs, for example, fennel and coriander seeds, mint, basil
    * more green or pale (white) fresh fruits, vegetables and salads
    * cereals and grains like rice, barley or millet


    * plenty of (non-sparkling) water (at room temperature or slightly warm) throughout the day to hydrate even more quickly
    * at least one glass of water for each hour you are in the air on any flight
    * lots of refreshing herbal teas such as mint, fennel or nettle

Cool down

    * by avoiding coffee, alcohol
    * with a refreshing rosewater face/body spray
    * by practising gentle yoga, walking or breathing exercises (alternate nostril breathing, for example, is cooling at all levels).

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