Free Teleclass: "Grow That List! The 7 Streams of List Building That Are Working Right Now"

with Ali Brown

Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Time: 7:00pm Eastern

On this special no-cost teleseminar, you'll learn...

* the 7 list-building "streams" you should be directing to your
site right now - to create a river of traffic

* how to create slow and steady flows of prospects as well as
fast gushes of list growth (and why you need both)

* 3 of the latest list-building methods that are relatively NEW
and that you should try

* which list-building methods are now outdated (cross these off
your to-do-list!)

* which software/applications Ali recommends to automatically
manage your list

* the MOST important thing you have to keep in mind when growing
your list

* how to get your list growing now...even if you don't have a
website yet

* details about Ali's BRAND NEW four-part telecourse on
list-building that she will be personally teaching this summer!

Learn more and register here:

Whether you're just starting to build a list for your new business
idea, OR you're ready for a "list-building checkup" to step up the
growth of your existing customer list, you'll learn how to spot new
list-building opportunities, win new qualified prospects, and build a
list that will help grow your business successfully.

It's been quite some time since Ali hosted a call like this, so
don't miss it!

Sign up now here to to reserve your space on this
complimentary teleseminar:

"See" you on the call!

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