SMS campaigns: Are they a Match For Your Company?

by Shannon Suetos

Seventy-two percent of all cell phone users send or receive text messages according to a study done by PewInternet. As a result more companies are using this medium to send their customers messages. One of the latest corporations to do so is the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino.

In their SMS campaign, they ask consumers to text a keyword to during the promotion and the hotel will then send a message to the consumer stating, "bring this message to the Believe box office at Luxor to claim your prize." The Luxor isn't the only company taking advantage of SMS.

Take Action Immediately
One of the reasons SMS campaigns are becoming so effective is the immediacy it brings for your customers. Getting them to act immediately to something can excite them and make them feel special. SCA Promotions (a promotional solutions and incentives that connect with consumers, without risk to the sponsor) Director Tony Ebert says, "utilizing text messaging for promotions is a natural. Promotions are designed to incentivize people to take action. With text messaging they can take action immediately."

Not only does most American's have cell phones, most don't leave home without it. Implementing a texting campaign will ensure your message is reaching your audience within minutes of sending the message. According to Moto Message, "over 90% of text messages sent are opened and read by your customers in 15 minutes. No other advertising medium has that relationship with the consumer."

If you currently cannot or don't want to spend the money for radio, print and TV ads, texting can be a great option. There are many services to choose from that can host your SMS efforts-and like you would guess the price varies. The more DIY type companies are going to be cheaper than the more sophisticated service.

Before committing to a company, talk to multiple companies that offer multiple service features such as creating lists for you, tracking your efforts and producing reports. One company may be a bit more than the other, but if their features are more intricate and helpful it may be worth the money. MobiQpons for example has 3 data plans to choose from ranging from around $10 a month to $50 depending on your SMS needs. Microsoft actually offers a desktop software application that can send SMS messages-and the download is free.

According to a survey conducted in May of this year has stated that, "one-third of Americans who currently have signed up for mobile marketing alerts indicate that such services impact their decision to go into stores and 27% report that such programs have impacted their decision to buy products in physical retail locations."

No matter what you decide, the fact remains that SMS campaigns are becoming a viable marketing tactic. The number one thing to remember is to plan accordingly, and decide ahead of time if it is the right tactic for your company.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on debt leads based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as debt consolidation at Resource Nation.

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