Webinar: Your Type, Defined for Success!

Presented by: Michele DeKinder-Smith
Date:  Wednesday, July 28
Time: 3:00 pm Eastern time

If you’re serious about taking a good look at yourself and how you affect your business, then it’s time to reserve your spot in the free webinar my friend Michele DeKinder-Smith is offering.

Michele, Founder and CEO of Jane Out of the Box, an online resource for female entrepreneurs, is completely passionate about helping women business owners to succeed, on their own terms.

Reserve your spot here: http://janeoutofthebox.com/2010event/

That’s why she’s offering, “Which Jane Are You? Defining Your Entrepreneurial Type So You Can Recognize and Utilize Your Strengths and Overcome Your Challenges.”

Having researched and interviewed more than 3,500 female entrepreneurs, Michele is at the cutting edge of what it takes to succeed – no matter where you are now.

Her powerful webinar will cover:

*An overview of the 5 different types of female entrepreneurs, so that you can determine your type and learn to work to your strengths and overcome your challenges.
*The Number One challenge facing each type.
*Advice for each type for overcoming her Number One Challenge.
*Why it’s crucial to understand your type – and all the others, too.
*How knowing your type can help you build a massively successful business that works for you, specifically.
*More information about upcoming Jane Out of the Box events that will give you even more customized action steps to find increased income, greater success, and more enjoyment in your unique business.

Trust me when I say that you definitely don’t want to miss this webinar, if you have bigger and better dreams for yourself, entrepreneurially.

Learn more about the webinar and reserve your spot at http://janeoutofthebox.com/2010event/

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