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Lora Sasiela

Lora Sasiela of Financially Smitten, LLC is a financial therapist and money coach who specializes in empowering women to kiss their financial heartache goodbye so they can love their money and love their life.

Lora offers private and group-coaching services, both in person at her office in Manhattan as well as to clients outside of NYC via phone. She also holds live workshops entitled How To Romance Your Money...and make sure the honeymoon never ends! which lay the foundation for her proven tools and techniques to become clear, confident, and conscious when it comes to dealing with any and all financial matters. Lora enjoys speaking to a variety of women's groups, mom's groups, as well as professional organizations.

Prior to founding Financially Smitten, Lora maintained a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan for over 14 years, with a specialization in working with women to heal eating and body image issues. As she moved into doing more of the money coaching and financial therapy work, she came to see that much of the skill set and experience she had developed in helping women come to a place of peace and empowerment in their relationship to food and their bodies was able to be leveraged in helping women release the shame, isolation and fear surrounding money.

Lora is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a Masters of Social Work from New York University. She has completed a variety of postgraduate certificate programs including The Women's Therapy Centre Institute, the National Institute of the Psychotherapies, and the New Hope Guild. She was also awarded a fellowship at New York University's Psychoanalytic Institute. Lora has studied with pioneers in the money psychology field such as Olivia Mellan and Barbara Stanny, and taken courses at the Financial Recovery Institute and the Women's Earning Institute.

Lora publishes a celebrated newsletter, The Flirting with Finance Diaries. Financially Smitten, LLC maintains a vibrant and informative website. Each month, people from almost 70 different countries visit the site at www.FinanciallySmitten.com. Lora maintains the Financially Smitten blog hosted on the site, and regularly updates the comprehensive free resources section.


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Lora Sasiela said...

Deb, Thanks again for having me on as a guest. Loved our time together. You are a great host!

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