Company Culture: 3 Ways to Develop a Winning Attitude

by Brad Campbell

Buzzwords are developed for a reason. They are talked about with young up and comers and CEO’s alike. The buzzword is something which is embraced by all those looking to get ahead in business. Many buzzwords come and go, but only the best ones stick around. One of the buzzwords which does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon is ‘company culture’.

Company culture means a winning attitude shared by everyone within the company. It is something which is invested in by the majority of the most successful companies. It involves empowering employees so that they feel as if they are a member of a larger picture rather than a cog in the machine. It does not matter if the business is in lead generation or retail, it is important to have a winning attitude. It is important to have company culture.

So, how do you get company culture? Different businesses attack the problem through different means. While a large company might hire consultants and invest millions into creating the winning attitude, it is simply not a course small businesses can pursue. Small companies like a telephone answering service or a local production company need to approach the problem from a different angle. Here are a few suggestions to get started on the road to company culture.

1. Listen to Employees. Employees need to feel as if they are respected. It is simple to make employees feel respected by simply respecting them. Call for company meetings regularly and talk about ideas for how to improve the business. Whether one on one or in a group setting, these strategy sessions make the employee feel as if they are really doing something rather than just punching a clock. The more regular the meetings are, the more productive they will be as employees will start preparing to speak their mind.

2. Try New Things. After meetings with employees, go to the next step and try out suggestions. As long as the suggestion will not damage the income or the reputation of the company, there is nothing to lose. You never know, it might be a great idea on how to generate new business. It is amazing how well ideas which sounded off the wall and even a bit garish at first will deliver superior results in the end. When the employees see you are using their ideas, they will be empowered and work even harder to produce for a company they love.

3. Maintain a Small Business Feel. As a company grows, the tendency is to lose the company culture focus. CEOs become distant from employees and mid-level managers become more interested in following the instructions handed down from on high rather than listening to employee suggestions. The door to the CEO should always be open no matter how large the company gets. While the CEO might not always be available for one on one conferences, managers should take the place and field the suggestions. Suggestions should be tried on every level by funneling the information upward.

The greater the energy in the business, the faster the business will grow. Get started today on creating company culture and success will follow.

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