How to Handle Customer Complaints

by Brad Campbell

You start a business and you juggle the life between kids a spouse and everything else which gets heaped on your plate. The only thing you want to hear in regards to all of the hard work you have put into everything is accolades. The problem is this is hardly ever the case. When people are happy with what you are doing, they are silent. It is only when there is a problem you hear about it.

The important thing to do when there are customer complaints is to stay organized in the way it is handled. There should be an organized response to the complaints you encounter no matter what form the complaint comes in. If the complaint comes in the form of a letter, it needs to immediately uploaded into the computer and organized through your document management software. If the complaint is in the form of a phone call, make sure it is written down or recorded to be transcribed. By having all information on one easily accessible spot, it makes it easier to reference it later.

Owning Responsibility

Once the complaint is logged in the document software, it is important to get out in front of the response. Assure the client their complaint has been received and it is receiving your full attention. By making sure they will not have to wait, you will be able to save face. Many expect their complaints will be ignored. When they get an immediate response about the matter being looking into, it empowers them and makes them willing to trust in you.

Look into the Problem

Rather than paying lip service to the client just to quiet them down, look into why the complaint occurred. Too often companies can improve if only they pay attention to the complaints they receive. You may discover there is a serious flaw in the way products are being processed or the manner in which service is being rendered. By ignoring the problem, you run the risk of losing more clients. Fixing the problem will allow your company to grow.

Fix the Problem

If there is anything which can be done, take steps or make plans to fix the problem. Not all fixes are easy or immediate, but getting started will make all of the difference in the world. It will show not just those who have complained, but all of your current and potential clients you are always in the process of providing better products or services.

Follow up with Your Client

Once a situation has been handled, it is important to check back with the client to make sure they are satisfied. Give an appropriate amount of time for the client to evaluate the changes or the plans to fix the problem mentioned in the complaint. By doing so, you will get an understanding of how effective your methods of handling complaints are.

Remember your clients are willing to give you feedback on your products or services. It is your job to listen to your clients and to ask them how you can improve your company to make them happier.

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