How to Pick the Best Funding for Your Start Up

by Brad Campbell

Getting your startup off of the ground is not always easy to do. Not only do you have to face the rigors of simply being in business, you also have to find all of the money you will need in order to accomplish tasks which will make growth possible. You need to buy equipment and supplies for your office as well, including copier machines and other office equipment.

Finding the right investors for your company is a very important part of the startup process. Doing so will enable you to work with people who know about the things you need. Funding will also help you to buy all of the digital copiers and office equipment you will need to get your business running.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right investor for your business. You want to find an investor with experience working with companies in your field. It is important the investor is used to investing the kind of money you will need for your startup. It is also important that the investor has a proven track record for working with businesses which are successful.

Working in your field

When you dreamed up what your startup would be, there was a certain niche which you were looking to fill. A good investor for your company will understand what it is you do. It is important they understand what you do so you will not have to explain every step of the process as you grow. Additionally, investors who are used to working with companies in your industry might have some input for you as to what will help your company be more successful. Simply look at the past investments the investor has made to see how often they invest in your industry. Many will invest exclusively in one kind of industry.

Investing on your level

There are many different kinds of investors these days. The different kinds of investors are indicative of the different amounts of money in which they are used to investing. From the lowest investment amounts to the most are angels, super-angels, micro-VCs, VC, growth investors and equity groups. The difference is while angels might invest only a few thousand, VCs invest a few million and equity groups invest tens of millions. By using the right investor you will have a better chance the investor will not be scared about investing the amount you are looking to receive.

Track record for success

Hedging bets is very normal in the investing world. While it is important to work with those who are used to investing in your industry, if the investor has a bad history of investing in bad businesses there is a chance they can lead to the downfall of your company. While the failures are likely on the part of the company itself, it can often be due to the manner in which the investor interacts with them.

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