5 Steps for Handling Holiday Season Stress

by Janet Gomez

It's December, the month of holidays and parties, so it's generally a stressful time for most of us. It's also the start of the Kapha period when the body just wants to slow down. We do not do ourselves any favours with our hectic livestyles in general but at this time of year it's even more of a challenge.

It is also well known that stress leads to a number of health, especially digestive problems. Indigestion, for example, may later lead to more serious dis -ease. In Ayurveda indigestion is the basis of all physical disease. It is the inability to digest any physical, mental or emotional input.

 What can we do at this time of the year to avoid indigestion? Here are five steps to handle holiday season stress and indigestion.

1. Reduce intake of refined foods i.e processed food, stale food, sugary food in excess. There is plenty of evidence that eating refined foods puts more stress on the body, which has to use more energy to eliminate toxins. The result is that there is less energy for other vital functions.

2. Boost your immune system, your prana, qi, vital energy because this allows you to get back to normal even after difficult situations, even after a short food binge over the holiday period!

3. Do regular exercise - even if it's only 15 mins a day.

4. Have lighter meals. Even if you overeat a few days over the holiday period, make sure that you move back to savouring rather than stuffing your food and eating more plant-based meals quickly.

5. Eat freshly cooked food because this will provide you more energy, and leave you feeling light, balanced and in harmony. Old stale food results in tiredness, lethargy, laziness, heaviness because the food is using up more energy from body to digest it than it is providing. It may even provide toxins that use up even more energy to clean out.

What is your main question about indigestion and how it affects your body? Email me and you could see an article in an upcoming edition answering your question!

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Christoph said...

Are you stressing out about the holidays? Worrying about what to buy for all your friends and relatives?
Stop! Think about what you’re concerned about! Do these people really need more stuff? What’s the best gift you could give to them? What would be most valuable to them? Is it really something that can be purchased at a store? We live in a society that encourages us to accumulate more and more stuff, things we don’t really need. So we chase stuff instead of spending quality time with our loved ones. Memories will last a life time, stuff loses its excitement in a week or month or year – if you’re lucky.
Why is it that we all fall into this societal trap every year? Deep down we all know better.
So, as you’re approaching this holiday season, what will you focus on? Spending quality time with your loved ones or running from store to store looking for the perfect gift? Will you create memories that last a life time or accumulate stuff? Is the holiday stress too much for you to handle on your own?
Stress stimulates a surge of hormones which makes your sleep and relaxation moments worthless. An exhausted body needs a good rest, but as far as you can't rest while you are stressed you may start to feel headaches, moodiness, and memory loss, inability to concentrate and even aggressive behavior and your loved ones will pick up on that.

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