Get Moving for Less Stress and More Energy

by Brad Campbell

Being smart and savvy is a great way to get to the top, but it can be exhausting. You will likely find that the days seem to be getting shorter and your capacity for stress is diminishing over time. The period for recharging your batteries takes longer each time as the stress level increases. Many successful business people have noted that along with organization and stress reduction, exercise plays a key role in maintaining drive and focus while reaching for greater heights. What better New Year’s resolution to make?

Many will see exercise as just one more thing that they will need to add to their day which will take up more of their time. In fact, exercise helps to energize your day so that you will be able to get more done. You will find that you are thinking clearer in meetings and that your stress levels are being reduced. The trick is to find a time during the day which makes the most sense to you and then make a commitment. Once you get started, you will notice a difference in the rest of your work day and you will be encouraged to stay the course.

Boost Your Energy
The feeling of lethargy that most people feel in the early afternoon is due to the fact that their bodies get used to sitting around doing nothing. Not only will this lead to weight gain, it can also lead to an inability to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Seen in numerous works and articles, working out or exercising on a regular basis, you will be able to boost the amount of energy that you can draw on throughout the day.

Reducing Stress
Often the stress felt by successful female entrepreneurs is compounded by the attempts to outdo the men that they compete against. Exercise helps to eliminate stress by giving you an outlet for some of the negative energy that you might be encountering. The less stress you have, the easier it is to focus on what you are doing. You will be able to connect ideas and points together easier because there will be less blocks in between you and your goals.

Getting Started
For most, the hardest part is simply getting started. Start small! Finding a time of the day for your exercise is also extremely important. Many enjoy working out in the morning best. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy that energy for the rest of the day. It also stops you from making excuses as to why you cannot work out that day. By starting your day off with an exercise routine, it becomes a part of your routine and before long, you will feel off balance if you do not workout. If you feel better about working out in the middle of the day, after work or before you go to bed, that is okay as well. The most important part is that you have a routine and that you stick to it.

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Five Tips for Successfully Working with Your Spouse

by Maureen Page

Family businesses are notorious for being very successful or for crashing and burning, but they are rarely for known for anything in between. This is because the synergy between the spouses can truly inspire the best in each or bring out the worst in both.

My husband and I just celebrated our tenth year in business together, and I'm proud to say that we fall into the first camp most of the time. However, our success has not come without special challenges, and I have some tips to share with you that are critical to your business' success when working with your spouse.

1. Clearly define your roles and keep them as separate as possible.

"Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the pot," they say. But a great cook and someone who likes to plan and shop can be a match made in heaven. The spouses' skills should complement, not compete, with each other. Be clear about who has the authority over which areas of the business and have as little overlap as possible. If you disagree on a particular plan of action, the person who has authority over this area makes the final decision, eliminating most, if not all, power struggles.

2. Keep the rest of your family out of the business.

It's tempting at times to hire other family members and friends because you know and trust them, they really need the work, or various other reasons. Resist the temptation! Make it a "policy" not to hire family or close friends. Working with your spouse is challenging enough. Adding other family members and friends makes it infinitely harder. Plus, nepotism will not bode well with your other employees.

3. Always treat each other with respect and professionalism.

How you treat your spouse on the job will set the example and tone for how you expect other employees to treat each other. If you don't want your managers shouting at employees, then make sure you don't shout at each other, either. When your employees see you solving difficult problems with professionalism and compromise, they are much more likely to do the same.

4. Keep your private life out of the office.

Ideally, a new employee should not even be aware that you are married. Employees will respect each of you more if they believe you are in your position because you are good at it and not because you are "married to the boss." Never discuss your private life with other employees. If the two of you are struggling at home, set that aside as much as possible at work. If your relationship is having a particularly hard day, let one of you stay home that day so the tension is not carried into the office.

5. Excellent communication is essential.

It's good that my husband and I had been married for many years before we started our business because over those years we had learned to communicate really well. And I'm not just referring to business-related communication like how to effectively run a meeting or communicate your marketing ideas. Spouses who run a business together also need to be able to discuss their feelings about the business with each other. You need to be able to discuss the hard stuff like feeling taken for granted, or disrespected, or overwhelmed. You need to be able to discuss these issues with honesty and respect for one another. Feelings will get hurt if you're speaking honestly, and you need to find a way to get past hurt feelings and find solutions that work.

Operating a business with my spouse has been incredibly rewarding. I believe our company is thriving because our unique skills complement each other so well. With exceptional communication and utmost respect for one another, our marriage continues to thrive as well as our business.

Maureen Page is vice president of Discount Security Cameras, your source for quality security cameras and systems. To learn more about security camera systems and video surveillance, visit the Discount Security Cameras Interactive Security Camera Learning Center.

Originally posted on The Business of Being Monique

7 No-Fail Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Wordpress Blog

by Donna Gunter

Now that I've become a devout Wordpress fan after years of being a naysayer, I'm trying to quickly get up-to-speed about strategies and tactics I can use the make my Wordpress blogs work hard for me to bring more traffic to my sites. Some of the strategies I've learned about have to do with how I create posts, while others incorporate the use of specific plug-ins to help me better optimize my blog for traffic.

What you want to drive to your blog is targeted traffic, not any old traffic.  Lots of traffic does you no good if it doesn't fit your target market profile.  How many times have you visited a site and realized within seconds that it wasn't what you were seeking?  Make sure that any optimization strategies you undertake drive the right kind of traffic to your site -- the kind of traffic that wants the information, resources, services and products you provide.

Here are 7 strategies you can use to increase traffic to your Wordpress blog:

1.  Create keyword-rich categories. 

Keywords aren't just for use in content.  When used in categories, the category name can also play an important role in driving traffic to your blog.  Use the Google external keyword tool to help you determine the best category names for your niche or your target market.

2.  Optimize each post with the All in One SEO Pack.  

This plug-in asks you to complete a title tag, meta description, and meta keywords for each blog post.  You'll want to incorporate your major keywords into each section. One way to do this is in the title, where you use the pipe character (|) to separate your keyword phrases.  In the title, use no more than 3 keyword phrases.

3.  Set permalinks.  

The default Wordpress setting designates a page number to each new post.  This does you no good at all in terms of SEO for your blog.  Instead, in the Settings menu, go to the Permalinks option, and set your postname to %/postname/% in order to have your keyword-rich post titles appear in the post page name, or permalink.

4.  Optimize permalinks with the SEO Slugs plugin.  

This plug-in removes unneeded words like "a", "an," "and" and "the" from post titles when Wordpress creates a permalink from your post title and leaves only your keywords in the permalink.

5. Optimize images with keywords.  

Titles and alt image tags also play an important role in SEO an driving traffic to any web site. Use the SEO Friendly Images plugin to give your inserted images keyword-rich alt image text and titles.

6.  Create sitemaps on your site.  

Sitemaps helps both your visitor and the search engines better navigate your site. For the search engines use, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.  The CoreTweaks plugin  lets you create a static sitemap on your blog for your visitors.  This plugin provides many more functions as well, so explore it thoroughly when you add it.

7.  Optimize post titles and post content.  

Incorporate a primary keyword phrase into the title of each of your posts.  Then as you write the post, begin the first sentence with keyword-rich phrase.  Optimally, each post should be between 250-400 words long.

Take Action Strategy

Try to incorporate each of these 7 strategies into your Wordpress blog, and watch your traffic dramatically increase!

Introvert Marketing Coach Donna Gunter helps professional service businesses stop the client chase and create online businesses that drive clients to them. Want to learn specific Internet marketing strategies that get results for introverts? Discover how to increase your online visibility in this free ecourse, Introvert Marketing Toolkit: 9 Strategies to Make a BOLD Impression Online, at ==>

Heather Scott on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Veteran performer Heather Scott is the face of the accomplished St. Louis Ocarina Trio. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott began her musical career as a flutist, earning a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from Illinois State University, as well as a Master’s degree from Webster University.

Scott began playing the ocarina four years ago after she was attracted to the instrument’s soothing sound, uniqueness and rich history. Already a professional flutist, Scott fell in love with and quickly mastered the 12,000 year-old instrument. She has since devoted herself to promoting passion for music by frequently appearing as a guest lecturer on many radio and television programs as an advocate for music education and its benefits for children. She also currently teaches ocarina and flute at the St. Louis School of Music.

In addition to her advocacy work, Scott performs frequently at live events in and around the greater St. Louis area. One of her bigger performances took place in mid-2010 when she played “Visions and Fantasies,” an ocarina concerto composed by Dr. Kristopher Maloy. It was the first time ever that a concerto was written specifically for the ocarina to be performed with a symphony orchestra.

As the only full-time ocarina player in the United States of America, making history is not anything new for Scott. She is a dominant force behind promoting the historical instrument. Her widespread fan base includes many concert-goers and online classical music lovers as well as fans of new age music. To date, her YouTube videos have attracted more than 3.3 million views worldwide and growing. Her YouTube channel also has over 12,000 subscribers.

Scott also released three full length CD’s in 2010 through St. Louis Ocarina. Always with Me which features music from anime legend Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, the gaming inspired Final Fantasy: An Ocarina Odyssey (St. Louis Ocarina Trio) and Ancient Traveler: Timeless Tunes for the Ocarina (St. Louis Ocarina Trio) all display the versatility of the instrument as well as the artist(s).

Though the ocarina itself has been around for thousands of years and can be heard in a number of popular video games, a lot is not known about the instrument itself. Through her talents and teaching Heather Scott hopes to permanently change that. She believes that anyone can play the ocarina and music is something that everyone should have in their life.

Listen to the live or archived show!

Click here to listen:

Daily Awareness: Spirituality in Business

I'll be a guest on Kathleen Gage's radio show, "Daily Awareness: Spirituality in Business" where we will discuss how you can shift your thinking to transform your life, based in part on my book,  Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life.

Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer™, is the CEO and founder of Turning Point Inc. Kathleen works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who want to reach their market with information, products and life impacting services. Since the inception of her business in the early 90’s, Kathleen has become recognized as one of the top Internet marketers in her field.

Having been on a conscious spiritual journey for over 30 years, Kathleen believes and teaches that business can (and must) be run on spiritual principles while maintaining a “keep your feet on the ground” mindset.

A strong believer in the Law of Attraction, Kathleen readily dispels the myth that all one needs to do is “visualize” what they want through her teachings.

Many have learned Kathleen’s philosophy that life will sometimes give us circumstances that we can either fear or embrace. It is through embracing the unknown and letting go of fear that we are able to realize our greatest potential.

Gearing up For The New Year

by Shannon Suetos

Now that we are officially in the New Year, we are inundated with articles and blog posts about new business goals, personal goals and of course how you can do better in the New Year with X. Besides candy, presents and family time December is also when you usually get your projected goals for the upcoming year in order. How did you do?

Where Have You Been?

When making goals, no matter for who or what they are, you need to realize where you have been first. What did your company accomplish in 2010? Did you meet the goals you wanted to for last year? How did you reach them? What kept you from not reaching them? Evaluating where you have been is half the battle for making and reaching new goals.

Plan, Plan Plan

How are you going to make 20% higher revenue this year? Making goals are great, but you also need to know how to make it possible. When you are deciding on what goals you need to accomplish, also have at least 3 sub goals on how you will be able to hit the big mark.

Knowing how to plan is just as, if not more important than hitting your goal. If you don’t know how you’re going to hit your goal, how will you make it? Lisa Barone writes on Small Biz Trends, “Small steps will allow you to move closer and closer to your final end goal. For example, if you’re planning to add catering to your cupcake business by March, then perhaps by January you’ll need to have vendors in place and by February you’ll need to have your staff fully trained.”


Savvy Blogger reminds us that you need to be SMART when goal planning, “Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely. Revisiting your goals and having a power planning session every quarter (or month even), will help you stay on track and keep you focused on your goals, your mission and your vision.”


Just like with anything, the more you see it the more you will be thinking about it. Why do you think someone came up with billboards? Having your key goals posted where you can see them is one way to do this. Goals can give you motivation each day, so why not have a reminder post-it note to give you the motivation you need day in and day out?

What help keeps you on track for your goals? Let us know in the comments below.

Shannon Suetos is an expert writer on GPS fleet tracking software based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs at Everything Business and Resource Nation.

Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner

I'll be a guest on entrepreneur Kellie Gardner's radio show where we'll be discussing my book, "Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life." Hope you can join us!
11:00 am EST

How to Improve Your Social Media Results in 2011

by Ali Brown

Think about how you got started with social media. It's likely that you started your own personal profile first, and then created a separate one for your business, or vice versa. I can bet that the way you use your business profile is very similar to the way you use your personal profile. You log in, read posts, messages and notifications, set up a few broadcasts to go out, and call it a day.

That might be enough to keep your friends posting, but if that's all you do on your business profile, you are truly missing out on the power of social media. Don't worry! You're not alone -- I see it often when working with my clients. All it takes to get a little more constructive with social media is to think about improving your performance in a few key areas. Here they are with a few tips and thoughts to get you thinking in the right direction:

Promote interactive discussions with your followers

Social media guru David Garland will be the first one to tell you that if you talk AT your followers, they will lose interest. For example, instead of saying "My new year's resolution is to eat less sweets. Day one going well," try saying, "Let's trade new year's resolutions! I'm cutting out sweets. You?" You want to engage your readers in a discussion, not just garner their support on all YOUR activities. It might feel good to get all that validation, but you want to provide value to your readers, and the smallest note of interest and entertainment goes a long way.

Convert your followers into paying customers

This one's tricky, because you want to keep your followers engaged and active and not exhaust them with promotions. This is why I recommend keeping your topics well balanced, and mixing in personal posts and discussions with work-related promotional posts. Remember, you ultimately want them to opt-in to your list or purchase. That's what will convert them to paying customers.

Why not get your social media community to look forward to your promotional posts? Try holding a social media only special, where your Facebook or Twitter peeps get an exclusive discount or bonus if they purchase one of your products or events. That way, you can also track how many people are joining your client list from your social media efforts.

Tie it all together

Nowadays, you can simply add your social media urls to your blog posts, guest articles and forum posts, and all over your web site, which makes it way easier for a new potential follower to access your profiles while they're already clicking around online. Plan on getting more active in all these online promotional activities to generate more followers.

But here's the big question these days: To put your social media links on your business card, or not to put them on your business card? At SHINE, I announced to the audience that it didn't seem necessary to go out and print new business cards just to add on your social media links. BUT, if you do intend to convert followers to customers using social media, then I say go for the business cards or affix a label with them printed on it. But just be sure you are ready to do the work in converting your new followers into customers.

Don't forget about YouTube

While some don't consider videos social media, I want you to... stat. Videos are a hit online, and they keep your audience not only engaged but also loyal -- they will keep coming back for your next post. If you need some guidance on getting started with Web videos, see my recent post 4 Simple Steps to Web Videos that SELL.

© 2010 Ali International, LLC

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Martin Luther King Day - A Day of Service

The History of Martin Luther King Day
by Shmuel Ross and David Johnson

It took 15 years to create the federal Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. Congressman John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, first introduced legislation for a commemorative holiday four days after King was assassinated in 1968. After the bill became stalled, petitions endorsing the holiday containing six million names were submitted to Congress.

Conyers and Rep. Shirley Chisholm, Democrat of New York, resubmitted King holiday legislation each subsequent legislative session. Public pressure for the holiday mounted during the 1982 and 1983 civil rights marches in Washington.

Congress passed the holiday legislation in 1983, which was then signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. A compromise moving the holiday from Jan. 15, King's birthday, which was considered too close to Christmas and New Year's, to the third Monday in January helped overcome opposition to the law.

Read more and find out how you can serve in your community:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Four Books to Consider
The Wall Street Journal

MLK biography on Nobel

Martin Luther King, Jr A True Historical Examination

The King Center

MLK Research and Education Institute

The "I Have a Dream" speech audio and video

Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service Volunteer Match

Corporation for National & Community Service

What is My Life Purpose? The Answer is in your Heart, Not Your Head!

by Mariana M. Cooper

This is the number one question that I hear from clients and students. “Mari, what is my life purpose?” Should I do this? Or should I do that? And then they go into an analysis of all of the pros and cons, how they tried this and that, who agrees and disagrees etc etc. These mental gymnastics may work for other things but when it comes to aligning with your “Life’s Purpose” your heart ALWAYS holds the true answer.

But before you go off into meditation to ask your heart what the answer is let me clarify one MAJOR Point! We all have SEVERAL Life’s Purposes! No one comes in with just 1. So if you feel that by making a choice you will be tying yourself down, relax. That is not the case at all.

The truth is without Passion, you are not living up to the reasons for being here in the first place. Everyone came in with several gifts that they were meant to impart on the world. Everything from public leadership, to parenting, to art, to being a reliable crossing guard for school children are part of a long list of potential “Life Purposes.” Not all of these will make you a million dollars. But if you live in the present moment and focus your full attention on what you are doing you will find true fulfillment in the smallest of things.

With that being said finding YOUR PASSION and making a living at it is the true question to be answered. And passion is found in the HEART. Your heart lets you know when you are passionate about what you are doing. It usually comes when you are providing a service to or being of service for others in some way.

Once you find your passion then you can use your HEAD to operationalize it. Your heart gives you the vision and Your head operationalizes the tactical plan to bring it to fruition!

So here are 3 key ways to recognize what your heart wants you to hear:

1. Your heart will use your Intuition to communicate to you and let you know that you are aligned with your passion. You will feel a “knowing” in your whole body, a sense of peace, a sense of purpose.

2. When you are aligned with your passion you will have boundless energy! Even when you are tired you will still get ideas and feel a sense of excitement about your passion

3. Normally we are already very aware in our hearts of what our passion is. And in most cases we have already experienced it at some point in our lives. But we discount it with our minds before we give ourselves a chance!

Your worst day doing what you love will always outweigh your BEST day doing what you find to be mundane or hate!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at:

Alisa Bowman on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Alisa Bowman

Alisa Bowman is the author of Project: Happily Ever After (Running Press, 2010). A former senior editor at Runner’s World magazine, Bowman is one of the nation’s top writers, ghost writing and co-authoring more than 30 books on a variety of topics.

Bowman is also the marriage expert for every woman. She is a recovering divorce daydreamer and creator of, which was voted one of the Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2009.

Alisa started because she once regularly fantasized about her husband dropping dead. She spent so much time thinking and hoping for that car accident or heart attack that she had his entire funeral planned out—down to the food and beer she would serve the mourners.

She knew her husband would frustrate her if they tried marital counseling, so instead she started a project, one that involved reading every marital improvement book she could find. During the next year, she changed, and so did he. He did more around the house. He paid more attention to their daughter. He asked her about her, and he actually seemed interested as she answered. She fell back in love, and so did he.

Practice Better Time Management for Better Results

by Brad Campbell

As a female entrepreneur, it may sometimes feel as if you need to be able to work twice as efficiently as your male counterparts. Even being in control of your own business is not enough to wear down the competition you may feel. This is why time management is such an important aspect of being a successful female entrepreneur in this day and age. It does not matter whether you are running telemarketing services or you are running an online sales website, there are certain things you can do which will allow you to make the most of your limited time.

Organize and Review
Most successful people keep a calendar of events which tells them what they have planned for the day. This is a great way to analyze what it is you need to do and to make sure that nothing gets missed. Of course, this is only half of the process if you truly want to be successful. You should also review your schedule at the end of the day. Look at what you accomplished as well as what got lopped off the list and why. If you are finding you are losing a lot of events each day, it is because you are overscheduling.

Never Over-Schedule
It is important to keep your schedule loose. While it is tempting to schedule your day to capacity, there are invariably going to be hiccups. Little problems will arise which will cause you to deviate from your schedule. This can send you into a panic if you did not expect that you would need that time. Try to leave at least 15% of your schedule open each day. If you do not use that time for work, you can use it to read trade magazines or get in touch with clients for networking purposes.

Only Go to Important Meetings
Take a hard look at the kinds of meetings you are showing up to. While it is understandable that you will want to be involved in many of the things going on within your company, understand that your time is better spent doing what it is that you do best. Many ultra-successful entrepreneurs will only sit for meetings if they are advancing their sales potential. They will not go into meetings which are about the organization or anything else. You can do a pop in to help with morale, but allow yourself to move on.

One of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs is to delegate responsibilities. One of the whole reasons you started your own business was because you had a vision and you knew exactly what you wanted that vision to look like. The reason why it is so important to pay attention to the people you hire is because they need to see your vision as well. You should be able to delegate tasks, both large and small, to those you hire. After all, if you do all of the work yourself, it limits how much work your company can do.

Resource Nation provides free tools, tips, and purchasing advice for business owners and entrepreneurs in over 100 business categories ranging from telemarketing services to credit card processing. Whether it's connecting businesses with local and national pre-screened vendors, or offering easy service comparisons on B2B telemarketing, Resource Nation empowers business decision makers by providing the information they need to make smart choices.

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"How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality"

by Sydni Craig-Hart

One of my favorite quotes comes from Basil S.Walsh, who simply asks, "If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?"

Do you know where you are going in 2011? Have you drawn out a ‘road map’ for the direction you plan to take and assembled all the tools necessary to assure you will reach your business goals in the coming year?

I know people who refuse to ask for directions when traveling. They think they will be able to eventually figure out where they are and where they need to be – and they may – but at what expense? An extra cost in gas? Arriving late to their destination, perhaps missing out an important opportunity? Or at the very least, experiencing more frustration and stress than necessary, potentially spoiling what could have been an otherwise enjoyable journey. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop, regroup, and ask for help from someone more familiar with the area?

While you alone are responsible for following through on your New Year’s Resolutions – here are some simple strategies for service professionals which are sure to assist in making that resolution a reality:

1. Identify the core issues which are causing you difficulty - and the opportunities which are being missed - in the operation of your business. Routinely assessing and analyzing your business operations enables you to better see your weaknesses and strengths, identify what is going well and what isn’t, and consider changes and options for refocusing and fast-tracking toward your goal.

2. Market your business effectively and consistently. You must know and understand your ideal client. If you don’t, you will never be able to address their specific challenges and offer them the products or services they are looking for and truly need. Don't overlook the importance and value of those systems which can keep you consistent in your marketing efforts. How well you market yourself will be the difference between life and death in business.

3. Take care of yourself. Live well. Give attention to your well being. When you feel well and have energy, you are more productive and have a better mindset. Make time for yourself and your relationships. Include family and friends as part of a strong support system in your personal life. Include a hired assistant or coach in your business support system. Be sure you have a ‘safe place’ to express yourself and get re-charged as often as necessary.

4. Get your finances in order. The ability to meet financial responsibilities and obligations lessens stress and empowers you to take decisive action in growing your business. Better management of your finances is a sure way to gain more self-respect, self-confidence, and create more balance in your life.

5. Believe! You’ve thought it. You’ve expressed it. You’ve dreamed of it. You’ve prepared for it. Now — believe you can do it! No one else can believe for you. You must believe in yourself and your business if you want to be successful. There will always be enough reasons to doubt, even quit – which is why you must find your own reasons for persevering to victory. If you remain focused on your desired outcome, refusing to be distracted by whatever does NOT align with your goals, you will soon arrive at your destination.

Don’t allow yourself to remain lost on the vast “business highway”. If you need direction, reach out to a trusted mentor for help. Connect with a coach who knows the marketing landscape and can show you the most direct route available for arriving at your goal within the next 12 months. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to take a few minutes and assess your goals. Then, make a strong committment to prepare for - and expect - success in both your business and your life next year. Resolve with confidence that you will settle for nothing less than the realization of your dreams!

Remember that favorite quote I shared at the beginning of this article? Know where your business is NOW and where you want to take it in 2011. Know who you are NOW and who you want to be in 2011. Decide NOW to believe and achieve in 2011. With the help of the simple strategies I’ve provided, your New Year’s Resolutions will become your reality very soon!

I'd love to hear about your goals for the New Year! Share your plans and how you plan to accomplish them by posting a comment on my blog.

Your Action Plan For The Week:

1. Make a strong commitment to achieve your business goals. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. You’ll want to review it in a few months.
2. Share your New Year’s Resolutions with a trusted friend; maybe even provide them a written copy. Ask them to help keep you accountable to your resolution.
3. Take Action on your resolutions. Put the strategies provided into play, immediately. You don’t have to wait – in fact, you shouldn’t wait – to begin the New Year equipped with a positive, confident resolve. Know where you are going and be determined to reach your goals!

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of Known for her simple, tech-savvy, integrated approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit for your FR*EE marketing tools and to schedule your FR*EE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

"The Mindset You Need for a Phenomenal 2011"

by Ali Brown

When I mentor a client, they always start out saying they are finally ready to play big and build a wildly profitable business.

Then, we get to the place where they are required to take risks. Opportunity x lands right in their lap. And what often happens is -- while they find x exciting -- they get uncomfortable and start to shrink back. "I can't spend that kind of money on x," they say. Or, "I'm not ready for x yet." Or "x is too big for little old me! Why don't we start with y or z first?" Or, "x sound great, but let's save it for next year."

When we are born, we first crawl, then walk. In school, we go to grade one, grade two, grade three, and so forth. In college, we become freshmen, sophomores, juniors then seniors. In the working world, we start out as assistants and then we move up to managerial roles.

The problem is, this "grade school" way of thinking stays with us for life. And those of us who muster up the nerve to start a business don't realize that when it comes to accumulating huge profits, this ladder-type thinking will defeat you. It feels safer, but in the end, it will get you nowhere.

What you need to do instead is leap. Leap over previous boundaries. Leap over your competition. Leap over everything! Big gains come from leaping -- not ladder climbing. This will take some adjustment to your thinking.

To help my clients start thinking bigger, I recommend they read autobiographies and biographies of big-thinking entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, and Bill Gates. One of my favorite stories is in Richard's autobiography, Losing My Virginity, in which he shares how he started Virgin Airlines. He sold seats without knowing how he was going to get a plane. If that doesn't inspire you, what will?

You'll find that when these people came across big opportunities, they were in line with their mission, and they didn't shy away. They jumped in all the way -- even when the resources they needed to do so weren't apparent yet.

Did you get that last part? They said yes even when they weren't sure how they'd do it, where they'd get the money, or who could help them. And they found -- sure enough as you will too -- that when a big opportunity presents itself and you step up and say "yes", and if you truly believe in your heart that this goal is yours, suddenly the universe seems to rearrange itself to help you.

And here's the good news. You typically don't have to go looking for these opportunities. They are usually right in front of you, or will soon drop in your lap. Once you declare you are ready, your awareness is heightened, a shift occurs, and you will suddenly see the path to all that you and your business can be.

So make the call, mail the letter, place the ad, invest in training, hire that person, and make that big move. The universe and all your rewards are waiting in 2011... if you're ready for them.

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Creating a Truly New Year -- 6 Feng Shui Steps to Change Your Life without Diet or Exercise

by Kathryn Weber

At the beginning of the New Year we buy a new calendar and flip to the first page marked January. We pack up our Christmas decorations, put away our new sweater and gifts and look guiltily at the boxes of chocolates that we leave out "for company."

But few of us really expect a truly new year.

We just hope for the best. This year can be different. By trying just a few new things, a vibrant, positive world can open up for you.

If you're ready for a truly new year, read on. If not, there's always leftover chocolate.

Forget resolutions, remember your accomplishments.

Too many of us go into the New Year thinking about all the things we're going to 'give up', get rid of, or stop doing. All the emphasis is on the negative. Instead, put the emphasis on the positive - what you did in the past year, what you accomplished that you couldn't imagine yourself doing this time last New Year's Eve. There's too much resolution pollution and too little self-appreciation. Pat yourself on the back and reflect on all the things you did that surprised yourself in the past year.

Get rest.

A famous mountain climbing expert who trains mountain climbers begins the training with two weeks of....nothing. That's right, rest. His belief is that you can literally climb a mountain if your body is prepared for it and that requires rest. Make sure you have enough down time to think, recharge and keep healthy in the year ahead. All comes from nothing and if you want the world, give yourself time and rest so you're ready for it!

Take a stand and make a prediction.

Rather than a resolution, try making a prediction about something in the coming year - maybe something you'll do or that will happen in your life. What's interesting about predictions is that they don't have all the baggage that a resolution does but still retain the magic, which is that tiny kernel of desire in yourself.

Resolutions usually fail because the seed at the nexus of the resolution is based on what's wrong with you and not what's right, what you want or what you're excited about. When we make predictions, they're positive and we look forward to seeing them occur -- a lot like the excitement we experience opening a fortune cookie. That's when magic happens in life.

Get out (doors).

We spend too much time in front of screens and away from nature and our relationships. Time spent with nature recharges us -- and walking among trees can make you famous. Looking to be known, want more growth in your life, better health? Being outdoors is good feng shui for the body and mind. It can also help you have happier, healthier relationships.

If you have something difficult to talk about, have your discussion outdoors. The conversation will be easier because in feng shui your eye and heart are connected, and when your eye is on a beautiful bird or flower, it helps open up your heart, making you more connected with the other person.

"Stand up and walk out of your history."  Quote by Dr. Phil

You are not the sum total of the days that have preceded this one. Destiny is what you make happen, history is what has happened to you. Dr. Phil is right. Sometimes you can just stand up and walk out of the past. The feng shui trinity of luck is made up of one third of your actions - not your history. Take charge of your life today and stop living like it was yesterday.

Just add water.

The water element is the first natural element that we come to know as humans. We are held in a sac of water in our mother's stomach, the water cushioning and insulating us. We need water in our homes and our lives, yet too few homes have water. Sure, they have lots of blue colors but little actual water. Make it a goal this year to bring water to your home in the form of a fountain, a pond, an aquarium, a water fall - even drinking more water.

Adding water to your environment will help to insulate you from the bumps of life. Mind racing and life stress-filled? Visit a lake, pond or beach to clear your mind and find the answers you are looking for. The body knows before the mind, so if you find yourself unable to quench your thirst, be ready for a change to come to your life. It's your body's way of helping you to handle the change.

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Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook "Easy Money - 3 Steps to Building Massive Wealth with Feng Shui" visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!
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