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Alisa Bowman

Alisa Bowman is the author of Project: Happily Ever After (Running Press, 2010). A former senior editor at Runner’s World magazine, Bowman is one of the nation’s top writers, ghost writing and co-authoring more than 30 books on a variety of topics.

Bowman is also the marriage expert for every woman. She is a recovering divorce daydreamer and creator of, which was voted one of the Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2009.

Alisa started because she once regularly fantasized about her husband dropping dead. She spent so much time thinking and hoping for that car accident or heart attack that she had his entire funeral planned out—down to the food and beer she would serve the mourners.

She knew her husband would frustrate her if they tried marital counseling, so instead she started a project, one that involved reading every marital improvement book she could find. During the next year, she changed, and so did he. He did more around the house. He paid more attention to their daughter. He asked her about her, and he actually seemed interested as she answered. She fell back in love, and so did he.

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