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Veteran performer Heather Scott is the face of the accomplished St. Louis Ocarina Trio. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Scott began her musical career as a flutist, earning a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from Illinois State University, as well as a Master’s degree from Webster University.

Scott began playing the ocarina four years ago after she was attracted to the instrument’s soothing sound, uniqueness and rich history. Already a professional flutist, Scott fell in love with and quickly mastered the 12,000 year-old instrument. She has since devoted herself to promoting passion for music by frequently appearing as a guest lecturer on many radio and television programs as an advocate for music education and its benefits for children. She also currently teaches ocarina and flute at the St. Louis School of Music.

In addition to her advocacy work, Scott performs frequently at live events in and around the greater St. Louis area. One of her bigger performances took place in mid-2010 when she played “Visions and Fantasies,” an ocarina concerto composed by Dr. Kristopher Maloy. It was the first time ever that a concerto was written specifically for the ocarina to be performed with a symphony orchestra.

As the only full-time ocarina player in the United States of America, making history is not anything new for Scott. She is a dominant force behind promoting the historical instrument. Her widespread fan base includes many concert-goers and online classical music lovers as well as fans of new age music. To date, her YouTube videos have attracted more than 3.3 million views worldwide and growing. Her YouTube channel also has over 12,000 subscribers.

Scott also released three full length CD’s in 2010 through St. Louis Ocarina. Always with Me which features music from anime legend Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, the gaming inspired Final Fantasy: An Ocarina Odyssey (St. Louis Ocarina Trio) and Ancient Traveler: Timeless Tunes for the Ocarina (St. Louis Ocarina Trio) all display the versatility of the instrument as well as the artist(s).

Though the ocarina itself has been around for thousands of years and can be heard in a number of popular video games, a lot is not known about the instrument itself. Through her talents and teaching Heather Scott hopes to permanently change that. She believes that anyone can play the ocarina and music is something that everyone should have in their life.

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