"How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality"

by Sydni Craig-Hart

One of my favorite quotes comes from Basil S.Walsh, who simply asks, "If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?"

Do you know where you are going in 2011? Have you drawn out a ‘road map’ for the direction you plan to take and assembled all the tools necessary to assure you will reach your business goals in the coming year?

I know people who refuse to ask for directions when traveling. They think they will be able to eventually figure out where they are and where they need to be – and they may – but at what expense? An extra cost in gas? Arriving late to their destination, perhaps missing out an important opportunity? Or at the very least, experiencing more frustration and stress than necessary, potentially spoiling what could have been an otherwise enjoyable journey. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop, regroup, and ask for help from someone more familiar with the area?

While you alone are responsible for following through on your New Year’s Resolutions – here are some simple strategies for service professionals which are sure to assist in making that resolution a reality:

1. Identify the core issues which are causing you difficulty - and the opportunities which are being missed - in the operation of your business. Routinely assessing and analyzing your business operations enables you to better see your weaknesses and strengths, identify what is going well and what isn’t, and consider changes and options for refocusing and fast-tracking toward your goal.

2. Market your business effectively and consistently. You must know and understand your ideal client. If you don’t, you will never be able to address their specific challenges and offer them the products or services they are looking for and truly need. Don't overlook the importance and value of those systems which can keep you consistent in your marketing efforts. How well you market yourself will be the difference between life and death in business.

3. Take care of yourself. Live well. Give attention to your well being. When you feel well and have energy, you are more productive and have a better mindset. Make time for yourself and your relationships. Include family and friends as part of a strong support system in your personal life. Include a hired assistant or coach in your business support system. Be sure you have a ‘safe place’ to express yourself and get re-charged as often as necessary.

4. Get your finances in order. The ability to meet financial responsibilities and obligations lessens stress and empowers you to take decisive action in growing your business. Better management of your finances is a sure way to gain more self-respect, self-confidence, and create more balance in your life.

5. Believe! You’ve thought it. You’ve expressed it. You’ve dreamed of it. You’ve prepared for it. Now — believe you can do it! No one else can believe for you. You must believe in yourself and your business if you want to be successful. There will always be enough reasons to doubt, even quit – which is why you must find your own reasons for persevering to victory. If you remain focused on your desired outcome, refusing to be distracted by whatever does NOT align with your goals, you will soon arrive at your destination.

Don’t allow yourself to remain lost on the vast “business highway”. If you need direction, reach out to a trusted mentor for help. Connect with a coach who knows the marketing landscape and can show you the most direct route available for arriving at your goal within the next 12 months. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to take a few minutes and assess your goals. Then, make a strong committment to prepare for - and expect - success in both your business and your life next year. Resolve with confidence that you will settle for nothing less than the realization of your dreams!

Remember that favorite quote I shared at the beginning of this article? Know where your business is NOW and where you want to take it in 2011. Know who you are NOW and who you want to be in 2011. Decide NOW to believe and achieve in 2011. With the help of the simple strategies I’ve provided, your New Year’s Resolutions will become your reality very soon!

I'd love to hear about your goals for the New Year! Share your plans and how you plan to accomplish them by posting a comment on my blog.

Your Action Plan For The Week:

1. Make a strong commitment to achieve your business goals. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. You’ll want to review it in a few months.
2. Share your New Year’s Resolutions with a trusted friend; maybe even provide them a written copy. Ask them to help keep you accountable to your resolution.
3. Take Action on your resolutions. Put the strategies provided into play, immediately. You don’t have to wait – in fact, you shouldn’t wait – to begin the New Year equipped with a positive, confident resolve. Know where you are going and be determined to reach your goals!

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com Known for her simple, tech-savvy, integrated approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com for your FR*EE marketing tools and to schedule your FR*EE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

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