Practice Better Time Management for Better Results

by Brad Campbell

As a female entrepreneur, it may sometimes feel as if you need to be able to work twice as efficiently as your male counterparts. Even being in control of your own business is not enough to wear down the competition you may feel. This is why time management is such an important aspect of being a successful female entrepreneur in this day and age. It does not matter whether you are running telemarketing services or you are running an online sales website, there are certain things you can do which will allow you to make the most of your limited time.

Organize and Review
Most successful people keep a calendar of events which tells them what they have planned for the day. This is a great way to analyze what it is you need to do and to make sure that nothing gets missed. Of course, this is only half of the process if you truly want to be successful. You should also review your schedule at the end of the day. Look at what you accomplished as well as what got lopped off the list and why. If you are finding you are losing a lot of events each day, it is because you are overscheduling.

Never Over-Schedule
It is important to keep your schedule loose. While it is tempting to schedule your day to capacity, there are invariably going to be hiccups. Little problems will arise which will cause you to deviate from your schedule. This can send you into a panic if you did not expect that you would need that time. Try to leave at least 15% of your schedule open each day. If you do not use that time for work, you can use it to read trade magazines or get in touch with clients for networking purposes.

Only Go to Important Meetings
Take a hard look at the kinds of meetings you are showing up to. While it is understandable that you will want to be involved in many of the things going on within your company, understand that your time is better spent doing what it is that you do best. Many ultra-successful entrepreneurs will only sit for meetings if they are advancing their sales potential. They will not go into meetings which are about the organization or anything else. You can do a pop in to help with morale, but allow yourself to move on.

One of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs is to delegate responsibilities. One of the whole reasons you started your own business was because you had a vision and you knew exactly what you wanted that vision to look like. The reason why it is so important to pay attention to the people you hire is because they need to see your vision as well. You should be able to delegate tasks, both large and small, to those you hire. After all, if you do all of the work yourself, it limits how much work your company can do.

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