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Dana Precious
Dana Precious was born and, for the most part, raised in Michigan. She is the youngest of five siblings. In her early years her father sought something bigger and more exciting than life as a city manager. Hence, her family wound up in Mogadishu, Somalia. They didn’t know that it was one of the most volatile countries on the face of the earth. As her mother put it “Well, the Encyclopedia Britannica didn’t mention anything about that.” This was, of course, way before information was available on the internet. It didn’t take long for her family to make its way back to Michigan.

There, in the small town of N. Muskegon, her family became known for doing things with only the best of intentions but with unexpected outcomes.  Her father on a whim bought a dinner dance cruise ship, The Port City Princess, that is still in operation today.

To fend off the general chaos that swirled around her, Dana began reading voraciously.  Then she began writing.  After graduating college and with little idea of what she should do with her life Dana moved to Los Angeles.  Two of her sisters lived there giving her a safety net.

After her first day as a receptionist at an advertising agency, her boss asked her if anyone had called. “Oh yes, lots of people.” She responded. “Did you write down any messages?” Her boss asked.  Write it down? She was supposed to write it down? Realizing she wasn’t going to last long as a receptionist, Dana started listening in on the direction given to the copywriters at the agency.  This, she turned out to be good at and her first career as a copywriter was born.

Eventually she was hired at a major film studio in the theatrical creative advertising department. Dana became responsible for the advertising and marketing of blockbuster tent-pole films.  She has been working in this field for most of her adult life.

The novel, "Born Under A Lucky Moon," had been kicking around in her head for years. Finally she got busy and got it written. Her family forgives her for any resemblance to her actual life while growing up.
Currently Dana lives with her husband, son and two dogs in Los Angeles.
On Facebook @bornunderaluckymoon and Twitter @danaprecious

Date: Tuesday, Feb 1st, 2011
Time: 12:00 pm EST

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"Born Under a Lucky Moon" is a real life events tale recounting the story of two very important years in the lives of Jeannie Thompson and her colorful family members to whom "things" just seem to happen.

Set in 1986, the story straddles back and forth from the Great Lakes of Michigan to Los Angeles, California.  It is a story of surprise marriages, a renegade granny, a sprinkler system cursed by the gods, and myriad other factors Jeannie blames for her full-tilt, out-of-control existence.  But it's also about good surprises—like an unexpected proposal that might just open Jeannie's eyes to her real place, among the people she loves most in the world.

As the author explains, it was very important for her to write “a warm comedy that understood that families are complicated but that they still love each other deeply.  I wanted to make readers feel good and laugh.”

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Dana will be signing copies of her new book at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica, CA.
Date: Feb. 17, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm
Location:  Barnes and Noble
3rd Street Promenade
1201 3rd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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