Getting Off the Fence

by Mariana M. Cooper

Have you ever felt like you hated where you were but you were also terrified of where you wanted to go? You can get really excited about the possibilities of what the future holds if you take certain actions like starting a business or leaving an old worn out relationship, yet you stop yourself from taking action because going forward brings you anxiety due to fear of the unknown?

Well that is what we refer to as “Being on the Fence”, that immobilizing, disempowering state of mind that keeps us stuck, confused and stressed out. “Fence sitting” is usually due to a conflict between the voice of our Higher Self saying “Oh yes you can,” and your ego saying “Oh no you can’t!” The ego or inner critic tells us that no one will pay us or our idea won’t make it, or we will never find a new person who will love us.

The Higher Self or our Intuition tells us “You know what we can see beyond your physical eyes and senses. Trust us and take the leap!” If you trust and take “inspired action” you will land on your feet. And if it does not work out you will still make progress because great lessons are learned from seeming mistakes. So taking action based on the quiet urging of the inner voice – Your Intuition will not steer you wrong!

Now, you might say, “Well how can I trust that voice?” “How do I know that my fear isn’t my intuition saying to me don’t do it?”

Here are 3 telltale signs that your ego is having its way with you!

1. Your ego will talk in lots of words, analysis and cause you to feel anxious and confused.

2. Your ego will not stop chattering and will run you through the whole worst-case scenario from top to bottom.

3. Your ego will cause you to doubt and second-guess everything that your true Intuition is telling you because it will be drowning out your quiet still inner voice.

Your Intuition on the other hand is quiet.

1. It will urge you to go ahead 1 step at a time.

2. It will not give you all of the steps to take, just the very next one.

3. Your intuition will also talk to you in pictures rather than words. You may get a feeling to make a call, pick up a book or turn on the TV at just the right time to catch meaningful information for you.

It is much harder to hit a moving target! So get off the fence! You are actually better off choosing to stay in the old way than to be on the fence.

Fence sitting gives your ego time to build up steam with anxiety, brooding and fear. It is actually more empowering to say, “I am not ready to make a move yet. So I consciously choose to stay in my old ways and fully be present as I stay.” Even though this may not seem like progress you are staying “Empowered” by choosing to stay the same.

But even better is to:

1. Take a deep breath

2. Ask your Intuition to assist you and say, “I now ask to be shown the perfect next step for my highest and greatest good.”

3. Take action on the small voice of direction that inspires you to move forward.

Make a conscious decision to CHOOSE your Intuition. Your progress will be faster than you can imagine!

So Trust Your Intuition and Get off the Fence!

This week take an inventory of what you are sitting on the fence with. We all usually have at least one thing.

Get quiet, take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed and ask, “What first step should I take to ‘Get off the fence?’”

In your journal write down any symbols, colors or signs that you see either in your mind’s eye or out in your environment. Then say, “Please help me to have the courage to take one step of inspired action today.”

By doing  just one step a day you will begin to get the courage to do more and before you know it you will be on the other side of the fence!

Good luck and enjoy the process of taking “Inspired Action!”

Have you ever been “on the fence?”

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at:

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter & Entrepreneur Kellee Maize on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Kellee Maize is a Pittsburgh-based rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and dancer.

In Kellee's own words...
I moved to Pittsburgh in my teens with the dream of making an impact on the world. I just felt drawn to the city, like there was something waiting for me here.  I learned more about the negative sides of our society through study at the University of Pittsburgh. At that time, Hip Hop was solidified as my passion and outlet for activism. I began singing and rapping on stage in 2000 and have not stopped since.

I founded a female owned and operated, socially conscious company, Nakturnal. I founded Nakturnal in hopes of helping woman work together in pursuit of their dreams and because I learned through spiritual study that when women gather, the world will heal. For over two years now, Nakturnal has been considered a leading marketing and events organization in the the area. We work daily to inspire women, help independent artists and raise awareness for worthy causes. We have been expanding nationally.

Aligned Archetype [Explicit]While Nak was growing, I found more time to record and perform, and released my first album, Age of Feminine with the help of DJ Huggy. I released my second album, Aligned Archetype, nationally on January 29th, 2010. This album highlights my mystical side and brings together my other musical passions including dubstep, house, reggae, Bmore club, R&B and of course Hip Hop. I consider myself a spiritual person and now see activism on an energetic level that starts within so I work on my SELF daily. I feel my outer purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy that speaks to the soul of the listener.

I believe massive global change is coming and that it starts with the individual. I feels Pittsburgh, my home, is a focal point in this planetary change and that women and female energy in men and women will help us enter a new stage.

I feel that our inner world is a mirror of our outer reality. We have the power to help positively affect the world by "being the change we wish to see", as Ghandi puts it. While this can be incredibly challenging given our human tendencies and emotions, I believe we are entering a new stage of evolution in human consciousness and hope that in the same way I am affected daily by artists and musicians that my music inspires change and awareness in the listener.

I feel all people have special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle and that we are all made of the same energy and therefore are really all one. I know deep down that music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our current fear stricken society. I feel we can enjoy this time/space reality while opening hearts and minds, and creating lasting change.

Kellee's latest video: "Start None"

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4 Simple Steps to Highly Effective Networking

by Sydni Craig-Hart

For most solo service professionals, in-person networking is a significant piece of their ongoing marketing strategy.  Getting out and meeting the right people is often the quickest way to enroll new clients into your practice and generate additional revenue.

Though networking can open the door to numerous opportunities, that doesn't necessarily mean it's one of your favorite activities. I know a fair number of entrepreneurs who dread networking and consider it to be a necessary "evil" of running a business.

Whether you LOVE networking or do it out of sheer necessity, I'm confident you want to enjoy the best possible results at every opportunity. Following are some of my proven, Smart, Simple Tips on how to use this strategy effectively to connect with your ideal clients and create opportunities to grow your business:

   1. "Fish where the fish are" - Don't attend a networking event just for the sake of doing so. To get the most bang for your buck (and use your time efficiently) make sure you are ONLY attending networking events where your ideal clients and referral partners are hanging out. Remember, to be successful in business you can't market to any and everyone. You need to focus your attention on providing specific solutions to your ideal clients. Which means you need to do targeted, focused networking. You'll enjoy yourself much more, have better conversations and create more opportunities when you're talking to people who "get" what you do and are already looking for your services.

   2. Get your mind right - Networking isn't about selling yourself or pitching your services. It's about making connections with people, getting to know them, finding out what they need and creating opportunities. Be clear about your objectives BEFORE you attend the event so that you "show up" as a friendly, gracious and helpful resource. If you are a person who doesn't LOVE the experience of networking, adjust your mindset. A lack of confidence and a negative attitude are highly unattractive and will repel others from wanting to connect with you. Instead of dreading the experience, look forward to the opportunity to meet other people and educate others about what you do. Set the intention before you head out the door that you're going to have a GREAT experience and enjoy yourself!

   3. Have reasonable expectations - Don't attend the event desperate to close new business on the spot. If you do, each person you meet will "smell" it on you and will likely be turned off your approach. Instead, focus on having meaningful conversations with the people you meet and getting to know them so you can follow-up as appropriate.

   4. Resist the urge to "work the room" - I know you've seen this. There's always a guy (or a gal) at networking events running around the room, almost tossing their business card at every person they pass. Don't be that person. Take your time. Enjoy meeting various individuals. Allow the conversations you start to develop and end naturally. You'll feel much more relaxed and have a better experience. Plus you'll create deeper connections with the people you meet and have a much easier time following up with them after the event. It is far better to have 4-5 fabulous conversations than to run around the room passing out your card to everyone in your path.

Effective networking is an art - one that can be learned - and lead to highly profitable results in your business.  I'd love to hear from you, Deborah about your own networking experiences and what's worked well for your business.  Can you stop by my blog and share your thoughts?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of Known for her simple, tech-savvy, integrated approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW.  Visit to listen to Sydni's F.R.E.E. audio class, “10 Proven Steps to Powerful Marketing Results!”  and to schedule your F.R.E.E. "Profit Breakthrough" session!

A Taste of Spring for Improved Health

by Janet Gomez

What do you think drains your body of energy most?

Often our choices are the main problem. We may know what will support our health from that which we have heard, read, seen. Sometimes we feel instinctively what is good and not so good for our bodies. Then we make appropriate or not so appropriate choices.

In Ayurveda we have tools that support the health of our body and mind. The concepts of the three body types/doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and the 6 tastes, sweet, sour, salty, hot, bitter and astringent, form the basis of Ayurvedic nutrition. Depending on the season and our particular body type we can eat to enhance the health of body and mind.

During the last cooking class, for example, participants learned how the dense Kapha quality of winter becomes lighter and liquid as Spring starts. The transition period between Winter and Spring can be a delicate time for our bodies. How many of us have been experiencing pre-Spring sniffles and sinus problems? The advent of Spring is the perfect time to do a cleanse because Nature supports our efforts.

Let me share 5 seasonal tips of how to use Nature to help achieve balance and harmony within our bodies at this time.

   1. Since the Spring season is usually wet, using warming drying foods and spices such as millet, barley, lentils, turmeric, cinnamom and ginger to counteract the humidity.
   2. Incorporating into our daily life cleansing techniques such as dry skin brushing, which works on the lymphatic system to support the natural clean-out that the body is having over the Equinox period, and the technique of neti to keep nasal passages clear and our energy flowing.
   3. Enjoying warm baths and taking regular dynamic exercise. If you practise yoga, for example, sun salutations should be done more quickly while breathing deeply.
   4. Since most of us eat breakfast between 6-9am when the heaviness of Kapha is present, have a light warming meal at that time, for example of cornmeal porridge, or millet cream, to assist digestion
   5. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables for the cleansing and energising qualitities they provide.

Bonus tip: Giving your digestive system a rest and/or doing a cleanse. This can simply involve not eating between meals, eating a mono-diet for a day or two or doing a simple juice cleanse.

Take advantage of the rising energy of spring and the seasonal flavours to boost your energy and enhance your health.

Janet Gomez, nutritional consultant, produces the "Nutri-Jyoti News", a free monthly e-newsletter for busy professionals. Feel ready to learn how to use nutritional strategies to manage your energy levels? Then sign up for her FREE e-course "5 Nutritional Keys to Vitality in your Life" on the Nutri-Jyoti home page now.

Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved Janet Gomez

BookBaby Changes the Publishing Game

by Sophfronia Scott

Digital books, or eBooks are as hot as volcanic lava these days and for good reason. With platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle, the iPad and eReaders by Sony and Barnes & Noble, books are more accessible and portable than ever before. But here’s a missing piece with ebooks you don’t hear much about: almost all of the books were published first as, or in tandem with, a physical book. I’ve written here before about the expense of producing a book. I’ve even recommended doing anthologies where authors can pool their resources. (See the current project for which we’re seeking authors at

But what if you could cut out the physical part entirely? What if you could create a real life, professionally designed book and have it distributed to millions of readers for less than $500? has made it possible–and you can do it right now. This new service is coming from, the company that revolutionized the music industry by giving bands and singer-songwriters an easy way to promote and sell their music online. The result: over $160 million in sales paid out to artists worldwide.

BookBaby digitally distributes the works of independent authors, poets, memoirists, and publishers, making their eBooks available to digital retailers like Apple iBookstore, Barnes &, Sony’s Reader Store and

I first heard about BookBaby from my husband Darryl Gregory, who has sold his music on for years. At first I thought I would submit books I’ve done that don’t have digital versions such as my Doing Business By the Book. But once I explored BookBaby’s site, I realized an author can do so much more!

You can do your whole book, soup-to-nuts, on BookBaby and put it into digital distribution without ever producing a physical copy! They provide cover design, formatting and even ISBN’s. This means your book can be seriously published for less than $500. (This includes paying for extras like cover design!)

If you’re a business person you can already see the tremendous advantage here: You can use this publishing format as a testing ground for new ideas. If something sells well, you can always produce a physical version of the book later. In the digital world you can have a book done practically at light speed. Of course you still have to write it. If you need help with that, I’m available for book coaching or you can still join our Business Book Bootcamp. If you ever needed an incentive to finish your book, this may be what you’re looking for. So check out BookBaby. It could be the greatest thing for authors since the typewriter.

© 2011 Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott is Executive Editor of the Done For You Writing & Publishing Company. Learn what a difference being a published author can make for your business. Get your FREE audio CD, “How to Succeed in Business By Becoming a Bestselling Author” and your FREE online writing and book publishing tips at

Natalie Bradley on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

The Recession is Over, Now What? How to Attract Ideal (High-Paying) Clients to Your Business!

In 2003, Natalie Bradley launched Soirée! Ltd., now doing business as Natalie Bradley Events and Bride Attraction. Natalie and her team have planned and designed hundreds of weddings and other social events over the years, as well as consulted for many others. Natalie has discovered the keys to unlocking our clients' dreams for their special occasions and have uncovered the essential tools needed to create fabulous events.

Natalie Bradley's events along with her entrepreneurial advice have been published in media including Wed Biz Journal,, Elite Bridal Network, Black Star Rising Blog, WedLock Magazine,, American Express for Entrepreneurs, Hybrid Mom, Inside Weddings, Vows Magazine, The Knot, I Do for Georgia Brides, Southern Distinction, Lake Oconee Living, Georgia Life and Style TV, Modern Bride Atlanta,  Weddings with Style, and Blog. From 2003-2007, Natalie penned the entertaining column for Southern Distinction magazine and has been the "lifestyle expert" on Georgia Living TV and Holiday Home.

Now, Natalie only takes on a small handful of referral weddings per year, while devoting most of her time to, teaching wedding entrepreneurs and small business owners how to attract more clients, make more money and have more freedom to enjoy it all!

Date: Wednesday, Mar 23rd, 2011

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Click here to listen to the live or recorded show: 

Speaking Fear - Afraid They Won't Like You

by Janet Hilts

One way fear of rejection shows up as speaking anxiety is this: You're afraid they'll reject you as a person. Will your listeners like you?

How This Fear Might Look

Each of us has her own insecurities about this. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have something important to say which might not make you popular. So you're writing and re-writing your talk, trying to figure out how to present it.
  • You're comparing yourself to someone people are clearly attracted to, thinking there's no room for you. So what's the point of speaking?
  • You're unfamiliar with the people you're about to speak to, thinking, "I don't know who I should BE for this crowd. Maybe I should stick with people I know."

"Know, Like and Trust" Factor
We've all heard the marketing wisdom that people do business with people they know, like and trust. And that's absolutely true. But remember - you're doing business! You're not speaking to find a date or a new best friend. So it's important to keep your perspective here.

You can't force people to like you, anyway. There are some folks you click with, and others may feel lukewarm about you. That's fine. There's plenty of business to go around, so there's no need for everyone to like you - even if that were possible.

The know-like-trust factor builds over time. It's a by-product of your showing up consistently and being genuinely you. If you set out trying to get people to like you, it backfires. People feel manipulated and distrustful.

The Solution
Change your question from "Will they like me?" to "How can I serve?" It's that simple. Focus on what you can do for your listeners. That's what they ultimately want from you, anyway. Right? Get your thoughts off yourself and on to your clients or customers.

Take the time to remember your passion for what you do and why you got into in the first place. When you bring those feelings - that enthusiasm -- to your speaking, with your desire to serve, that fear of rejection is history!

From the desk of Janet Hilts MPH, EFT-ADV

Copyright © 2010 Janet Hilts, Speak Up & Shine | Clearing Pathways, Inc.

The Key to Closing More Sales Is Easier than You Think

By Rochelle Togo-Figa

The power of shifting the way we think is a principle that has been taught for decades by many well-known spiritual leaders. And, if you walk into any book store, you’ll see bookshelves lined with books about positive thinking. People are hungry to be free from negative thinking and want to be excited by what’s possible, yet learning how to apply this principle to their lives still eludes many. 

In the course of the day, we receive thousands and thousands of thoughts. Many of the thoughts we have keep us playing small in life and from going after the things we want. It may seem as if we have no control over the thousands of thoughts that come into our mind.

But, the truth is, we do have a say in what we think.

Notice the conversation you’re having with yourself when you’re sitting across from a client. As you get present to your own internal voice, you will see you are a person driven by that ongoing conversation. You’re driven by a little voice in your head that never shuts up. That voice in your head tells you who you are and what you can and can't do.

The voice never disappears; however, it doesn’t have to stop you. The voice that tells you, “You can’t do this” or “I’m not good at this stuff,” is made up by you. You’ve had those thoughts for so long, you actually believe they’re real. These repetitive thoughts become your negative beliefs. Here are some negative beliefs that may sound familiar to you:

I’m not good enough.
I don’t have what it takes.
Something is wrong with me.
I’ll never succeed.
I don’t like to sell.
What if I fail?
I don’t know enough.
Who will want what I offer?
I’m a failure.
I’m too disorganized.
I’m not worth it.
I can’t do this.

Are these negative beliefs real or did you make them up? How have they stopped you from taking action in the past and today?

Ask yourself, “What are the thoughts I’m creating right now?” Are you thinking about new ways to bring in business or are you thinking of reasons why you’re not bringing in enough business? Are you thinking of all the ways you help your clients or are you thinking you’re never going to be as successful as other entrepreneurs?

Studies have shown the mind is like a programming machine. And, whatever thought the mind hears over and over again believes it to be true. If that’s the case, why not change the negative belief to a positive belief? We can turn any negative thought we have into positive and powerful thoughts.

Below are some examples of how easily you can change some negative beliefs.

“They’ll think my fees are too high.” Your fear about charging a higher fee has more to do with your own self-worth than what people think. If you know in your heart you bring value to your clients, you’re worth it. To help you see your worth, make a list of everything you provide and all the benefits your clients get from working with you. Then read the list over so you can see the value you bring. If you believe you’re worth it, they will to!

“It’s hard for me to ask for referrals.” Often a thought like this will have an underlying belief such as “People don’t want to help me,” “People aren’t happy with my services,” or “I’m afraid I’ll appear too pushy.” How do you know they don’t want to help you, aren’t happy with your service, or will think you’re too pushy? We tend to get a rejection or two and conclude that people will not help us. Before you ask for the referral, say to yourself, “I did a good job for my client! They want to help me. I’m going to ask for a referral without being attached to a result.”

“Public speaking scares me to death.” Will you die if you speak in public? Is that really true? I haven’t seen it happen once, yet. What’s really the worst thing that could happen? Your presentation might bore some people. Could you handle that? With a little practice, don’t you think you’d improve? Of course you could. To ease your fear of speaking, you can build up your confidence by giving small presentations at your local library or your local community center.

The more you say these thoughts to yourself and to others, they become real. Negative thoughts such as, “It’s hard for me to ask for referrals.” “I’m not good at managing my time.” “Public speaking scares me.”
Every limiting thought becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s true because you say it’s true. And, if you don’t question your thoughts, they will continue to control your destiny. You can change those thoughts.

The thoughts you have are the key to achieving everything you want in your life and business. You have within yourself the ability to change your thoughts and by doing that, you can achieve everything you need to bring in sales beyond your wildest dreams! When you start shifting your thinking, you’ll easily start attracting new clients and bringing in new business.

About Rochelle: Rochelle Togo-Figa, The Sales Breakthrough Expert, is the creator of the Sales Breakthrough System™, a proven step-by-step sales process that will help you close more sales, sign on more clients and make more money with ease and velocity. To sign up for her free sales articles and teleclasses on closing more sales, visit or connect with her on Facebook.


Too Much Negativity? Learn How to "DUCK" by Iyanla Vanzant


The Cycle of Completion: Making Way for Success

by Jack Canfield

Do you live in a state of mental and physical clutter? Do you have a bunch of unfinished business lurking around every corner?

Cycle of Completion
Incomplete projects, unfinished business, and piles of cluttered messes can weigh you down and take away from the energy you have to move forward toward your goals.

When you don't complete tasks, you can't be fully prepared to move into the present, let alone your new future.

When your brain is keeping track of all the unfinished business you still have at hand, you simply can't be effective in embracing new tasks that are in line with your vision.

Old incompletes can show up in your life in lots of different ways...  like not having clarity, procrastination, emotional energy blocks and even illness. Blocked energy is wasted, and a build up of that energy can really leave you stymied.

Throw-out all the clutter and FEEL how much easier it is to think!

Make a list of areas in your life (both personal and professional) where you have incompletes and messes, then develop a plan to deal with them once and for all. Fix and organize the things that annoy you.

Take your final steps in bringing closure to outstanding projects.

Make that difficult phone call. Delegate time-wasting tasks that you've let build up.

Some incompletions come from simply not having adequate systems, knowledge, or expertise for handling these tasks. Other incompletions pile up because of bad work habits.

Get into completion consciousness by continually asking yourself...What does it take to actually get this task completed?

Only then can you begin to consciously take that next step of filing completed documents, mailing in the forms required, or reporting back to your boss that the project has been completed.

The truth is that 20 things completed have more power than 50 things that are half-way completed.

Finishing writing a book, for instance, that can go out and influence the world is better than 13 books you’re in the process of writing.

When you free yourself from the mental burden of incompletes and messes, you'll be AMAZED at how quickly the things you do want in life arrive.

Another area where you'll find incompletes in your life is in your emotions. Are you holding on to old hurts, resentments, and pain? Just like the physical clutter and incompletes, your energy is being drained by holding on to and reliving past pain and anger.

Remember, you'll attract whatever feelings you're experiencing. So, if you're stuck in revengeful thinking and angered in muck, you can't possibly be directing energy toward a positive future. You need to let go of the past in order to embrace the future. Letting go involves forgiveness and moving on.

By forgiving you aren't releasing the other person from their transgression as much as you're freeing yourself from their transgression. You don't have to condone their behavior, trust them, or even maintain a relationship with them. However, you DO have to free yourself from the anger, from the pain, and from the resentment once and for all!

When learning to forgive, make sure to complete the cycle.

Acknowledge your anger, your pain, and your fear. But also own up to any part you've played in allowing it to happen or continue. Make sure to express whatever it was that you wanted from that person, and then see the whole event from the other's point of view. Allow yourself to wonder what that person was going through and what kind of needs he/she was trying to fulfill at the time.

Finally, let go and move on. Every time you go through this process you're learning how to avoid letting it happen again!

(For more insight on this subject, read Chapter 28 titled
Clean Up Your Messes and Incompletes in The Success Principles)
© 2010 Jack Canfield

Are you "stuck" in this area?
Join me this summer at the Breakthrough to Success Retreat where we'll work together to overcome any unconscious blocks holding you back from your ideal life.

* * *

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:

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Author Q&A: Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World

Recently I had the opportunity to read "Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World" a book by Susan Bulkeley Butler, CEO of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Institute for the Development of Women Leaders. No stranger to breaking through barriers, Butler was the first female partner of a major consulting firm. As she mentions in the book's introduction, "It's no longer enough to count women - it's time to ensure that we are all women who count."

Butler starts by looking at the numbers and highlighting the inequities in how women are represented in  business and among policy makers in government. She covers the pioneers, the movements throughout history and shares her ideas on how changes in education, organizations, communities and giving can have a major impact. I found her book to be inspirational and instructive. It provides strategies and gives hope that women can come together to change the world for the better.  

Author & CEO  Susan Bulkeley Butler answers some questions about her book:
DB: Why did you write Women Count?

SBB: It became a habit of mine to count women everywhere I went. And the numbers didn't seem to be changing.  Looking up into the top management of organizations, I saw even less women.  It was then I decided that I wanted to make the numbers change during my life time.

When I was first promoted to partner, I began taking women out for breakfast or lunch, to let them see what a woman in a senior leadership position looked like. I wasn't a 'man in a skirt.'  Remember this was in the 1960s. I began mentoring women and advocating for them, and became excited when women were promoted to manager, senior manager, or senior leadership positions.

I want the world to move from "counting women" to making sure "women count." It is my passion that everyone will support my goal of 'equality in sight for women' by August 2020 - the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote.  My book is part history, celebrating what women have accomplished to date, how women are changing the world today and what we need to do to bring about equality by 2020.

I challenge everyone who reads my book to answer my question:  How are you going to change the world for women, your community, your family, and our nation?  It is up to us to make the world/nation a better place for our having been here.

DB: Who is the target audience for your book?

My target initially was women.  Since women comprise nearly 50 percent of the work force, participate in or make over 80 percent of the consumer decisions and manage over 70 percent of the personal wealth in this country, we should have the power to make change happen for ourselves, where ever we are.

Men have told me that every man should read this book to really understand the environment for women, particularly if they have daughters and granddaughters.  Men need to get on board with this change too to make the world a better place for their daughters and granddaughters.

Young women have said that they enjoyed reading the history of women from the early times. A student mentioned that she knew nothing of women's history as it wasn't in the history books she studied.  I want women to become a part of history, not just in the footnotes.  For example, do you know who really invented the cotton gin?  Read my book and you will find out.

Everyone one needs to participate in bringing equality for women, so they should read my book.  Equality is the right thing to do. Why should we be second class citizens?

DB: You mention that "women must step into their power," what do you mean by that?

Unfortunately, I believe that women don't realize the impact they can make wherever they are.  My parents always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to do and I believed them.  That is why I believe I can really help to change the world, particularly for women.
We need to be encouraged, groomed for positions and have the confidence to do anything we set our minds to do.  Parents need to mentor their daughters as they do their sons.  They need to encourage daughters to have goals in their lives for themselves and careers, just as they do for their sons.  We need to support women who want to have a career and integrate it with their family when the time comes. I advise young women to make their career decisions first.  Being a mom comes later. Think about yourself.

DB: Would women who run small and/or home-based businesses also get helpful advice from your book?

SBB: Women Count is all about women and men being seen as equals, running companies, becoming partners in senior leadership roles, doing non-profit work, or mentoring women and girls.  It focuses on helping women be all they can be and encourages them to go for the gold. No matter what women are doing, I would like them to think about how they can or want to change the world.  They should follow their passion and 'dream big' as Sandra Day O'Connor would say.  Dreams do come true.

DB: What is the key message you want to deliver to women who read your book?

SBB: Be the CEO of You, Inc.  Become who it is you want to be.  And, make things happen for you rather than let things happen to you.

This begins with you deciding what it is you want to achieve, determining who should be on your team to help make it happen, defining your goals on an annual basis and navigating your journey every day.  Every decision you make today helps define who you are.  (Become the CEO of  You, Inc. (2006) by Susan Bulkeley Butler).

DB:  So who are you?  Are you who you want to be?  And are you changing the world for others?

SBB: In one way, I consider myself half Susan B. Anthony and half Amelia Earhart.  I am finishing what Susan B. Anthony hoped for:  equality for women.  And Amelia was always getting women to do more.  When someone would say "no you can't," Amelia would say, " yes I can."  That is who I am, bringing about equality for women and encouraging women to say " yes I can" when others say no.

I consider myself as a philanthropist, author, mentor, advocate, a retired senior executive from Accenture and someone who is interested in helping anyone be all they can be.  I am an executive coach. Some would say I am a "nudger," and some would say I am holding them accountable for achieving their aspirations.  My goal is to help others define their life goals and to figure out how to make them heppen.

I am excited about who I am because I am helping to change the world for others. Through my Institute, I am providing my experiences to others. Why should they need to learn everything that I have already learned?  Everyone has enough to learn already to move forward. My books are textbooks to make change happen for yourself.  And my workshops put participants through the processes to define where they want to be and how they are going to get there.

I have learned and earned, and now I am returning (giving forward to future generations) to make the world a better place for my having been here.  I am making change happen through other people, with my time, talents and resources. My focus is all about changing the academic, business, non-profit and medical sectors for women.

DB: A chapter of your book is "Changes and Shifts" could you mention some of those?

I have been on the Oregon coast and watched, over the years, the changes and shifts of the landscape and the sand right in front of my eyes. Many women have made "changes and shifts" like Susan B. Anthony and the suffergists, the women of World War I and World War II,  and Gloria Steinem and her movement.  If it hadn't been for these women and many others, we wouldn't have been able to achieve what we are able to today.

Women in politics have made many changes over the decades.  My friends Karen Kalish, Erin Slater and countless others are inspiring me as they are making change happen today.  They are going beyond problems and talking about solutions, to actually doing something about them.  Their stories are in my book.

We have a new world filled with opportunities for us to shape and change our communities, our states, our nation and our world. It is our opportunity to shape the world even more for the women who will follow us, our daughters and granddaughters.

We must have the courage to be a different kind of leader, so we don't perpetuate the same foolish system that is at least partly to blame for the problems we find ourselves in today.

How are you going to  change the world?  Together, I know we can create a better world.  Won't you join me in making it happen?

DB: You have a great deal of business experience yourself, what specifically inspired you to write this book?

SBB: Many of my supporters told me I should write a book. My first one, "Become the CEO of You, Inc." is based on the roadmap I use, even today, to be the person I want to be.  There are also lots of tips for success, so the reader doesn't have to experience all of these road blocks, but can learn from my experiences. 

Women Count, A Guide to Changing the World came about because I realized that there are too few women in leadership roles around the world.  And, I knew that with women around the table,  decisions would be different, and  better, because there would be different points of views  in the conversation.

When we don't equally include women, we are not including half of the population. Today, we are not being groomed to handle positions at the top of our organizations.  Women are in the organizations, but at the mid- to lower-levels of the organization.  We need to be in the pipeline to the top, but only if we have the right skills and capabilities.

Women Count demonstrates how women were very helpful in getting us to where we are today.  As well, it demonstrates how some women are already changing the world, how they obtained leadership roles and how they have the capabilities to do more.  We just need to give all women the opportunity to demonstrate what they CAN do, and let them do it.

DB: What’s the best advice you can give to a woman who is uncertain of her next steps?

SBB: Be responsible for who you are and who you want to become.  You should be the 'CEO of You, Inc.' Like managing a company, this means managing your life to make sure "You, Inc." is successful not just today, but also into the future. This is about putting yourself in the driver's seat of your life, that you are going in the direction you want to go, not where someone else wants you to go.

If you are uncertain, follow your dreams.   You can do anything you set your mind to do ... and you can change your mind if you find your direction  isn't working out as you planned.  However, before you change your direction, be sure to find a team to advise you because you can't do it all by yourself.  And don't forget to put together a plan with goals to make your dreams happen.

Ask for what you want, and make aspirations happen.  Don't let things happen to you.


Learn to Speak Like a Pro 2-Day Live Intensive Workshop

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Cynthia de Lorenzi on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Cynthia de Lorenzi 

Cynthia de Lorenzi likes to call herself a serial entrepreneur and social commentator on the status of women in our world today.  She also encourages the label “open networker” and, just for fun, “Diva Extraordinaire.”  

Washington Business Journal selected her as one of the top 25 “Women Who Mean Business” in 2006, SmartCEO magazine awarded her the BRAVA award in 2009 and was awarded SmartCEO’s Circle of Excellence by her peers as well as recognized by Enterprising Women in 2010.  Her organization, Success in the City has been featured in the Business Section of the Washington Post, NPR, DC Modern Luxury Magazine and Washington’s Finest.

As founder and chief executive officer of Success in the City, Ms. de Lorenzi leads an unconventional business networking organization for senior level executive businesswomen in the DC Metropolitan area. To help foster meaningful peer relationships and friendships among members, Success in the City’s format tosses creative and fun events as well as professional development discussions into the menu of opportunities to connect. Ms. de Lorenzi maintains that when given the opportunity to “really” connect on a dynamic personal level, personal growth as well as consummating “deals-on-heels” is assured.  More than a thousand women have participated in SITC events.

In conjunction with Success in the City she also launched Success in the City TV, an Internet TV network for women’s groups and organizations and her newest partnership and endeavor Pink Collar LLC, a consulting and creative company encompassing traditional, new, emerging and futuristic media.

Ms. de Lorenzi is passionate about empowering others and the principle of paying-it-forward. In addition to leading Success in the City, Ms. de Lorenzi serves as a Board member of The Telework Coalition, Mingle360, The Women’s Center and Community Business Partnership including The Women’s Business Center, which provides training, assistance and support to businesswomen in Northern Virginia. 

Date: Wednesday, Mar 9th, 2011

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Click here to listen to the live or recorded show:


March 8th - International Women's Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some countries like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, IWD is a national holiday. The first IWD event was run in 1911 so 2011 sees the Global Centenary.

For many years the United Nations has held an annual IWD conference to coordinate international efforts for women's rights and participation in social, political and economic processes. 1975 was designated as International Women's Year' by the United Nations. Women's organisations and governments around the world have also observed IWD annually on 8 March by holding large-scale events that honour women's advancement and while diligently reminding of the continued vigilance and action required to ensure that women's equality is gained and maintained in all aspects of life.

IWD is now an official holiday in China, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. The tradition sees men honouring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD has the equivalent status of Mother's Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.

The International Women's Day website at is a global hub for sharing International Women's Day news, events and resources. It provides a free service to women and organisations around the world wanting to share and promote their IWD activity, videos, opinions and ideas. Please feel free to submit gender-related items for the site that you consider relevant and useful.

Originally published on the International Women's Day website.

How Professional Service Firms Can Get Started in Social Media

by Loraine Kasprzak, CMC

Does your professional service firm want to become a thought leader for your target clients? Using social 
media can help you get there.

Here’s a simple framework for fitting social media into your firm’s marketing plan. Think of three interactive segments that build on each other to benefit your practice: tried and true tactics, conscious outreach, and cutting edge tactics. With this framework in mind, you can choose the tactics from each segment that fit your firm’s culture, level of marketing expertise, and target market.

Tried and true tactics. These are the marketing tactics that most professionals already have in place and feel most comfortable using. They include email signatures, business cards, elevator speeches, and your firm’s website and brochure. Tried and true tactics can be used to call attention to your firm’s social media presence.
Conscious outreach. These take a bit more time and effort on the part of the individuals in your firm. They include attending and speaking at association and industry meetings, getting client testimonials, meeting one-on-one with prospective referral sources, and issuing periodic press releases about your firm’s activities. These efforts provide content that you can leverage via social media marketing.

Cutting edge tactics. Tactics such as blogging, tweeting, webinars, and podcasts may not be used by your firm and may not be in your comfort zone – yet. LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs are the three social networking tools that are commonly used by professional service providers to engage their target audiences. These are a good starting point for your firm. 

Quick Start Tips
You can waste quite a lot of time learning the social media basics. These tips will get you off to a quick start:

  • Set up your LinkedIn profile by following the on-screen directions. Upload your photo – this adds credibility to your online presence.
  • Click on the Contacts tab and add connections from among your business colleagues, acquaintances, etc.
  • Comment on your connections’ activities.
  • Join and participate in LinkedIn Groups – your goal here is to provide thoughtful commentary NOT to push your services.
  • Set up your Twitter account and don’t forget to upload your photo.
  • Use Twitter’s Find People capability to find others to follow. If you follow others, they will usually follow you back.
  • Not familiar with Twitter terminology? This Twitter terminology post will get you started.
  • A good rule of thumb is five retweets – which is reposting someone else’s informative tweet – for every one tweet of your own.
  • Search, a curated list of blogs, for the topics that are relevant to your profession.
  • Pick five of the blogs that seem most relevant to you, and follow these. You can set up a Google Reader account to keep track of your selected blogs all in one place.
  • As you follow blogs, comment on posts to add insight and relevant information. As with the LinkedIn Groups, you aren’t commenting to push your services but to interact and get known in the community.
  • When you become more comfortable in the blogosphere, set up your own blog. WordPress is a good choice. It offers online tutorials, is easy to use and has decent tracking capabilities.
Pressed for time? Advantage Marketing consultants can help you integrate social media into your marketing plan and create valuable content to share. Loraine Kasprzak, Founder and Managing Director of Advantage Marketing Consulting Services, is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and MBA with over 17 years of hands-on experience in marketing communications and strategy. One of Loraine’s strengths is her ability to help her clients clarify their thinking so that they can focus and fine-tune their message for the marketplace. She blogs about marketing and social media at and can be reached at

"Are You Secretly Avoiding These Million Dollar Money Habits?"

by Kendall SummerHawk

Women entrepreneurs secretly harbor a lot of pain, shame and blame about money. To the outside world they claim they want to make more, but secretly, in the privacy of their thoughts they feel the darkness of their money shadow side.

These feelings are like tentacles, grabbing at their heart and undermining their self-esteem. Ashamed and thinking they are "the only one" to feel this way, too many women remain silent when in reality, breaking free of their money gremlins is surprisingly easy to do.

The way I found greater freedom from money gremlins was to start thinking like a million dollar entrepreneur. At first, it felt...strange. My bank account balance clearly didn't match this new thinking. Nor did my monthly income.

But, in a surprisingly short amount of time, all that changed. One year later my 1ncome, bank account, prestige, credibility and yes, my self-esteem had MORE than doubled.

Here's what I did to shine a light on the shadow side of money. Try these tips for yourself and you'll quickly find yourself healing some old money wounds and feeling more at peace with money...and making more of it!

Tip #1 Stop Assuming You “Can’t Afford It”

It’s natural for a woman to want a good deal, to love getting things on sale or to drive a hard bargain. But too much of a good thing ISN’T a good thing. Telling yourself you can’t afford something tells the Universe that you don’t deserve to get what you want. Instead, make a decision: do you REALLY want it…or not? If you decide, “Yes!” then focus your energy on doing what it takes to make it happen.

This is what I did when building my beautiful new home, which, at first, felt completely out of my reach financially. But, I didn’t let that stop me. I used my decision to create my ideal home as a catalyst for thinking bigger, taking action in bigger ways and making several bold leaps forward. The result? Just two years later I moved into my gorgeous new home and my business has grown exponentially. If I had stopped to think, “I can’t afford it” I would still be living in a house I hated, thinking and feeling small.

Tip #2 Stop Giving Away Your Power With Money

Women give away their power by undercharging, overcompensating, avoiding uncomfortable money situations and prioritize scrimping over investing in growth. Consider this: it’s impossible for more money to flow towards you if you indulge in behavior that repels it.

One quick action you can take to stop giving away your power is to ask yourself this question:
“As someone who is standing in her power with money, how do I want to handle this situation?”

Tip #3 Look For Connection, Not Separation

We all have stories about “rich people who are…thoughtless, insensitive, mean, greedy…” Trust me, rich people don’t have the market cornered on yucky behavior. Thoughts like these — and the strong, negative energy that they vibrate — strengthens your identity as someone who doesn’t have enough money.

I recommend becoming aware of when and where this behavior sneaks in. When these thoughts do pop up, you can release them by asking yourself, “How do rich people contribute a lot of good and value to the world?” Even better, ask yourself: “As someone who has a lot of money, how do I contribute good and value to the world?”

Million Dollar Money Habits Aren’t For When You DO Have Money, They Will Help You Attract More Money…Now

I didn’t wait until I was making more to start thinking and behaving as a million dollar woman entrepreneur. I started thinking and behaving that way FIRST, then the money followed. The same can happen for you, too, IF you’re willing to reprogram your brain a little bit, soften your heart, and feel love, connection and a sense of purpose with the “you” that is wealthy at heart…and ready to be wealthy in money, too!

"Would you like to learn more simple ways entrepreneurs can brand, package and price their services to quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in their businesses? Check out my web site,, for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my audio mini-seminar "7 Simple Steps to Create Your Multiple Streams of Income "Money and Soul" Business."
Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the Million Dollar Marketing Coach.

"How to Have a Successful New Career" with Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

I'll be a guest on Kerry Heap's radio show, "Kerry's Network" where we will discussing the topic, "How to Use Entrepreneurial Traits to Manage Career Transitions."

Listen to the archived shows on:

Kerry Heaps is the Founder and President of Kerry's Network, Inc. which includes divisions such as Kerry's Network for Women (Free Business Networking Groups for Women in Business), The Business Review Quarterly Magazine and Kerry's Network Talk Radio, a weekly talk show featuring successful business owners.

Shannon Smith on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith is a leading image strategist and founder of Premiere Image International based Toronto and New York. She is a TV personality, speaker, columnist and author of Power Manners - How to Use Your Personal Skills for Business and Social Success, a 230 page, beautifully illustrated, hard cover book - a very practical easy-to-read guide with answers to so many of the business and social questions that people really ask.

Her Contemporary Finishing School Programs for fortune 500 companies and individuals across North America offer customized programs in personal branding - image mastery, charisma, presentations skills, appropriate dress & grooming, manners, etiquette training, executive dining and protocol.

Learn the secrets of Self-Confidence; Discover the Power to Influence, Make Success and Natural Part of Your Life. Ms. Smith assists individuals transform from unnoticed to unforgettable…and she personally guarantees it.

Please visit, or e-mail

Date: Wednesday, Mar 2nd, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm EST

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