"Are You Secretly Avoiding These Million Dollar Money Habits?"

by Kendall SummerHawk

Women entrepreneurs secretly harbor a lot of pain, shame and blame about money. To the outside world they claim they want to make more, but secretly, in the privacy of their thoughts they feel the darkness of their money shadow side.

These feelings are like tentacles, grabbing at their heart and undermining their self-esteem. Ashamed and thinking they are "the only one" to feel this way, too many women remain silent when in reality, breaking free of their money gremlins is surprisingly easy to do.

The way I found greater freedom from money gremlins was to start thinking like a million dollar entrepreneur. At first, it felt...strange. My bank account balance clearly didn't match this new thinking. Nor did my monthly income.

But, in a surprisingly short amount of time, all that changed. One year later my 1ncome, bank account, prestige, credibility and yes, my self-esteem had MORE than doubled.

Here's what I did to shine a light on the shadow side of money. Try these tips for yourself and you'll quickly find yourself healing some old money wounds and feeling more at peace with money...and making more of it!

Tip #1 Stop Assuming You “Can’t Afford It”

It’s natural for a woman to want a good deal, to love getting things on sale or to drive a hard bargain. But too much of a good thing ISN’T a good thing. Telling yourself you can’t afford something tells the Universe that you don’t deserve to get what you want. Instead, make a decision: do you REALLY want it…or not? If you decide, “Yes!” then focus your energy on doing what it takes to make it happen.

This is what I did when building my beautiful new home, which, at first, felt completely out of my reach financially. But, I didn’t let that stop me. I used my decision to create my ideal home as a catalyst for thinking bigger, taking action in bigger ways and making several bold leaps forward. The result? Just two years later I moved into my gorgeous new home and my business has grown exponentially. If I had stopped to think, “I can’t afford it” I would still be living in a house I hated, thinking and feeling small.

Tip #2 Stop Giving Away Your Power With Money

Women give away their power by undercharging, overcompensating, avoiding uncomfortable money situations and prioritize scrimping over investing in growth. Consider this: it’s impossible for more money to flow towards you if you indulge in behavior that repels it.

One quick action you can take to stop giving away your power is to ask yourself this question:
“As someone who is standing in her power with money, how do I want to handle this situation?”

Tip #3 Look For Connection, Not Separation

We all have stories about “rich people who are…thoughtless, insensitive, mean, greedy…” Trust me, rich people don’t have the market cornered on yucky behavior. Thoughts like these — and the strong, negative energy that they vibrate — strengthens your identity as someone who doesn’t have enough money.

I recommend becoming aware of when and where this behavior sneaks in. When these thoughts do pop up, you can release them by asking yourself, “How do rich people contribute a lot of good and value to the world?” Even better, ask yourself: “As someone who has a lot of money, how do I contribute good and value to the world?”

Million Dollar Money Habits Aren’t For When You DO Have Money, They Will Help You Attract More Money…Now

I didn’t wait until I was making more to start thinking and behaving as a million dollar woman entrepreneur. I started thinking and behaving that way FIRST, then the money followed. The same can happen for you, too, IF you’re willing to reprogram your brain a little bit, soften your heart, and feel love, connection and a sense of purpose with the “you” that is wealthy at heart…and ready to be wealthy in money, too!

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Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the Million Dollar Marketing Coach.

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Melody Granger said...

I've been to Kendall's Money, Marketing, & Soul Event. Just do what she tells you! I didn't do it immediately and wished I would have. I thought I'd take the baby steps (joke! take big steps!)

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