What Women (Business Owners) Really Want...

IMPORTANT: SHINE Early Bird Registration ends on Tuesday. That means you only have 3 DAYS LEFT to SAVE $200 on your SHINE registration (AND you get to bring a friend along for free!)

So, see the BRAND NEW Shine website, hear the amazing new Shine song, and register today for the time of your life here: http://alibrown.com/shine/

As a woman, you already know how vital quality time with your girlfriends is to your happiness. In fact, scientists say women have a specific way of coping with stress called "tend-and-befriend" -- where we seek comfort specifically with other women. The results? Better health, increased satisfaction with life, and better performance.

In her years of coaching women entrepreneurs, millionaire mentor Ali Brown experienced firsthand that those who give themselves a supportive community of successful business owners succeed FAR faster and further than those who try to go at it alone.

And that's why Ali created SHINE -- her powerful three-day LIVE conference for women entrepreneurs (in Dallas, Texas, November 2-4, 2011). Learn more here: http://alibrown.com/shine/

At Shine, Ali will lead you and hundreds of other entrepreneurial women through your own reinvention at all levels. It's an exciting LIVE experience designed to give you the new ideas, tools, and how-tos you need right now to propel your business and life to new heights.

Whether you're an advanced business owner or you're just starting to explore becoming an entrepreneur, SHINE 2011 will deliver up-to-the-minute business strategies, passionate inspiration, and networking that's bar none.

Remember, that deadline is Tuesday, March 15 at midnight. That's when registration prices for Shine go UP, so make sure you lock in your $200 savings TODAY.  Plus, Ali's making it super easy for you to save your seat with easy monthly payment plan options too! Learn more here: http://alibrown.com/shine/

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