How To Charge What You're Worth

by Kim Duke

I've been receiving some Diva ESP vibes from all of my subscribers. (That means YOU!)

You've been struggling with something.

Hmmm. Let me guess.

When it comes to pricing your product or service you:

    * Feel a little sick to your stomach
    * Worry if the price is too high - customers won't buy
    * Charge the same as your competitors
    * Don't know when to increase your rates
    * Give better prices to NEW customers
    * Feel guilty

Was I right??

Most of my clients shake in their boots when I tell them they need to CHARGE MORE.

It scares them to death! (For all of the reasons I listed above)

But lady, if you're not charging enough, you're going to be on the endless rat wheel - working hard but not making enough for TRUE PROSPERITY.

I think it's time you moved into BIG GIRL PRICING - don't you?

3 Bossy Sales Diva Ways For You To Charge More (And Guilt Free!)

   1. People Pay For Results.  They aren't paying for YOU.  They're paying for the RESULTS they get to EXPERIENCE  by buying from you.  So do you know what the hottest results are that you provide for your customers?  Time to find out.

   2. Stop Copying Your Competition
.  Sure - you're under-charging and guess what? So is your competitor!   So there!  (Your name isn't Walmart)

   3. Don't Chase Small Dogs. 
Quit focusing on potential customers and customers who are CHEAP and who only WANT CHEAP.  If that's who you're attracting - you're marketing to the WRONG CROWD. 

Effective immediately - set new rates for all of your soon-to-be-new-customers. They won't know the old rates - and YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE.

So there.

Love from Your Bossy Sales Diva,


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Michelle said...

Great advice! I sometimes cringe when I quote my rates to potential clients. But I have found that quality follows quality and the clients that understand the value of my services tend to be long-term and lower maintenance than those that might expect to get my services for a bargain rate.

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