This is Why Brides Aren’t Buying from You

by Natalie Bradley

I just wrote the article recently on how important it is to sell the result brides get working with you. This article is taking it one step further. Especially if you’re selling services, you must master the skill of selling the dream, not the stuff, to brides.

One of the best skills I developed over the years was to understand the power of selling the dream and not the “stuff” of my service. When you can paint the picture with words, video, audio and in conversation describing the dream that your brides want to have as their wedding experience in a way that they want, you’re in. You must be able to walk them through the experience so that brides can identify with the results (i.e. dreams they want to have come true) you can provide for them.

The next part that is essential is for you to show them where they are now (not knowing how to get the dream). This actually helps brides see the “gap” from their pain because they don’t know how to get what they want to the place where their dreams become reality. And when they feel the “gap” clearly, they’ll also sell themselves a lot easier on your services without you using any pushy sales techniques.

When brides feel the gap from where they are (without you) to where they want to be (where their dreams come true with your help), you’re in and brides will buy. This is truly what selling is all about at it’s finest. Even commercials like Proactiv, for example, do this well. They show people how they look with acne, emphasize how they feel because of the acne, and highlight that pain. And they show people who “understand”, who “empathize” and who’ve “been there too”, but now have flawless, perfect skin and all their problems seem to have vanished. And their products fly off the shelves continuously.

If you’re not selling the dream, identifying the pain, and showing the gap in between, THIS is why your brides aren’t buying from you. So now that you know, sell it differently!

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