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Gayle Etcheverry

From the moment Aunt Maggie first taught her that, “...trees are not just green, they have MANY colors in them, “ Gayle Etcheverry’s artistic journey has been an adventure of vibrant style and intelligent substance.

Growing up in the small Michigan town of Holt, Gayle went from crayons to paint brushes quickly.  By the time she set up her easel in her high school’s advanced art class, her insatiable drive was so developed she earned a coveted spot in the state’s regional competition.  In that first contest of her ability, the budding artist not only won second place, but also the honor of having her work displayed in the office of her local Congressman.

As Gayle’s skills matured and the repertoire of her tools and techniques expanded, so did her horizons.  No longer content to paint the colorful trees of Michigan, she explored the stomping grounds of the great artists of the world; the streets of Paris, the halls of the Louvre, the old haunts of Picasso and Dali.  The experience not only opened her eyes to the artistic history surrounding her, it opened Gayle Etcheverry up to the future art within her.

Settling in the creative land of Los Angeles, California, her non-stop energy quickly established Gayle as a “doer” who gets things done.  Building her portfolio and her list of contacts, the artist systematically canvassed the region with her paintings.  Her efforts soon paid off with art shows in prominent venues like, Ghettogloss Gallery, Gallery 800 and The Corey Helford Gallery.  And with her foray into the World Wide Web, the sales of her original paintings and prints took off.

Discovering she had the chops for scenic art, Gayle the multi-tasker, joined the Art Director’s Guild; enabling her to spend months of her busy year collaborating with the top scenic artists of stage and television.  Among her recent credits are the Academy Awards Red Carpet Event, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Miss Universe Pageant, NBC, CBS and Fox Sports.

Like one of Aunt Maggie’s green trees, Gayle has branched out and become an illustration comprised of many colors.  Today, when she isn’t spending time with her husband, Blaine, or walking her Australian Shepherd dog, Lucy, Gayle the Artist can be found exhibiting her newest creations on her website;, (as well as on YouTube and Facebook).  And she can be viewed regularly on her fan-favorite BlogTV show; where she teaches aspiring artists how to paint green trees of their own.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE FRAME: How Artists Make Actual Money in the Virtual World


Date: Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm EDT

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Beat the "Me-Too" Game...For Good!

by Kathy DalPra

One of the biggest challenges I see service professionals struggle with when building an online presence is differentiation...or looking different from everyone else in their field. And, in my humble opinion, it’s the #1 reason why they aren’t consistently pre-closing the sale through their website.

You may not like to hear this, but the reality is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who do exactly what you do in your region and you’re all fighting for a slice of the pie.

Which means, if you want to get the attention of your ideal client...and’ve got to set yourself apart. You have to offer something that no one can compete on. You’ve got to de-commoditize yourself.

As long as you’re a commodity...meaning that there are lots of similar versions of “you” in the marketplace to choose from and they all look pretty much the’re going to be playing the price war and losing a lot of business to Sally Smith down the road who actually does look different.

So, how do you know if you’re still positioning yourself as a commodity in your field?

- Well, if you focus on the TASKS of what you, or services, then you’re a commodity. Any professional in your field could offer the same exact service if they wanted to.

- If you’re answer to “what makes you different?” is that you hold a certain’re a commodity. Many other professionals hold that same certification and, more importantly, most of your prospects don’t care. They only care what you can do for them, not which tests you’ve passed.

- If you’re telling prospects that you’re special because you love what you do or you have the lowest prices in town or you ‘do it all’, then, yes, you’re still a commodity. Again, many others in your industry have a passion for their work, have reasonable prices and offer one-stop-shopping. This alone does not make you different.     

Differentiation is not about the nuts and bolts, or tasks, of what you do. It’s not about how much you love your work, whether you’re certified, how many years you’ve been in business or even how many different services you can provide in one place. And as long as you’re focused on these things, you’re going to struggle to pre-close clients online.

To de-commoditize yourself, you’ve got to tap into what’s truly special and unique about YOU...your background, your story, your process or approach, your perspective or your natural God-given talent that is effortless for you. The only way to ever successfully rise above the competition online and become that ‘horse of a different color’ is to showcase your core genius through your website.

Now, since I’m my own best guinea pig, I’ll share with you an example of what I’m talking about so you can start to get a sense of what de-commoditization looks like in reality.

We all have competition, but my field in particular is noted as one of the most cut-throat of this generation. Everywhere you turn you can find a website developer. They are a dime a dozen and you don’t even have to look for them to find one! Uncle Sammy’s brother-in-law is a programmer, that guy from your networking group is a graphic designer and sites like GoDaddy turn you into a website creator with DIY programs. So, if anyone can make a good example of differentiation, it’s me! I’ve got more competition than most of my clients put together!

However, none of it ruffles my feathers. In fact, to be honest, I don’t even recognize most of these people as my competition at all because I’m coming from a place that is SO different with a one-of-a-kind story that my ideal client can relate to. When you stack me up against these other folks, we don’t even look like we’re on the same planet.

Unlike most of the developers out there, I didn’t get into this business because I was a programmer or designer that needed to drum up work in the new Internet age. No, my story is MUCH different.

I got into this business because I was tired of entrepreneurs like me being led down the wrong path by so-called 'website experts'. As a new entrepreneur, like many of my clients, I was trying to navigate my way through this whole “website stuff.” As a newbie, I did what any business owner would do: I trusted those same exact developers I just mentioned to build me a web presence for my part-time hobby that would generate leads and close sales. Only problem? It didn’t work. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars hiring “experts” to help me profit online and, in the end, all I got was a really fat bill and countless hours of wasted energy trying to make my website do its job.

It was this situation that made me determined to get educated about what it takes to create a website that really produces results. Much of it I learned through trial and error and the rest I pieced together from thousands of industry sources. When I launched my second website, it was immediately profitable, even though I was doing it part-time.

The thing that none of my competitors can touch...what really sets me that I personally went through the SAME exact struggles that my target client is going through and came out on the other side an expert at identifying and fixing them. So, instead of my prospects going out there and hiring another “me-too” programmer that doesn't know the first thing about what it really takes to pre-close the sale online and can't relate at all to the frustrations of a business owner that's not website-savvy, they can work with someone who has lived in their shoes...someone who’s been there, done that and figured it all out from their exact perspective...and someone who has the process to prove it, with my proprietary Online Close™ method.

That’s what sets me apart. It's my story that only I have lived and it’s impossible to commoditize. I own the story, I own my personal experience and I own the process I developed as a result of it.

It’s so simple, it’s right in front of your nose! Can you see how making this one change in your business can put you in your own category entirely, completely removing you from the commoditization game for good?

It’s been a miracle in my business, a blessing for my clients and I know it can work for you too!

Kathy DalPra, The Online Close™ Expert, helps solopreneurs get more inquiries, book more clients and close more sa1es through their website. To receive f'ree articles on how to turn more visitors into paying clients and profit online doing what you love, sign up for her weekly ezine "The Online Close™" at

Is Your Brand Hot or Not?

by Felicia Davis

One of the biggest issues that clients typically come to me with is getting known within their target marget. While there are several things that must be done, having a strong brand presence is one of the first things you want to take care of. While it’s not necessary to have sealed up before you seek to get your first customers, it does position you more powerfully and will help increase your conversions exponentially. In order to develop a great and effective brand, you must have a branding strategy.

What is a Branding Strategy?

While having a great logo is necessary, a brand is not just a logo or a name, the logo represents your business identity. Therefore, it is a crucial part of the startup process for any business but it’s only one part of the process. Branding strategies are used to provide the fundamental steps and recognize the valuable tools that will help create a strong business brand. In general terms, a strong brand is one that people recognize and believe to deliver good quality. Have you ever found yourself at the grocery choosing one product over the other because it is the more recognized or trusted brand?

The objective of your branding strategy is to recognize what could turn your business into a trusted brand name. How can you make people trust your brand and its reputation? What should you do to communicate the objective and mission of your company? What is the message you are trying to send out to produce loyal customers? What feelings do you want to evoke when someone experiences your brand by way of your emails and products and services. A sound business branding strategy will help you find answers to these questions and more allowing you to establish a brand for your company that will do very well in the market.

Creating Your Name, Logo and Website

Coming up with a name for your business goes hand in hand with creating a logo that will identify your company. When it comes to logos, always opt for something unique. Logos will be utilized in your advertising and marketing campaigns, so it must be well-recognized.

For beginners, your logo should very easily readily indicate to clients and prospects the nature of your business – such as whether you are in the food, automotive, or telecommunications business. Therefore, you should choose images that are associated with the nature of your business and the products and services they used to represent it.

Develop a Great Slogan or Tagline

Once your logo is designed, start to think of a slogan that will reinforce the message you are trying to communicate to the market. As long as you keep this part brief and straightforward, then this can be an effective branding tool for your business. This tagline will serve as an additional touch to the main message you are trying to give, thus giving you an edge over your competitors and highlighting the unique experience or service that customers will have when they engage your services.

One advantage that you have with including a tagline is that it is not permanent, unlike the logo. Therefore, if you begin a new marketing strategy, your tagline can be changed to highlight your new marketing gameplan. A tagline then opens up several opportunities to expand your marketing campaigns, as compared to the static nature of a logo because developing a logo that represents your company takes more in depth work and takes more time to establish.

Using Powerful Colors and Images

Just like logos, colors and images can be used to establish the identity of your business. Colors are a powerful source for helping to elicit emotions. Therefore, you need to carefully pick out exactly what type of color you are going to use in your logo in accordance with the image and personality of your business. Try to conduct a little bit of research about the different qualities of color types so you can determine exactly what best to use for your company.

Communicate Your Unique Services

When communicating your company brand into the market, highlight the services that only you can offer. If you can guarantee a service that none of your competition can, you have an edge over the competition. You can use that as a primary marketing strategy to draw more people into your prospect funnel. An example of this would be a time guarantee on your delivery services, if you’re in the food business.

Branding your business is instrumental in influencing a memorable response in the minds of your chosen audience. It helps increase the perceived value and ultimately helps to take your business to the next level. Use these branding elements in your strategy and you will start to cement a positive branded image for your business.

© 2011 Felicia Davis International

“Felicia Davis mentors new, emerging and aspiring women entrepreneurs on how to create heart-centered, profit-driven businesses that allow them to get paid for what they absolutely love doing! Get her FREE CD “25 Ways to Wow Your Prospects and Customers” at

Franchise Fair hosted by The Economist

Location: Online
Date: June 28-29, 2011

Free Franchise Fair hosted by The Economist. Meet, network and learn from franchisers and consultants and fnd the right franchise opportunity for you. 

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*Meet online with franchisers by joining chat sessions, one-on-one discussions and webinars on topics including:
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Exhibitors will include:
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Cheryl Cook on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

As CEO of Small Biz BIG RESULTS, Cheryl Cook is an award winning entrepreneur who equips women business owners to grow and manage remarkable organizations, and motivates them to share their unique abilities with the world. Her passion is focused on mapping out a step-by-step action plan for small business owners that gets them more time, clients and cash.  Cheryl is the author of the book, Small Business BIG RESULTS, publishes bi-weekly tips for small business owners and speaks on topics related to small business success and growth of remarkable organizations.

With 30 years background in Finance and Management working with small, medium and Fortune 10 companies in diverse industries, Cheryl brings an unmatched perspective to the bottom line for clients.  While she’s best known as the Growth Coach for small business owners, her fans love the way she weaves every day observations into ah-ha! moments for their businesses.

Date: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm EDT

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How McDonald's Can Change Your Life

by Natalie Bradley

Back in 2004, I read a powerful book called, "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber and it changed my life. One of the companies he cited repeatedly was McDs and how all small business owners can model the genius of that company.

What McDonald’s did that continually blows away their competition is to master the art of systems. Everything in that company is a system. Down to the way things are cooked, the way you order and the drive through process. You pretty much expect the same thing from one McDs to the next, right?

They’ve taken the thought process out of doing business and made it so routine that everything is either automated or it is so systematized that it feels automated.

You can take this from what the golden arches has taught us and translate that into your business with everything you do. Use scripts for the phone, for email responses, systematize your close the sale process, automate those emails, blog posts and social media.

Basically, set it and forget it!

If you find yourself always feeling like you’re chasing your tail to catch up, or you are clueless about what to do next, you’re in serious need of a McD makeover.

Starting today, notice everything you do and look at it with a different point-of-view. What can you make into a system? What can you change so that basically anyone could do it? Get clear on this to open up not only tons of time and freedom, but also so that you can make a helluva lot more money! (That’s what you’re here for, right?!)

You start doing this, and you’ll be saying “I’m lovin’ it!” too!!

Be your fabulous self,


© 2008-2011 Natalie Bradley,

Marketing to brides expert Natalie Bradley publishes the ”Bride Attraction” weekly e-zine. Get your FREE audio course: “How to Close the Sale Without Fail!” at

Ali Brown Has Never Revealed this Before...

You likely already know the story of Ali Brown's "outside"
success: She started her first little venture from a shoebox
apartment in 1999, and from there it evolved into what is today
an enterprise worth millions. Ali says her life is truly amazing,
and her blessings have allowed her to give generously to causes
she cares about, like those she worked with on ABC's hit
primetime docu-reality show, "Secret Millionaire."

For years, Ali's been sharing with you all her "how-to steps",
including starting a business, growing your venture, marketing
strategies, building revenue streams, and more.

But there's a side of the story Ali hasn't shared fully... It's the *REAL inside story*... Ali's personal spiritual journey that began in 2003. You see, a life event caused Ali to cry out for help, and she received an answer. And from that day forward, Ali's developed a strong relationship with Spirit...God...the Universe.

And she noticed something... the more she *nurtured* this relationship, the easier she was pulled forward, and the less she had to push. As long as she listened to the guidance, her life (and income) continued to improve. As long as Ali *kept her faith*, there was no struggle.

There were surely some bumps in the road (and big ones, too!), but as long as Ali stayed true to that voice, she steered clear of trouble.

On the surface, Ali knows people must have thought she was always in the right place at the right time. Or she was just lucky, because *it all looked like magic*. And in a way, it was! But it's magic that we ALL have access to, right now.

Ali vowed to learn everything she could about this beautiful *win-win partnership we have with Spirit*, and that one day she'd share it completely. She's revealed bits and pieces here and there with her students, but wasn't ready to come out with her entire story and the keys to unlocking this beautiful power. Until now...

So if you're ready to learn how YOU can claim this power you already have access to in your life and business, please join Ali on this *free call* she's hosting just for you:

"Higher Power: Creating Success With Grace and Ease" A FREE one-time call with Ali Brown on Tuesday, June 21 at 8:00 pm ET.

Go here now to learn more about what Ali will be sharing and all the details about the call:

"THREE Easy Ways to Reinvent Your Business"

by Ali Brown

When we think of the word "reinvention," most of us think of a BIG, flashy change. With hit TV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we're a society that LOVES the "big unveil." But in business and in real life, the best results come from strategic and deliberate action.

Think about those great ideas you have, just sitting on the backburners of your mind. You want to makeover your brand, but you just can't afford to hire a designer right now. Or maybe you know your fulfillment processes are a nightmare, but you're so swamped that you just need to get by for a little bit longer. You don't have to unearth your business in order to make these changes happen. If you choose one area to work on at a time, you'll eventually start to see a shiny new version of your business appear.

Let's take a look at THREE easy ways you can reinvent your business. They might not be high drama, but they'll likely get you dramatic results.

1. Change Your Target Market
If you cast a wide net when you first started your business, it might be time to focus on a specific niche. With the amount of information flying around on the Internet, Smart Phones, etc., your typical consumer doesn't have the time or mental bandwidth to decide to like you or not like you -- unless you have something that they specifically need. As a business owner, the best way to grab their attention is by meeting a specific, targeted demand.

For example, a Virtual Assistant will probably have more success targeting work-from-home entrepreneurs and startups versus any and all businesses. And a copywriter who specializes in writing for Internet Marketers will probably be top choice for a new blogger or online marketer.

2. Change Your Model
Look at your product or service and think creatively about some new ways you could offer your expertise in the market.

If you're a coach or consultant and tired of doing one-on-ones, it could be time to start group coaching. Remember, this doesn't have to be dramatic. You could start with a group as small as three and expand slowly and steadily. Once you get into a groove with doing small workshops, you could even take things a step further by developing a curriculum based on your live lectures and turning it into a packaged home-study program. All of a sudden, you're a coach/consultant with live workshops and products to offer.

Don't underestimate how powerful this one little change can be for your business. You can substantially increase your income this way. A great example of a model shift: One of my Millionaire Protégé Club's Diamond members, Ciara Daykin, took her wedding planning business up to the six-figure mark. Then after incorporating coaching into her model, her revenues blasted up into the multiple six-figures. She just wrote me recently to share her business had surpassed the MILLION dollar mark! And this all happened in the span of three years in which she was in my programs.

3. Change Your Marketing
It may be time to change your message. Pick a bold angle and go with it. Appeal to a new sense and adapt your message to the current climate. Customers usually appreciate a change of pace from the norm now and then -- and if they don't, they're usually not shy about telling you what they think. And, you can use their feedback to keep honing your messaging until it's just right.

Or, you can also change the vehicle you use to deliver your message. Many online marketers are so used to using the Internet to promote their businesses, that they completely ignore effective print marketing campaigns. A published article in your local print newspaper, a postcard or brochure mailing, or an ad in a regional glossy magazine still goes a long way when it comes to introducing your business to new leads.

When it comes to online media, you have plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you could announce your new product in a video and send it to your list, instead of sending your usual email blast. Or, offer a free MP3 download to incentivize people to buy your product, instead of the usual coupon.

By far the BEST place to immerse yourself in new ideas for reinvention is at a live event with leading-edge expert presenters and hundreds of other successful business owners. If you're ready to experience your own reinvention, then join me at SHINE 2011 in Dallas, Texas (November 2-4!). It's my annual event that's fast becoming known as the premier conference for women entrepreneurs.

© 2011 Ali International, LLC

Millionaire entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD and articles at

7 Ways to Make Twitter Work for You Right Now

by Loraine Kasprzak, CMC

Here are 7 of the tips I’m sharing now with Advantage Marketing clients for getting more out of Twitter – whether it be more newsletter subscribers, blog readers, Facebook “likes”, or face-to-face meetings.
  • Set up an automatic direct message (“DM”) so that when someone follows you on Twitter, they get a link to your newsletter, blog, Facebook page, or website.
Here’s what @AtlNonProfitPro uses:
Thanks for following Atlanta NonProfit Professionals. Join us for our monthly Career Growth and Social Networking events held all over Atlanta
Thanks for following! Looking forward to connecting with you! Stop by and become a fan on FB
  • Use a service such as HootSuite or TweetDeck to schedule your tweets. Then set up a monthly Tweet that says, “Hey! Have you signed up for our newsletter…” or whatever action you want followers to take.
  • Retweet. Even if you don’t have the time to create your own tweets, retweeting shows you are an active part of the community, and not just pushing your own agenda. Retweeting also has the happy consequence of getting others’ followers to follow you.
  • Tweet and retweet more frequently. The more you show up in your followers’ tweet streams, the more top-of-mind you are. 3-6 tweets/retweets per day is something you can more than likely fit into your busy schedule.
  • Add relevant photos to your tweets. Research has shown that Tweets with photos attached can boost engagement.
  • Register your Twitter account with Listorious. This service is free, and it allows people to find and follow you more easily on Twitter based on the keywords you select.
  • Set up your Twitter profile – don’t leave this real estate empty – and populate it with relevant keywords. Be sure to include a photo and your website or blog URL. Your profile helps people decide if they want to follow you.

Loraine Kasprzak, Founder and Managing Director of Advantage Marketing Consulting Services, is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and MBA with over 17 years of hands-on experience in marketing communications and strategy. One of Loraine’s strengths is her ability to help her clients clarify their thinking so that they can focus and fine-tune their message for the marketplace. She blogs about marketing and social media at and can be reached at


Spark & Hustle Video Contest

Spark & Hustle, a national tour of three-day conferences for current and aspiring women entrepreneurs, is hosting a video contest tied to our upcoming one-year reunion in Atlanta -- the final stop on our 2011 eight-city national tour.

Three winners will be selected to speak to hundreds of small business owners in Atlanta July 21-July 23.

All contestants must first submit a short video. Some details:

•Create a video, two minutes or less, that includes three specific things that current and aspiring small business owners will learn from you.

•Be original, smart, funny, convincing or provocative – but be yourself.

•Post it on Tory’s Facebook page and then ask your fans, friends, followers, customers and clients to comment on your video on our page to tell us why they believe you'd be a perfect for Spark & Hustle. Their recommendations will be considered.

Click here to see Tory’s video about this contest.

Deadline is midnight June 14th.

Click here to view some videos that have already been posted.

Decision Action Steps

by David Neagle

Last time I introduced you to "decision," the second of seven secrets of multimillionaire entrepreneurs.

I told you that a decision is a total separation from the past.

When you decide to follow your desire, don't allow for failure. Don't have a back-up plan. Put 100% of your time, energy, focus and passion into the new direction.

When you do that, failure isn't an issue because the Universe awakens to your decision and starts to bring you what you need to move in the new direction.

As I said, it took me six months to make the decision to leave my corporate job, but once I did, within one month, I was led to the work I'm doing today.

Spirit was waiting for me to say YES to my own true desire. And when I did, my path was laid before me.

To help you make the most of your decision, here are four action steps:

1. Decide that your new definition of "decision" is a firm commitment.

Don't allow for any hedging. From now on, when you make a decision, make it clear and strong.

2. Refuse to give yourself any other option.

That means no Plan B.

In the future, if you need to make a change in your course, you'll be shown what to do.

The steps on your divine path are revealed to you one at a time.

3. Accept everything that comes along with your decision.

Some sacrifice will be required. But don't let that word scare you. "Sacrifice" means: Letting go of something of a lower nature in order to gain something of a higher nature. You have to create room in your life for the good that the Universe wants to bring you. You have to create a vacuum.

What do you need to let go of? Listen to your heart and it will tell you. Where are you unhappy? Where is the struggle? What isn't working?

Those are the things that you have to let go.

If you're still not sure what you need to let go of, just ask the question. Within a very short time, you'll be shown what isn't working.

4. Structure your life to support your decision.

This is very important. Make your decision a whole new way of life.

I tell my coaching clients this all the time: It's imperative that you change your environment. If you don't change your environment, you're constantly reminded of your old belief system and the things that you created from it. You have to build a new environment that reflects to you your new life. If you don't, you'll be sucked back into the old one.

Only you know what you have to change.

You may have to move. You may have to leave your relationship, your friends or even your country. Whatever you have to change, face it. That's not easy, I know. But face it anyway. And then find the courage and get the support to make the change.

In addition, whatever your environment is, make it as beautiful as possible. Bring in fresh flowers, put up art that inspires you, hire a housekeeper to keep it all clean. And get rid of the things around you that you don't like. If you're done with it, let it go.

If you do what I've told you in this article to do, your life will change.

It will be easier to find clients and sell your products. You'll make a lot more money. You'll move quickly and manifest the lifestyle that you want. You'll become an inspiration to the people around you.

Don't take my word for it, though. Make the decision yourself. Make the decision to follow your desire and see what happens next.

A personal request from David:

Did the above article resonate with you?
Do you disagree?
Do you have an insight to add?
Do you have questions about the material?

If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts & questions. Please feel free to comment on the above article on my corresponding blog post here:

© Copyright 2011 - David Neagle's Life Is Now Inc., All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

David Neagle, Master Success Mentor, mentors entrepreneurs to quantum leap their current businesses past the 7-Figure income level in just 12 months. David invites you to download--as his GIFT to you--his legendary "Art of Success" 4-hour audio program. This audio series is a tremendously compelling and comprehensive program that demonstrates--once and for all--that Success has nothing to do with "getting" or "achieving", and everything to do with WHO we must BE to manifest our hearts' true desires.

Yvonne Bynoe on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Yvonne Bynoe is an author, motivational speaker, and the founder of SoulfulAffluence is an online company that teaches visionary women entrepreneurs how to leverage their talents and skills to create profitable businesses. Yvonne is committed to helping women learn how to use their businesses to develop lives that are richer, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Yvonne is the author of, Stand & Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership and Hip Hop Culture, which is taught in colleges across the country and the Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop Culture, recognized as the genre's most comprehensive reference book. She is the editor of the groundbreaking anthology: Who's Your Mama? The Unsung Voices of Women and Mothers (foreword by Rebecca Walker), which examines women's perspectives on motherhood and family.

She is the co-founder and former president of Urban Think Tank, the first policy organization to address the impact of economic, political and cultural issues on young people of color.  Urban Think Tank disseminated information through its web site and community forums. It also published Doula: The Journal of Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture, the first scholarly publication to address centered on the genre. For its work Urban Think Tank received a proclamation from then Rep. Major Owens (D-NY) and was invited to South Africa to participate in a two week cultural exchange program through LISTEN, Inc. She was also featured in The Source magazine's 7th annual "Power 30" issue.

Over the years Yvonne has been a contributor to National Public Radio (NPR) and has appeared on CNN, FOX television and MSNBC.  Her writings have appeared in numerous publications including the Washington Post and the Chicago Sun-Times. She has been a panelist or lecturer for a wide array of educational institutions and organizations, including: Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, City University of New York (Graduate School), Bioneers annual conference, Black Enterprise magazine's annual conference, the Inaugural Hip Hop Political Convention and The Hip Hop and Feminism conference held at University of Chicago.

Yvonne holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Howard University and a Juris Doctorate from Fordham University School of Law. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Jack & Jill of America, Inc. Yvonne resides in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC.

Date: Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm EST

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MYTH: If You Build It, They Will Come

by Kathy DalPra

This is a killer. Never has there been a myth in the world of websites that is more costly and detrimental than this one.

Around the turn of the last century (has a cool ring to it, right?), you could literally toss up a website, fill it with blackhat keyword, "spam" and get noticed by browsers. But the landscape has changed drastically since then.

There are millions…yes, millions…of websites out there. In fact, there may be a million websites in YOUR niche alone. They are all fighting for a slice of the pie and it’s going to take a lot more than simply having a website if you want to attract a hungry crowd.

Deep down, we all know this. Yet, I am astounded at how many solopreneurs come to me looking for that quick-fix, get-me-online-fast mentality without having a solid plan for how they are going to get visitors to drop by.

In fact, sometimes, my own clients are guilty of this. They get so excited about the progress we're making that they become anxious to get it done and want to bulldoze through the most critical steps of the Online Close process; not realizing that they are digging their own grave. Every time this happens, my heart breaks. (But don't worry, I always get them back on track.)

On the one the hand, I get it. It's exciting, even thrilling, to finally get the website you love and be able to share your gifts online. Who wouldn't want to speed ahead?

On the other hand, as tempting as it is to skip to the fun part, I’ve been down this road before and it’s a recipe for disaster.  So I feel compelled to dispel this costly myth once and for all.

What you have to understand is that getting online, without a clear strategy for how you're going to get people to VISIT you online, is like placing your storefront on a deserted street. You wind up with no traffic, no leads, no clients.

No amount of professional web design or online conversion tactics can make up for a lack of traffic. If there aren't any visitors, there aren't any sales. Period.

My passion is helping other solopreneurs avoid this trap (and many others), when creating a professional and profitable presence online. So here are some of my own insider tips for how you can keep yourself from falling victim to this costly myth:

    * Understand that traffic doesn’t “just happen” – you’ve got to have a clear, targeted plan for how you’ll drive visitors to your website…then work it, over and over.

    * Realize that it isn't just one thing you do to get visitors, it's many things done consistently.

    * Accept the fact that on-site SEO is not a magic pill. It will align your site with your target keywords and 'group' you accordingly, but rarely will it rank your site to the top of Google...which is where the big traffic is.

    * Any traffic is not necessarily good traffic. You'll get more clients when your traffic is the right fit for your offer.

    * Off-site SEO/SEM is not for the faint of heart. If you're going to take on this strategy, know what you're doing and don't do it half-heartedly. It's an awesome way to drive free traffic to your site, but its time-consuming and complex. If you can't implement it properly, then you're better off using other tactics which could prove just as successful for you.

Kathy DalPra, The Online Close™ Expert, helps solopreneurs create a website that gets more inquiries, books more clients and closes more sa1es. To receive f'ree articles on how to turn more visitors into paying clients and profit online doing what you love, sign up for her weekly ezine "The Online Close™" at

Women in Business and MBAs

Women in Business (Infographic)

"You've come a long way baby." Virginia Slims summarized the professional women perfectly over the past fifty years. As women, we've come a long in terms of dollar on dollar compensation and entrances into the MBA program.

From: MBA Online Program

Felecia Hatcher on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Felecia Hatcher

Don't just think outside the box, smash them and resurrect monuments is Felecia Hatcher’s message to students and young adults. Hatcher has dedicated her life to motivating young people to look past their circumstances and get creative!

As a “C” student in high school Hatcher beat the odds and won over $100,000 in scholarships to attend college. She started her first business called Urban Excellence at the age of 19, when her mother motivated her to start a college coaching business to help other high school students and their parents ease the stress of getting into college and finding scholarships.

Using her knowledge and knack for personal marketability Hatcher traveled around the country conducting workshops and building successful college prep programs for companies like DeVry, the YMCA, Texas A&M,TED, and the Urban League. In 2005 Hatcher brushed off her entrepreneurial bug and spent the next few years traveling around the country spearheading successful experiential marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Nintendo, Sony, Wells Fargo, State Farm, and the WNBA.

The company's mission is to bring a new hip twist to childhood ice cream trucks while carrying exciting flavors, playing cool music, and fusing fashion, art, and social awareness with ice cream. Believing that she has given the ice cream truck industry a “Social Life” her company promotes sustainability through innovation. The bright colored Scion XB ice cream trucks and carts have a smaller carbon foot print then most junkie ice cream trucks crawling around, and they donate a portion of each popsicle sold to charity.

The company has also been able to form strategic partnerships with companies like Universal Music, Live Nation, Barcardi, COX Radio, The US Census Bureau, The W Hotel, Playboy, University of Miami and the City of Tampa Bay to promote their new products through her trucks and sponsored ice cream give-a-ways. Hatcher has plans of taking her company global and currently spends her free time working with NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) consulting start up’s and has a new book,“The C-Student’s Guide to Scholarships which will be available in bookstores January 2011.

She is currently on the Sweet Success Youth Empowerment Speaking tour. But it was not until she channeled her inner foodie that things really started to take off. The ice cream truck industry was long overdue for a makeover when ice cream enthusiast Felecia Hatcher fell flat on her face while attempting to chase an ice cream truck in heels, upon her decent to the ground she came up with the idea of Eco-Friendly ice cream trucks and upscale ice cream catering for adults. Her sweet dreams turned into reality in 2008 when she introduced the Feverish Ice Cream Truck and her boutique ice cream catering company quickly began heating up the streets of Miami and creating a buzz. Move over Ben and Jerry...

Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

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