MYTH: If You Build It, They Will Come

by Kathy DalPra

This is a killer. Never has there been a myth in the world of websites that is more costly and detrimental than this one.

Around the turn of the last century (has a cool ring to it, right?), you could literally toss up a website, fill it with blackhat keyword, "spam" and get noticed by browsers. But the landscape has changed drastically since then.

There are millions…yes, millions…of websites out there. In fact, there may be a million websites in YOUR niche alone. They are all fighting for a slice of the pie and it’s going to take a lot more than simply having a website if you want to attract a hungry crowd.

Deep down, we all know this. Yet, I am astounded at how many solopreneurs come to me looking for that quick-fix, get-me-online-fast mentality without having a solid plan for how they are going to get visitors to drop by.

In fact, sometimes, my own clients are guilty of this. They get so excited about the progress we're making that they become anxious to get it done and want to bulldoze through the most critical steps of the Online Close process; not realizing that they are digging their own grave. Every time this happens, my heart breaks. (But don't worry, I always get them back on track.)

On the one the hand, I get it. It's exciting, even thrilling, to finally get the website you love and be able to share your gifts online. Who wouldn't want to speed ahead?

On the other hand, as tempting as it is to skip to the fun part, I’ve been down this road before and it’s a recipe for disaster.  So I feel compelled to dispel this costly myth once and for all.

What you have to understand is that getting online, without a clear strategy for how you're going to get people to VISIT you online, is like placing your storefront on a deserted street. You wind up with no traffic, no leads, no clients.

No amount of professional web design or online conversion tactics can make up for a lack of traffic. If there aren't any visitors, there aren't any sales. Period.

My passion is helping other solopreneurs avoid this trap (and many others), when creating a professional and profitable presence online. So here are some of my own insider tips for how you can keep yourself from falling victim to this costly myth:

    * Understand that traffic doesn’t “just happen” – you’ve got to have a clear, targeted plan for how you’ll drive visitors to your website…then work it, over and over.

    * Realize that it isn't just one thing you do to get visitors, it's many things done consistently.

    * Accept the fact that on-site SEO is not a magic pill. It will align your site with your target keywords and 'group' you accordingly, but rarely will it rank your site to the top of Google...which is where the big traffic is.

    * Any traffic is not necessarily good traffic. You'll get more clients when your traffic is the right fit for your offer.

    * Off-site SEO/SEM is not for the faint of heart. If you're going to take on this strategy, know what you're doing and don't do it half-heartedly. It's an awesome way to drive free traffic to your site, but its time-consuming and complex. If you can't implement it properly, then you're better off using other tactics which could prove just as successful for you.

Kathy DalPra, The Online Close™ Expert, helps solopreneurs create a website that gets more inquiries, books more clients and closes more sa1es. To receive f'ree articles on how to turn more visitors into paying clients and profit online doing what you love, sign up for her weekly ezine "The Online Close™" at

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