Top 3 Ingredients for Effective Copy

by Julie Barnes

Copywriting is like making a cake. If you miss an ingredient, then the cake ends up tasting, well… like crap. It’s the same with copywriting. If you leave out one of the important ingredients, then your copy will sound like...yes, like crap.
So, in today’s article…I’ll be discussing the top three ingredients that YOU need for effective copy.

1.    Clear – Write in a clear and accurate tone. Don’t try to be funny, lyrical or too creative. You want your target market to understand your product or service’s features and to “feel” the benefits from using your product or service.

2.    Complete – Brainstorm questions that your target market may have about your product or service and answer these in your copy. You want to provide them with complete information, so that they have everything needed to make a decision or to take the next step. Remember, a confused prospect does nothing.

3.    Conversational – Write to your prospect in YOUR voice. Hold a conversation with them. This builds rapport with your prospect. You want your copy to read as if you’re talking to them in person. I know writing conversationally seems wrong, since it goes against what we learned in English class. You’ll want to learn everything you can about your target market, so you’ll know how to reach them through your writing. Don’t talk down or over their heads.
There you have it – the top three ingredients for effective copy. Have you missed an ingredient?

Julie Barnes is a Certified SEO Copywriter and Consultant. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed in business through the written word. Visit her website at Follow Julie on Twitter at

Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog 


Juanita Ecker said...

Such great advice! I love how you reminded us that building rapport with the target market is one of the most important components of writing copy. Often, we try so hard to be creative and "fun" that we forget to actually speak to the consumer. I like that you summed up the most important advice in three clear and easy-to-follow tips. I will refer back to these when I write for my company in the future. Thank you!

Juanita Ecker

Deb Bailey said...

Glad you go so much out of the article, Juanita. You are correct - speaking to the consumer is key. This article gives clear steps to follow and I certainly will be referring to it as well. Thanks for your feedback!

Julie Barnes said...

You're welcome Juanita! I'm glad you enjoyed the article and found my tips so helpful.

Julie :-)

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