Why Start-ups and Freelancers are Choosing to Rent Desk Space

by Chris Marling

While recent tough economic times have led to hardships for many, they have also inevitably led to opportunities. Two of the results - a rise in freelancers and home workers, plus company downsizing - have gone hand-in-hand to create a boom in desk space rental.

Working from home suits some perfectly, but others really struggle to come to terms with it. There are distractions, both good and bad - on one side are domestic chores, the other domestic pleasures. Whether it's a nice long soak and a bit of daytime TV, or the gardening or washing up, distractions are everywhere. Getting out of the home and back into an office can be a real boost to productivity.

However, then you remember the bad sides of the office; the power struggles, the posturing, or the gossip and rumour mills - exactly what makes many step gladly away from the big, or even medium sized company set-up to go it alone.

Renting desk space can offer the perfect place between these two extremes. First, desk rental contracts tend to be short - often monthly rolling - so if you don't settle in, or need to expand, you're not going to have any issues. If all those office nightmares resurface, just head back home or find another location. This is also easier because you're not having to provide furniture either - a desk, chair and other basics will normally be provided for you (if you need them).

In a similar way, management of the office is also taken out of your hands. Sure, you'll pay a little extra each month for the privilege, but with decisions about everything from utilities to décor out of your hands, you can concentrate on what's most important: your business ideas.

And it's here that being back in an office can really pay dividends. If you're renting desks, you're likely to be in an office where others are doing the same - while whoever is renting them is likely to be used to (and enjoy) the positive energy the environment tends to create. 'Deskers', as they're often known, tend to be a creative and interesting bunch. You'll have new people to bounce ideas off of, banter with, even become close too. They can be a real source of inspiration.

At the same time, those renting the desks around you may also have skills that you can put to your own advantage. Need a website for your company? We'll there's a web designer sitting by the window - and over in the corner is a PR start-up looking for new customers. And who knows - some more business may come back your way too.

When it comes down to it, only you can judge if a move into a shared office is the right move for you. But the evidence in the UK is that more and more small businesses, freelancers and start-ups are doing so, and feeling the benefit.

About the author: Chris Marling writes on behalf of officegenie.co.uk, the UK's first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.

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offices to let said...

Great article and highlights well the new dynamics due to downsizing. These various office options make some amazing collaborations possible and with these new renting options you can find offices of artists, film makers and other creative professionals who can learn from each other!

These options are flexible and offer negative and positive points, but can bring in more opportunities than working remotely from home as social and business interaction will help every portion of your life.

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