How To Run Your Business For Free

by Julie Barnes

Starting a business can be expensive, even if you’re starting a home-based business. But… there are ways you can save money on some important start-up expenses. Most of us run out and purchase expensive programs like Microsoft Office Suite and then…you have to keep your programs up-to-date. It can be an endless out go of money. Well…there are ways to get around this expense.

 Here are four ways that you can save money.

1. Software – Avoid purchasing Microsoft Office Suite by using Google Docs. With Google Docs, you can create spreadsheets, word documents and presentations online, share it, and access from anywhere. And it’s free!

Tip: Keep in mind that Google Docs is a very basic program. Nothing fancy.

2. Email – When I left corporate America, the only email program I knew was Microsoft Outlook. You can avoid purchasing this email program by using Gmail. This is Google’s free email program. I love it!!

Tip: Most smart phones have the Gmail app that you can download to your phone. This allows you to have access to your all of your email at all times.

3. Expense Tracking – You know when you’re just starting out…you’re watching every penny. You can easily do it for free with With Mint, you can incorporate your bank account. It allows you to code and track your expenses. You can also set up a weekly report, that’s emailed to you with your spending for the week.

Tip: Mint is only an expense / budgeting program. They do not offer other booking services like client invoicing. 

4. Networking – When you first start your business, you have to let the world know. But…going to networking meetings can be expensive…by the time you drive to the location, pay for your lunch and your membership fees…networking expenses can start to add up real fast. A free way to search out your target market and build relationships is on Facebook.

Tip: Is your target market women? A recent study posted on Marketing Charts, reported that 56.2 % of Facebook users are women.

So don’t let lack of money… stop you from starting that dream business!!

Julie Barnes is a Writer specializing in Business, Travel and SEO Copywriting. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed in business through the written word. Visit her website at Follow Julie on Twitter at
 Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.

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