3 Tips to Get Social With Your Target Market

by Julie Barnes

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs running your business from your spare bedroom, meeting and building relationships with your target market can seem a little discouraging. After all, who wants to fill their valuable billable hours with network meeting after network meeting…instead of working on a big project that pays the bills. But, you still need clients in order to fill your billable hours. How do you do this you ask? By getting social…without…leaving your office.

Follow these three tips and you’ll be social in no time.

1. Let your target market get to know you by giving them a peak into your life. Post tidbits of your life on Twitter and Facebook. Or post a weekly blog post showing what you did over the weekend or a hobby. Even though you may never meet a client, “in person”…your clients will still get to “know” you from reading your personal post. This makes you more than just a face behind the business…it humanizes you. As if, you were meeting in person.

2. Keep your opinions to yourself! Unless, you’re a reporter for CNBC news, don’t feed your blog and social media feeds with your political views. This could make your target market run the other way. Yikes!!

3. Keep it professional. Even though you might be connected with both family and business connections on Facebook and Twitter, don’t post the party pictures and keep the drama to yourself. No one likes a drama queen!

Just because you work from home… does not mean you can’t network and be social…follow these three tips to start building great relationships with your target market today!

Julie Barnes is a Writer specializing in Business, Travel and SEO Copywriting, while traveling the great USA full-time in a 42 ft RV.  Her newest book “How They Did It…36 Entrepreneurs Tell How They Launched the Business of Their Dreams” is available here. Visit her website at http://www.onewhowrites.com/. Follow Julie on Twitter at www.twitter.com/juliebarnesusa

Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.


Zsa Zsa said...

Great tips! I love number 1, we really need to humanize posts. With so much clutter out there, people need to relate with your brand and feel like they know you. :)

Deb Bailey said...

Hi ZsaZsa, That's a good point. It certainly helps to allow your personality to come through. Thanks for your comments!

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