5 Ways to Get Productive While Working From Home

by Julie Barnes
You’re setting in your home office…spinning around in your new office chair… in your pajamas paired with your most stylish bunny slippers…full of excitement. You launched your business a month ago and everything is going well..or is it? Your days seem to go by like a blur with busy activity. So busy in fact…that you can’t remember what you exactly accomplished. Productivity seems to have gone down the tubes. Here are five things you can do to get productive…while working from home.

1. Take a shower! – Sometimes leaving the corporate rat race means the end of the morning shower routine. But how productive do you feel at three in the afternoon all smelly with bo? What if a client wants to do an unscheduled meeting…or you have to run to Office Depot for printer ink?

2. Get Dressed – You may think that heading to your home office in your pajamas to start your day actually saves you a couple of “primping” hours, but how professional do you feel sitting in your pj’s? After all, you are a business owner now. It’s time to act like one! Imagine… if your boss back in your corporate days came to the office in her pj’s and bunny slippers? What would you have thought?

3. Set a Schedule – It may seem fun to just free-flow through the day…doing this and that, but just how much are you actually accomplishing?  This also can result in the overwhelm feeling so many new entrepreneurs feel. Set a daily schedule with to-do’s and stick to it. You’ll be amazed  at how accomplished you feel at the end of the day.

4. Take a Break – Working hours on end can start to frazzle your brain making you totally unproductive. Take a five-minute break every hour. Get up and stretch. Walk around. Play with your cat. A break also amps up your creativity.

5. Play Time – You know the saying…”All work and no play makes for a dull person.” Pencil some play time in your schedule. Meet a friend for coffee. Plan an artist date to recharge your batteries.

Put your pj’s and bunny slippers away and give these five productivity tips a try and you’ll be on your way to a more productive day.

Julie Barnes is a Writer specializing in Business, Travel and SEO Copywriting, while traveling the great USA full-time in a 42 ft RV.  Her newest book “How They Did It…36 Entrepreneurs Tell How They Launched the Business of Their Dreams” is available here. Visit her website at http://www.onewhowrites.com/. Follow Julie on Twitter at www.twitter.com/juliebarnesusa.
Julie Barnes is a regular contributor to the Secrets of Success blog.


Sonya said...

Thank you for these reminders.

I keep a success portrait near my desk--a collage made from a hodgepodge of things that represent what success means for me.

The portrait is a reminder and celebration of goals I'm working on and those I've already achieved.

Julie Barnes said...

You're welcome Sonya!

That is a great idea. Sometimes we can get so busy trying to achieve our goals that we forget to celebrate the ones that we have achieved.

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