YiShaun Yang - from Corporate Attorney to Entrepreneur on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

YiShaun Yang is a former corporate attorney who left the law to start AdoraPet (www.AdoraPet.com), a business that creates children’s books and toys to nourish a happy mind.

While still working as an attorney, YiShaun deliberated whether or not to start this new business.  She knew that, worst case scenario, if the business totally failed, she could always come back and be an attorney, and that’s when she realized she was already living her worst case scenario.  YiShaun knew she was blessed that her worst case scenario was also a great safety net, so she took the plunge in starting AdoraPet and never looked back.  While refining her business idea, YiShaun discovered her calling is inspiring children to read and discover a world of possibility.

AdoraPet is releasing a new 8 title picture book series in November 2011 that follows the adventures of 2 puppies, Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy, as they explore the world and share with children their diverse adventures, from the intrepid (like the Astronaut Adventure and Firefighter Adventure books), to the imaginative (like the Mermaid Adventure and Pirate Adventure books), to the practical (like the Visit the Dentist book). YiShaun also writes a family lifestyle blog at www.AdoraPet.com/blog.

Date: Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
Time: 8:00 pm EDT
Click here to listen to the live or recorded show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coachdeb/2011/10/13/yishaun-yang-from-corporate-attorney-to-entrepreneur


YiShaun is hosting a Free-Book-A-Day giveaway! Every day for the rest of 2011 after the books launch in November, she'll give away a free book to someone on her mailing list.  Sign up on the website (on the right hand side) at: http://www.adorapet.com/

Wait, there's more! :) "Like" the Facebook fan page at: http://facebook.com/AdoraPet and/or follow them on Twitter at @AdoraPet_Moms and tweet with the hashtag #AdoraPetLaunch and you'll have the opportunity to win a free book! 


Anonymous said...

I love that quote about already LIVING her worst case scenario! What did she have to lose?

Very encouraging story... Thank you for sharing it!! And I will have to check out these cute puppy books for my daughter.

Deb Bailey said...

Please check out YiShaun's special offer as well. She has a great giveaway going on! Thanks for your comments!

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