Don't Have Time to Exercise? Try These!

by Karie-Ann Hamilton

"How the hell does she do it?"

I was always astonished by how my Mom managed to keep us all in toe without runny noses or any hairs out of place. I grew up with two younger sisters -one fourteen years my junior, in a 890 sq. ft bungalow with a kitchen that couldn't hold more than two people for ten seconds without someone developing an acute rage of claustrophobia.

All the while, as she hummed along to the radio, dinner was in the oven, Dad's lunch packed, and breakfast on the table. Not to mention if I needed a clean shirt, the laundry fairy had come miraculously in the night and had washed and ironed one and placed it folded on the edge of my bed. Now, it might not seem all so unbelievable, except for two glaring facts…first, all this was done by 6:30am AND my Mom held down a busy 9-5 gig. 

So of course, when I started getting too busy, and life felt more unmanageable then sorting a 300 cd collection alphabetically, I called my Mom completely freaked out, and asked, "How much speed do you take?"  She laughed at me and said, "Karie, I just do it!" I wonder how much Nike payed her for that nugget?

This is the thing, too many entrepreneurs get caught up in thinking that to get fit and lose weight it means we have yet, one more thing to "schedule" in an already three-page long list of things to do. The truth is, yes scheduling your workouts are an important ingredient to keep you in check, but it doesn't have to be a complicated mess.  

1) The little things. Like my mom's mantra, the number one thing, that doesn't involve anything other than a little mental muscle is to "Just Do It." It doesn't matter what, or how or when. All of those things are the nuts and bolts, first you just need the basic outline. And it doesn't get any more basic than that. We're all guilty of getting in our own way from time to time. We come up with reasons, and our best tailored excuse, "I Just Don't Have Time." Anyone, yes, even you, can find one minute to do some exercise.

I know you're thinking, one minute can't affect any significant change? I'm here to tell you, It absolutely can! Besides every minute that you chose not to exercise, you're slowly gaining weight. Every. Single. Minute. 

2) Natural Belly Slimmers, Spanx not included. My second best advice to lose weight when time is in short supply is to incorporate high intensity cardiovascular activity in your everyday. Anything that will raise your heart rate -replying to a flurry of emails doesn't count. My all time favourite are a mountain climbers twist.

  1. Get into the push-up position (arms straight), balls of your feet on the floor.    
  2. Brace your core and keep your body still.    
  3. Slowly lift your right knee up towards your left arm, then back down to the starting position.    
  4. Repeat with your left knee up to your right arm, and alternate legs with each rep.

3) Workout 2.0 The "Mahler Body Blaster" is a full body bodyweight exercise takes the traditional "burpee" to a whole other level, and works you're whole body, even your big toe! This drill will get you winded fast so do not be surprised if you get fatigued after only two.

  1. Start off by going into a full squat.     
  2. From there, go into a backward roll.     
  3. Quickly reverse the movement and get back to your feet.     
  4. From there, jump forward into the top position of a pushup.     
  5. Do a pushup to complete the move.

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Zsa Zsa said...

Thanks for these tips! It really is important to stay fit and healthy -- especially when you're a busy woman entrepreneur who's always running around in heels! :)

Deborah A Bailey said...

Hi there ZsaZsa - thanks for the great advice!

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