Simple Ways To Give Your Business A Financial Fresh Start For The New Year

by Kendall SummerHawk 

As a woman entrepreneur, whether your business is robustly moving forward or you’re just getting started, it’s common to have a bit of “emotional money baggage” you may be carrying around, that is slowing you down.

For example, maybe you have debt, or perhaps you’re ready to increase your fees but you’re feeling a few pangs of guilt. Or maybe you see the perfect mentoring program you want to invest in but your spouse is skeptical that it will be a wise investment.

One thing is certain, if you carry past baggage with you into the new year, you’ll have a much tougher time creating success. Which is why this is the perfect time of year to give your finances a fresh start.

The mistake most women entrepreneurs make is in not knowing exactly what kind of financial actions they should take. It just isn’t a topic that’s often discussed.

Which is why I’m sharing 3 of my BEST tips with you on how to give your finances a fresh start as you head into the new year.

And while you may not be able to waive a fairy wand and magically make your debt disappear or make your husband have a sudden change of faith, you can create a plan that addresses the spiritual, emotional and practical components that make up every woman business owner’s financial future.

Tip #1 – Stop Being A Victim Of The Past

Women hold themselves to a level of perfectionism that leaves no room for mistakes. Trust me, we’ve all lent money to people we shouldn’t have, given away our power with money, let concern over what others would think keep us playing small or we’ve made decisions to by something that we later regretted.

You can’t change the past but what you can do is stop carrying it around with you! So instead of feeling guilt or shame, or blaming fate or circumstances for what’s happened, learn how to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is an act of extreme compassion and understanding for the small part of you that was doing her best when you made those decisions.

Tip #2 – Don’t Let Debt Stop You From Growing Your Business

Many women entrepreneurs ask me, “Kendall, how can I invest in growing my business when I have debt?”

Firstly, realize that the best way to pay off your debt is likely to be by growing your business, as you’ll then have the increased cash you need to make more than your minimum monthly payments.

Next, understand that investing in growing your business while you may still have debt makes perfect sense if you are committed to implementing. I’ve coached hundreds of women entrepreneurs on my signature debt pay-off strategy and I’ve discovered that those who take decisive action in their business are also the ones who pay off their debt faster than others.

Tip #3 – Create Money Boundaries That Empower You And Others

Women tend to cave in on their boundaries because in some way they feel responsible for other peoples’ feelings. But giving in means giving up your self-respect and losing the respect of others. And that negative energy often flows through into other areas of your business, impacting your fees, the types of clients you attract, and so much more.

My advice? It’s far better to experience a moment of discomfort when upholding a boundary than it is to untangle a money mess later on.

Remember, you don’t need to be the wicked witch when it comes to maintaining a boundary. Boundaries are easily upheld from a place of caring, compassion and connection, all of which helps you stand in your power with Divine Feminine energy, grace and confidence!

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Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the Million Dollar Marketing Coach.

The Secret to Making Time for Exercise - No Matter How Busy You Are!

by Karie Hamilton

As a personal trainer in Toronto, I've had to teach clients that when it comes to mastering an exercise, patience is a virtue. But when it comes to exercise for weight loss, so is speed. In Toronto's fast-paced Bay Street culture it is so easy to say "I don't have time" instead of "I'll make time."

Making time for exercise is hard when you are under stress from negative thinking that creates an internal conflict. As a personal trainer I have found a quick and easy cure for this type of thinking, and if you think it's spending endless hours in the gym -or working out to countless home videos... be prepared to be surprised.

Negative thinking creates internal conflict; two competing thoughts, for example, how many times have you said: "Yes, I'd like to exercise but ... I don't have time for exercise?"

One way to reduce internal conflicts is to go to the source of them. Starting with time management, I advise my Toronto clients to live life from the small scale. Let me explain: even as a personal trainer, I have my challenges when it comes to patience, specifically treadmill work. Yet, sometimes I have to include this training into my program. That could be up to 5 hours a week!

For a woman who likes everything "now" doing this exercise is like waiting for spring to come in the dead of the coldest Toronto winter. So how do I stay sane on the treadmill for a longer duration than usual? Very simple. Whenever the issue of time comes up, I ignore it - or I focus on living "one minute at a time." Not one day. Not one hour. One minute.

I counter my resistance from negative thoughts (those doubtful thoughts we all have) with the positive dialogue of facts: "Can I get through one minute of this?" I ask myself. "Yes, I can!" "Good, then let's focus on that one minute, right now - not the other 29 other minutes that haven't come yet."

This same way of thinking works great for any activity too, not just exercise. Get up in the morning. Think about exercising. When you do so, if you feel resistance, tell yourself, "Let's just do one minute of mountain climbers. I can do that." The more you reinforce your mind set with realistic, factual information, the easier it is to have the energy to do another minute.

After that, ask yourself if can do do just one minute of push ups, or one minute of deep breathing. And if a minute is too long for you - how about 5 seconds of deep breathing for stomach conditioning? Everyone has 5 seconds, right? Now what if you did 10 reps of the "clap" push-ups? That would be how long? About a minute. Can you dramatically affect change in your body in one minute?

The answer is: Heck yeah!

And the good news is that when you can conquer one minute - and you enjoy that minute, you'll want to go for a second and a third minute - and so on. Yet the desire for you to do more comes organically. No pushing, prodding or flogging yourself to be motivated. Use this method and I assure you that you'll feel more energized and confident in your ability to accomplish your exercise and diet goals in no time flat. Make it a happen TODAY!

Karie "The Fat Assassin" Hamilton is a Toronto Personal Trainer and the founder of The Fitness Girl, a downtown Toronto condo and in-home personal training company. Please visit my website for information on our exclusive 3-in-1 Fast Fat Loss Formula to help women melt fat fast and build healthy fit bodies.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!


7 Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Efforts

by Sydni Craig-Hart

Joseph Ghabi once said: “Your life will begin changing the moment you decide that you want it to.”

I’ve found that the same is true for growing your business. If you want to see different results than what you’ve seen in the past, you must make a heartfelt decision to do things differently. You need to start with making over your mindset.

Mental blocks can hold you back and keep you from achieving your goals. When you sit down to work on your business are you clear and focused, or is your mind cluttered with ideas, client requests, overdue items and more?

The FIRST step to achieving your goals is de-cluttering and organizing your mind. When you do this, you’ll be able to clearly define what you want to accomplish and start taking the necessary action to achieve your goals.

If a never ending to do list, too many ideas for marketing your business, missed opportunities and a constant state of overwhelm are running your life, it’s time to clear out the old and get organized. When you do this, you’ll find that it’s easier to focus on marketing your business consistently and effectively.

Here are seven simple practices that you can use NOW to do just that:

Document EVERYTHING! – When your brain is busy trying to keep track of the many details that are floating around your head, you begin to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Write down everything! For years, my husband told me to do this but I ignored him – until I finally started to see that there was too much for me to manage on my own. Once I started taking his advice, EVERYTHING changed. The same can be true for you. Get a notebook if you prefer the pen and paper type of note taking, or use Evernote. No matter how you do it – start documenting every aspect of how you run and market your business. Getting it all out of your head and onto paper is going to relieve a tremendous amount of stress.

Create a login file
– In this day and age, the number of accounts you need to log into on a daily basis seems to be growing each week! Keeping track of all that information in your head is a surefire recipe for disaster. Have ONE spreadsheet where you keep all of this information. Be sure to write down everything – your blog dashboard, social media profiles, email marketing system, etc. You’ll be able to save time looking for what you need.

Use a notebook to capture all of your ideas
– Apart from your procedures and to do list notebook, you should create a space where you can write down all of your new ideas. Entrepreneurs have no problem generating great new ideas – but it’s far too easy to forget about them or allow them to distract you from your profit plan. Keeping your ideas in one spot will make it easy for you to refer back to those ideas often so you can actually implement them. Imagine how you can increase your profits when you start taking action on your great ideas?

Use just ONE to-do list – If your daily task list is in 7 different spots, you’re going to feel distracted and scattered. Keep everything in one list – there are countless options, so just choose one and stick with it! Once you’ve picked the best option for you, commit to using this one system for your tasks and projects. Using a web based system will make it easy to delegate tasks to other people.

Plan ahead with your content – Many entrepreneurs feel stuck with marketing because they aren’t sure what to do. Just start with one month – plan out what you’ll be doing in the upcoming month. Pick a date to publish each piece, plan out the theme for your content and jot down some ideas for your newsletter, blog posts or social media updates. When you sit down to write your marketing materials you’ll crank out your content quickly and easily.

Create a Master Schedule Template – If you find yourself looking back at the end of the week and wondering where the time went, you need to implement this right away! Using a weekly calendar, you can designate blocks of time where you’ll work on certain aspects of your business. For example, reserve Monday from 9 am to 12 pm for marketing, 1 pm to 3 pm for writing, 3 pm to 5 pm for email management and so on. Start by inserting recurring tasks (like client meetings, marketing times, meeting with your coach, etc) and then designate other blocks of time for your other activities. Don’t leave your essential tasks to chance! Make a plan for when you’ll do them and you’ll boost your productivity.

Set clear boundaries – Once you get this support system into place, you need to follow through and stick with it! Commit to yourself that you’ll honor what you’ve set out to do. Turn off email notifications and other distractions. Make sure that friends and family know when you’re available to chat. You can also create accountability for yourself by working with a coach or mentor to help you.

Marketing and growing your business isn’t impossible – but it does require planning and consistency to work. When you de-clutter your mind and organize your materials, you will be able to see the results you’ve been looking for and fully enjoy a successful business.

Which tip will you implement first? Please share your thoughts with me on the blog!


Plan a “brain dump" – Take time this week to get everything out on paper – all of your “to dos,” all of your big ideas for growing your business, all of your client projects – everything. When you write it all down you’ll be able to get it off your mind and develop a plan for getting things done.

Get organized – Create a file for all of your logins and commit to using one to do list. You’ll save time each day and boost your productivity.

Master your schedule – Set time aside each week in hourly blocks for all of the things you need to do – including marketing your business. You’ll be more productive, waste less time and get more done.

Plan ahead – Write down your content focus for the next month and brainstorm ideas for blog topics, social media conversations and newsletter articles. Then sit down to write at your designated time and get your content into the hands of the people who need you!

Set boundaries with yourself and others – Let friends and family know when you’ll be available to chat and commit to sticking with your master schedule. You’ll eliminate distractions and increase your profitability.

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create mo.ney NOW. Visit for your FREE training course, “5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom” and apply for a FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

What's Holding You Back?

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”- Lao Tzu

When you cultivate the courage to let go of old habits, routines and thought patterns that no longer serve your best interests, it creates space in your life for wisdom and new insights to emerge.

What would you gain if you simply let go of the habits, “stuff”, and even people that no longer provide the nourishing support you need to help you soar?

Blessings and Peace,

Pamela S. Thomas is a woman who understands that every life is ripe for transformation.  As a Minister, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Life Coach, her passion is helping people change their lives and fill them with more joy, beauty, and purpose. Her weekly tip “Wednesday Wisdom” is not only a motivational tool, but a small dose of beauty and inspiration mid-week. If you’re ready to start living and dreaming bigger and are looking for concrete ways to close the gap between where you are in your life and where you want to be, you can sign-up to download your F.R.E.E.  Vision Journal at

7 "Hard Knock" Business Lessons Our Moms Never Taught Us

by Ali Brown

Our mothers may have taught us to say please and thank you, but when it comes to running a business, some of the other things we learned as a girl could hold us back big time. Read on for 7 business tips that allow you to still be a lady AND take care of business.

1. Don’t think that testosterone rules.

When many women start their own businesses, they fall into the trap of thinking that they need to behave like a man in order to succeed.  But truly effective and successful leaders determine their own leadership style. When you are running a company, how you present yourself will change, but it should still be consistent with your own personality. We should celebrate our uniqueness—the very things that distinguish us from men—and let our intuition, emotional intelligence, and true natures shine.

2. Don’t be too nice.

To be effective you must get in the habit of not always worrying about what other people are thinking of you. If you are locked into a dispute with a supplier, don’t take it personally. If you have to bring up a difficult topic such as an employee’s poor performance, be firm and clear about what you want from them and point out how their actions are having a negative effect. When you are finished, allow them the opportunity to have their say. There’s a way to be assertive, not hard-nosed, in a way that maintains your role as the leader.

3. Don’t expect the world to come to you.

Don’t be shy about coming forward—not just to drive sales—but to become a permanent presence in the minds of your customers. There are loads of things you can do to get your business noticed. Blog about your area of expertise, get stories in the media, tell everyone about what you do, reward loyal customers, launch a new product, and promote events. If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will!

4. Don’t give away the store.

Adding value to your services keeps customers coming back for more, but don’t let fear or insecurity drive your decisions. Discounts and extra bonus products are necessary sometimes, but think of ways of adding extra value that won’t cost a cent. Don’t compare yourself to the competition or try to match their giveaways. If you’re strong and confident in what you do, there’s no need to charge less or to continually look over your shoulder.

5. Don’t disguise statements as questions.

Statements are disguised as questions because women fear they will be seen as assertive or they will be seen as assertive, or they’re worried about the risk of sounding foolish. However, questions sound weak—statements are stronger. Get into the habit of making statements and only ask questions when there is a need. Solicit opinions after setting out your proposals. It suggests that you are open to hearing other opinions and gives the impression that you are in control.

6. Do play to WIN.

Are you worried about meeting targets, or whether the business will collapse? If so, you are playing not-to-lose when you should be playing to WIN. The best you can achieve here is not losing. And that mindset will not get you where you want to go. Don’t waste energy devising Plan B if things take a downturn. Ensure that you have the drive and tenacity to pursue your dreams. If you take the attitude of failure not being an option, you’d be surprised how much you’ll achieve.

7. Do value your time.

As a business owner, it’s essential to start thinking of your time as money. Don’t shortchange yourself by giving your time away for free, or wasting time on tedious tasks that don’t generate money for your business. Start thinking of ways you can delegate tasks, from grocery shopping to researching leads, so you can focus on the BIG fish, like landing that top-dollar client, planning your next big product, etc. The good news is you do NOT have to do it all!

© 2011 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at

Are You Three Feet From Gold? How to Tell!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Have you been working towards a dream or goal for a very long time and feel like you are weary and ready to throw in the towel? Well before you do you may want to consider this. Sometimes we are much closer to our goals coming to fruition than we think. I have built many businesses and have never been short on big projects and big dreams. And there is an interesting cycle that seems to be fairly consistent.

Basically the beginning is filled with excitement and energy and possibility as we imagine how grand our idea or vision can be. Working with the "potential" of something is always fun. Then we start to put it into action and hit the various ups and downs that are inevitable. Many people quit pretty early on. I am assuming that you are not one of those people! However even the ones who decide to go for the long haul and stick to it against all the odds often hit a point where they say... ok. I have done all I can do. I am too far in to quit, but not far enough to win. My resources are low or gone, my energy is zapped and I am losing my inspiration all together.

Is it time to quit? Well this is where you ask the question: "Truth? If I quit will I feel better? Lighter? Freed up to move on with my life?" If yes, and if your body feels a sense of relief and peace, then it is time to let it go.

However if you feel heavy, sad, like your passion is going to be crushed, then you are very possibly 3 feet from gold. With every big accomplishment there is a BIG set of lessons imbedded within the situation. Similar to the natural process of giving birth there is a divine timing that takes over. 

Many people, situations and circumstances have to rearrange in order for your dream to be born. And many times you are just three feet away from the gold that you seek. This seemingly quiet time is the final configuration, like the baby in the womb fully formed and gaining weight so it will have a strong immune system and healthy start in the world as it goes through it's transition.

If you have given it everything you have and are at a crossroads take stock, decide and if you know in your heart that this is what you truly desire, then be still. Declare a day of receiving. Say "Today I am open to receive what I have worked towards and I am open to do so. I am stopping all action, worry, concern and anguish. I now choose to trust, let go and receive. So bring it on in ways way better than I can ever think of myself!" Then ask the question: "How can this turn out better than I could have ever imagined?"

Then change your focus and move on to other things. You will be pleasantly surprised at how things can turn around in an instant! So don't give up... You may be closer to the Gold than you think!

And remember to always Trust Your Aha!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Manifesting Srategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at:

Are You Talking Yourself OUT of Clients Paying You?

by Kendall Summerhawk

Did you know that money conversations — where you discuss and make agreements with clients around your fees — carry as much potential for you to experience transformation and divine healing as any other conversation?

Unfortunately, you may never get the chance to experience these life-transforming insights, as well as earn all that you deserve if you unconsciously make any of these common mistakes:

    * Talking about your fees too early in the conversation
    * Giving in to the urge to explain your fees
    * Feeling guilty about "charging so much"

Luckily, there are 3 quick and easy fixes you can make right now to ensure that your money conversations support you in stepping into your power in life AND in business. Read them now so that you know how to gracefully and elegantly handle your money conversations with the confidence you desire and deserve.

Fix #1: Wait To Answer The “How Much?” Question

“What do you charge?” is usually one of the first questions a prospective client will ask. Which is why it’s easy to make the mistake of talking about fees too early in your conversation.

Discussing your fees to early in the conversation sets you up for problems getting any fee, much less a fee that’s what you’re worth.

Before answering, you need to help your potential clients uncover the truth about what results they’re looking for and what having those results would mean to them. Save any conversation regarding fees until the very end of your conversation, no matter when your prospective client asks you to give a quote.

Fix #2: Focus On Your Value

As you guide your prospective clients through questions that help elicit what it is they truly want, listen carefully. Pay special attention to what they say is “at stake” for them if they do not achieve the results they seek and be sure to note what successfully achieving these results will mean to their life.

What you’re helping them do is establish the value of your services. This is critical because your prospective client needs to make an emotional investment before they’ll make a financial investment. Plus, you’re setting the stage for you to be paid what you’re worth.

Now all you need to do is state your fees and then…

Fix #3: Let Silence Reign

If you succumb to doubt or don’t feel confident about the value you bring to clients, you’ll be tempted to reveal your fees and then immediately begin justifying them.

Ladies, don’t give in to that temptation! You need to get comfortable with the few seconds of silence that follow quoting your fees. This silence gives your prospective clients time to process and come to a decision.

While at first those few seconds of silence may feel like an uncomfortable eternity, trust me, you’ll soon get used to it. I promise you: when you learn to sit peacefully and confidently in your Divine value, the universe will open up and shower you with the gift of hearing “Yes” from your prospective client.

The More Confident You Are In Your Money Conversations, The More Higher Quality Clients You’ll Attract

You’ll be amazed at how following these simple fixes will dramatically boost your confidence, and along with it, your bank account. Just remember, prospective clients have an intuitive sense about your confidence so the more confident you are discussing your fees, the more well-paying clients you’ll attract into your business.

"Would you like to learn more simple ways entrepreneurs can brand, package and price their services to quickly move away from 'dollars-for-hours work' and create more money, time, and freedom in their businesses? Check out my web site,, for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar "7 Simple Steps to Create Your Multiple Streams of Income "Money and Soul" Business."

Award-winning small business expert Kendall SummerHawk is the Million Dollar Marketing Coach.

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Being an entrepreneur is about having faith and taking action.

Your next step might not be clear to you today, but you have to trust that the path will reveal itself... and continue to move forward. 

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Creating Your Corporate Exit Strategy

by Deborah A. Bailey

For some people starting a business is a dream that they think will only come true once they leave their day job. For others, running a business and managing a corporate career is their everyday reality. Conventional wisdom says that you should start your business before you quit your job, however, doing both things at the same time can be a huge challenge.

Back when I was in corporate I worked in information technology. As a full-time employee it was next to impossible for me to start a business since I regularly had 10-hour workdays. My job often required night and weekend work, so there was barely time to have a real life, much less add a business into the mix.

Even if you have the ability to put in hours on the job and in your business, eventually you will have to make the transition into being a full-time entrepreneur if you want your business to grow. Otherwise your side business will remain just that, and you will never reach the potential that you dreamed of when you started it.

What you need is a plan to move into your position as CEO. Getting that regular paycheck can be very reassuring and provides a feeling of security that will be hard to give up. Having a timeline will keep you on track and give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

1. Decide when you would like to move into running your business full-time. Six months from now? Three months? One year? Set a date that feels comfortable for you.

2. Once you have your date, work backwards from there and determine what has to happen financially. For instance, do you need a certain amount of money for business expenses or to launch a new product? Once your salary is no longer coming in, how long will it take for your business income to fill that gap? Be honest about your expenses and how much money you need to cover them.

3. Start eliminating as much personal debt as possible. You may need to incur additional debt to put into your business, so get rid of as much as you can while you still have a regular salary.

4. Let your family know what your plans are for leaving your day job. Everyone has to be on the same page and know what is expected of them when the transition happens. It’s best to discuss any concerns now – don’t wait until you’ve left your job and then have to deal with issues around your decision.

5. Once you are responsible for creating and managing your own income, it is not the same as living with a paycheck coming in on a regular (and predictable) schedule. There will be fluctuations in your income (not to mention the different types of taxes and expenses involved). Take this time to do your research so that you’ll be prepared.

6. Depending on your business, being a full-time entrepreneur can mean spending much more time alone and as opposed to being in an office environment. Start networking and connecting with other entrepreneurs so that you can build a support system before you go out on your own.

7. Get clear about your vision for what you want to accomplish. Your business will be a reflection of you and your beliefs about yourself. Limiting beliefs will impact your business success. If you’re optimistic and stay open to opportunities, your potential will be unlimited. Need help as you make this transition? Consider getting a business coach to support you. All successful people have coaches and/or mentors and they are a critical part of an entrepreneur’s “power team.”

Starting a business takes courage and vision. By taking charge of your own destiny and becoming a business owner, you are stepping out of the mainstream and entering a life with limitless potential. Don’t be afraid to make your corporate exit, but plan it properly in order to insure your business success. 

This article originally appeared in Identity Magazine.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of several fiction and non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly podcast.
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Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

by Jack Canfield

Good things come to those who ask!

Asking for what you need is probably the most underutilized tool for people. And yet, amazing requests have been granted to people simply because they've asked for it!

Whether its money, information, support, assistance, or time, most people are afraid to ask for what they need in order to make their dreams come true.

They might be afraid of looking needy, ignorant, helpless, or even greedy. More than likely, though, it is the fear of rejection that is holding them back. Even though they are afraid to hear the word no, they're already saying it to themselves by not asking!

Do you ask for what you want or are you afraid of rejection?

Consider this:  Rejection is just a concept. There is really no such thing as rejection! You're not any worse off by hearing no than you were before you asked. You didn't have what you asked for before you asked and you still don't, so what did you lose?

Being rejected doesn't hold you back from anything. Only YOU hold yourself back. When you realize that there's no merit to rejection, you'll feel more comfortable asking for things. You may just need a bit of help learning how to ask for what you want.

How to Ask for What You Want

There’s a specific science to asking for and getting what you want or need in life. And while I recommend you learn more by studying The Aladdin Factor, here are some quick tips to get you started:

1. Ask as if you expect to get it. Ask with a positive expectation. Ask from the place that you have already been given it. It is a done deal. Ask as if you expect to get a “yes.”

2. Assume you can. Don’t start with the assumption that you can’t get it. If you are going to assume, assume you can get an upgrade. Assume you can get a table by the window. Assume that you can return it without a sales slip. Assume that you can get a scholarship, that you can get a raise, that you can get tickets at this late date. Don’t ever assume against yourself.

3. Ask someone who can give it to you. Qualify the person. Who would I have to speak to get... Who is authorized to make a decision about... What would have to happen for me to get...

4. Be clear and specific. In my seminars, I often ask, “Who wants more money in their life?” I’ll pick someone who raised their hand and give them a quarter, asking, “Is that enough for you?” “No? Well, how would I know how much you want? How would anybody know?”

You need to ask for a specific number. Too many people are walking around wanting more of something, but not being specific enough to obtain it.

5. Ask repeatedly. One of the most important Success Principles is the commitment to not give up.

Whenever we’re asking others to participate in the fulfillment of our goals, some people are going to say “no.” They may have other priorities, commitments and reasons not to participate. It’s no reflection on you.

Just get used to the idea that there’s going to be a lot of rejection along the way to the brass ring. The key is to not give up. When someone says “No”— you say “NEXT!” Why?

Because when you keep on asking, even the same person again and again...they might say “yes”...

…on a different day
…when they are in a better mood
…when you have new data to present
 …after you’ve proven your commitment to them
…when circumstances have changed
…when you’ve learned how to close better
…when you’ve established better rapport
…when they trust you more
…when you have paid your dues
…when the economy is better
…and so on.

Kids know this Success Principle better than anyone. They will ask the same person over and over again without any hesitation. (can you relate?)

Getting a good perspective on rejection and learning how to ask will make a world of difference for you as you work toward your goals. Practice asking and you'll get very good at it! You'll even speed your progress by getting what you need, or improving yourself in order to get it later.

Make a list of what you need to ask for in all areas of your life, and start asking.

Remember, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… if you dare to ask!

I'll be back in two weeks with another edition of Success Strategies. Until then, see how you can discover ways to immediately implement what you learned from today's message!
© 2010 The Canfield Training Group
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Content Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies for Turning Prospects Into Buyers

by Donna Gunter

I discovered a few years ago that I had accidentally stumbled upon the new wave of marketing, now referred to as content marketing, as I went about my regular marketing activities. 

As a card carrying introvert, it’s just always been so much easier to share my knowledge with others rather than trying to sell myself or my products. Ironically enough, that strategy has proven insanely successful for me. At the time, I never looked upon it as a strategy or a system — I just did what naturally came to me.  Who knew that I was on the cusp of the newest marketing system about to be adopted by all sorts of companies around the globe?

Today, there is a huge focus on content marketing, and it’s become an entire industry, ironically enough. In a nutshell, content marketing has been defined as a way of communicating with your customers and your prospect without selling,  Instead, you deliver valuable information to them that helps them solve their day-to-day problems, rather than constantly pitching your products and services to them.

Why does it work so well?  Consumers have become numb from marketing overwhelm between the television, radio, and magazine advertising, as well as online banner ads. They have learned to tune out everything that doesn’t relate to their current issue at hand, but will pay attention to great sources that help them in their search for relevant information. They then reward that sharing of valuable information with their loyalty by purchasing from you, someone that they like, know and trust.
Here are 5 proven strategies to help you use your content to turn prospects into buyers via content marketing:

1.  Provide great information.  

Great content is not equal to a thinly disguised sales pitch for a product. If you’re going to bother to create content for your target market, make it worthwhile for them to read. Provide at least 2 valuable tips your reader can use to move forward or solve an issue.  Please don’t waste their time by focusing your entire piece of content on why they have the problem.  They already know that a problem exists — they are coming to you for solutions.

2.  Mix it up.  

I just read that today’s teens and 20-somethings rely less and less on web sites as way to get the solutions to their problems, and their use of email is practically non-existent.  So, take your content and package it in a variety of formats and reach out to your prospects where they are or where they hang out, like an audio podcast on iTunes, a screencast video on YouTube, a slide show on Slideshare, quick tips on Twitter and Facebook, or in app for their iPhone or iPad.

3.  Boring makes them leave.  

Just because you’re providing some educational tidbits to your target market doesn’t mean you have to go about it in a boring manner. Put on your copywriting hat and create compelling headlines that make them want to read, view or listen to what you have created.  Share your personality and your sense of humor — let you authenticity shine through.  Tell entertaining stories that illustrate what you’re talking about,

4. Start with your web site.  

Even though more and more consumers are getting their information from user-generated sites like iTunes or You Tube, your web site is still your home base and your primary repository for your content.  However, you need to educate your visitors on all pages of your site, rather than trying to sell them.  Start with your home page and let visitors clearly picture who you are and how you help them solve their problems.  Get your prospects to resonate with you by sharing your personal story on your About page.  Continue to educate your prospects about what you do and how you do it via your FAQ page.

5.  Don’t stop at the sale. 

Your best customers are those who have already purchased from you.  Don’t drop your customers off a cliff once you’ve sold them something.  Keep the love alive by continuing to educate them about other issues to which you have solutions, and that will help you build more sales.

Take Action Strategy

If you’re not yet in the business of educating your prospects, there’s no time like today to start that process. You’ll find educating your customers via content marketing a much more rewarding way of marketing your business.

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