What's Holding You Back?

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”- Lao Tzu

When you cultivate the courage to let go of old habits, routines and thought patterns that no longer serve your best interests, it creates space in your life for wisdom and new insights to emerge.

What would you gain if you simply let go of the habits, “stuff”, and even people that no longer provide the nourishing support you need to help you soar?

Blessings and Peace,

Pamela S. Thomas is a woman who understands that every life is ripe for transformation.  As a Minister, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Life Coach, her passion is helping people change their lives and fill them with more joy, beauty, and purpose. Her weekly tip “Wednesday Wisdom” is not only a motivational tool, but a small dose of beauty and inspiration mid-week. If you’re ready to start living and dreaming bigger and are looking for concrete ways to close the gap between where you are in your life and where you want to be, you can sign-up to download your F.R.E.E.  Vision Journal at http://www.YesToTransformation.com

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