The #1 Key to Success? Let Go of the Past!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Does this sound familiar? You buy into the notion of visualizing, affirmations and creating treasure maps for your business success. And you enjoy the planning, the ideas, the creative stuff, the chatting with people about what you do, but once it comes to really stepping forward and actually MARKETING & Making Money, you freeze! You think about all of the things in the past that did not work before.

You can come up with scenario after scenario of how so many "Big Ideas" you had before did not come to pass. For whatever reason they did not work, you never finished, you were put down and figured "maybe it was not a viable idea after all" or even worse you used the "Proof" of someone ELSE'S past to justify why your idea won't work!

"Mary tried that and she went broke, Tom went out on a limb for that and he crashed, Everyone knows that that is not the way to go." These are the poisonous thoughts that go through our heads and kill so many wonderful ideas and businesses from making it out to the world.

One of the biggest requirements of success is to DUMP the past. Yes Dump it! What do you mean Mari? We need our past to know what not to do later. History Repeats itself. My past has made me who I am!

There is a difference  between USING your past for cultivating Wisdom and Discernment and living in the past while using it to justify why going forward won't work or worse yet living back there because the present moment feels filled with anxiety over not knowing what is going to happen next.

The positive way to use your past is to ask your Guides to assist you in only maintaining the wisdom that you have garnered, the discernment of what you have learned from past mistakes and the joy of the love and success that you have experienced and what steps you took to get there.

The negative way to use your past is to justify everything you do with "Well I tried that before and it didn't work and it didn't work for other people I know and so I am not going to even try now." Or "I know from my past that I am just not good at 'xyz' and there is no point in trying to be now."

The solution? Clear it out. On a mental and energetic level recognize and consciously acknowledge that you cannot undo the past. Just can't do it. You also do not have to constantly repeat the past either as that is your choice.

Writing a forgiveness list, saying affirmations such as "I am now willing to let go of the past. I loose, I let go and I move on to focus fully in the present and I KNOW that I will retain the powerful lessons that I garnered at that time to help me in my present moment now." and then choosing what you do want is the key.

On a physical level clean out, clear out and let go. Momentos of wonderful times are great but holding on to every journal, every object etc just perpetuates being stuck.

Remember - today's present moment is tomorrows past. By staying stuck in the past today creates more to get over tomorrow! Stay present today, and create the BEST Opportunity possible to be able to have a past that is filled with wonderful memories and supports you in creating all that you desire going forward!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to:

Sorry...There's No App For That

by Doreen Rainey

Raytheon invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war. Named the 'Radarange', it was first sold in 1947. And thus, 1-minute meals were born.

This very popular household appliance has now become a symbol of the "get it fast, get it now" world that we live in. The phrase "microwave society" has probably been used by most of us at some point in our lives. And what exactly does that mean? defines it as the mindset of wanting (and nearly getting) everything "RIGHT NOW". Technology has made gathering or sending information extremely fast and we've begun to think that everything in life should be available on demand.

And then, after the microwave came along to show us that we shouldn't have to wait for food - or anything else - along comes the App Store.

The App Store comes to us virtually. It's technology that does just about everything for us. Need a recipe? There's an app for that. Need an exercise routine? There's an app for that. Need to know how to get out of debt? There's an app for that. Need to know how to communicate better? There's an app for that.

So now, not only do we want fast results (microwave society), we don't want to have to do it ourselves (because there's an app for that).

The problem is - there is no setting on the microwave or nothing you can download to your Droid, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Blackberry, or any other device, that can:

* Cook that recipe for you.

* Do the exercises for you.

* Stop you from actually spending money you don't have.

* Stop talking to people in a way that's rude and insensitive.

How do I know this? Because I've been looking for those types of Apps!

Technological advances has convinced many people that it should be easier. That it shouldn't be THIS hard. That the results should just come. But I've had to face the cold hard truth...and maybe you do too.

* You can set all the ingredients from the grocery store that the App told you to buy right next to the microwave.

* You could set your iPhone on the treadmill at the gym.

* You can open up your monthly budget App on your tablet while in the shoe section of the department store.

* You can read the 5 steps to better communication on your Blackberry in the midst of argument.

But ultimately YOU have to do something. You have to take action. You have to make the decision to cook, workout, not overspend and demonstrate better communication skills.


Because there's no App for that.

© 2012 Doreen Rainey

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at

Beauty and Lifestyle Consultant Tayelor Kennedy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Tayelor Kennedy ~ Beauty and Lifestyle Consultant

Tayelor loves beauty and fashion! She also loves shopping and hase no problem spending hours in the cosmetics department.  She's a writer, make-up artist, stylist, and event planner who loves good food, really good dark chocolate, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne and red wine!  And oh yes, she's soon to be author of "Absolute Style and Beauty."

Tayelor is a certified aesthetician, make-up artist, and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Connecticut State University.  For close to twenty years, Tayelor has provided clients with anti-aging skincare, make-up, and fashion consulting services. She's worked as a makeup artist to several celebrities, on various television sets and as of recently, has made her way as a leading beauty expert by contributing to various online women's magazines.

She has utilized her expertise as a representative for Dr. Perricone working with the Connecticut Teen Pageant Association, as a promotional make-up artist on QVC Home Shopping network.  Additionally, she was a key make-up artist for the legendary Pointer Sisters and as well as the iconic rock band, Aerosmith.  Tayelor has also worked with the award winning commercial director Peter Care, was the make-up artist and co-host of "Lorna's Corner," a popular music video show that aired on the Hartford cable channel.  Tayelor also produced "Contemporary Living" a three part, half hour video series on health, skincare, fashion, nutrition and fitness which aired on the West Hartford Cable station.

As a trusted and recognized beauty and style expert, Tayelor has become a contributing health and beauty writer for, a Hispanic social networking website,, the women's lifestyle magazine,, the online bridal publication for African American brides,, the resource and network site geared specifically for professional women and is the Beauty Editor for

Date: Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EST


8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profits

by Ali Brown

As entrepreneurs, one of our most important duties is keeping our minds open to fresh moneymaking ideas. Holding regular brainstorm sessions can uncover fresh spins on our original ideas, and keep the passion alive—not only within ourselves, but for our customers and clients as well.

But, if you want to have an eye-opening brainstorm session, it helps to be aware of the scope of ALL your possibilities, especially when it comes to new business ideas. Otherwise it’s easy to fall into a one-track mindset. For example, an aspiring business owner might say, “I really like fashion, so I’m going to be a fashion designer.”

A successful landscape architect might say, “All right, time to shake things up, let’s start pursuing higher-end clients.” Although there is nothing wrong with the ideas above, you can see that the ideas are very limited, and one-to-one. The truth is, your ONE passion or skill can actually spur a variety of moneymaking business ideas.

Below, we’ll take a look at 8 different ways you can make money from ONE interest or passion.

But first, let’s assume that you are an aspiring business owner brainstorming your very first business idea. In order to decide on a business idea that you’ll be passionate about, you’ll FIRST need to identify your interests, hobbies, and natural abilities. Have you always had a way with words, or are you always the go-to gal for planning parties and events? Do you love fashion, cooking, caring for animals? Make a list of keywords that highlight your interests, and don’t censor yourself here. Anything is possible!

Once you have a list of keywords, you can now start brainstorming a VARIETY of ways to monetize each passion.

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve put down fashion and gardening as two things you’re extremely interested in… Let’s take a look at 8 different ways you could turn each of these passions into a moneymaking business…

1. Just Do It – Many business owners often jump right into this one-to-one, “Do-It-Yourself” (aka DIY) business model. This is what we were talking about above, where someone who likes fashion thinks, “I’ll be a fashion designer, and design my own clothes.” Someone who wrote gardening might think, “I’ll be a professional gardener, or landscape architect.” Again, nothing wrong with these ideas, but there are other ways to tap into your passions, as we’ll find out next!

2. Sell It – Another option is to come up with products that you could sell that relate directly, or indirectly, to your passion. For the fashion example, you could open a brick and mortar boutique or an online business, where you sell other designers’ clothing. Or, for the gardening example, you could open a floral shop, or a nursery that sells trees or outdoor fountains or specialty tools and supplies, or you could open a produce stand at your local farmers market.

3. Talk About It – Here’s where you leverage your passion or knowledge on the topic by getting paid to share information on it. A blog is a great example. Just think of all the fashionistas-turned-bloggers online who earn a living by offering their perspectives on the latest fashion trends or tips for the budget conscious shopper. Many experts out there built their status on certain topics by writing books and articles, making presentations, filming television shows, documentaries, etc. on a topic they felt passionate about. As a gardener, you could build your status as an eco-friendly expert, or teach a class on sustainable gardening, or review the latest tools and supplies.

4. Offer Advice On It – As a consultant, you can bring your expertise directly to a client by working with them one-on-one. The distinguishing factor here is that you are offering a customized solution for a particular client or situation. For fashion, this could be working as a stylist, or style consultant. As a gardening aficionado, one could offer their gardening expertise for model homes, wedding halls, or private estates.

5. Invest In It – When you take an investor/owner role, you are putting your resources towards a venture or property relating to your passion, with the hopes of making a profit on it. If you have an interest in fashion, you could help fund a budding fashion designer’s fall collection, in return for a percentage of profits. Or, you could rent out a warehouse space for a sample sale, or a runway fashion show. In the gardening industry you might sell or offer a lot of land in exchange for a percentage of produce sold.

6. Make Technology For It – A clever way to find your niche is to think of something that would improve the industry. Is there some machinery, or technology you could create that would make life easier for those in the fashion or gardening industry? A database to help track orders for plants, a drawing application for designers, for example? And don’t forget about the budding online and mobile application industry. You could create an application to help people plan their daily outfit, design their dream gardens, and more.

7. Build a Community/Event Around It – Here, you’re thinking of ways rally live people around your passion. As a fashion lover, you could host a fashion show, inviting budding fashion students to showcase their talent, organize trunk shows or in-home accessory parties, where women could buy and sell vintage pieces. As a gardener, you could start a community organization that beautifies impoverished neighborhoods, teach workshops on flower arrangements, etc. The idea is to offer access to a community where people share the same passion as you, charging them on a per-head or per class basis, depending on the format you decide on.

8. Maintain It – Many people make a living by offering services that help preserve or maintain what they’re passionate about. For the fashion lover this could be a laundering service, or a tailor/alteration shop. For a market full of avid gardeners, creating a new formula for plant food could be quite the success story, or a service caring for plants while people are on vacation.


© 2011 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at

Consistency Is Your Key to Business Success

by Barbara Saunders

All Solo Pros know that success doesn’t happen without effort. Sometimes we can limit our success simply by misunderstanding what it’s going to take to get there.

With all the different tools and systems for building a Solo Pro business, it’s easy to get distracted with an over complicated idea of what is necessary for success. There’s only one thing we need to do: pick a few income-producing actions and do them consistently.

To quickly build a thriving business, the secret is to market with regularly. It doesn’t have to be complicated, fancy, or overly creative. It just has to be consistent.

Three Ways to Market Consistently

#1: Communicate Twice Monthly

Get in the habit of communicating to your list every other week – without exception. Send a newsletter. Email is one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools available today.

#2: Always Make an Offer

Whether you’re meeting a potential client at a networking event, sending a newsletter, giving a free teleclass, or wrapping up a program – always give people a way to continue connecting or working with you or to move deeper into your services.

#3: Follow The 1% Rule Each Day

Aim for a 1% increase in what you’re doing every day – whether it’s a beautiful newsletter or website. Too often we get overwhelmed by envisioning something that is large and wonderful… but is not realistic in terms of quick completion. This can be a stumbling block for many Solo Pros.

Break up your vision into doable chunks and work on it a bit day by day. No action leads to no results. Small steps each day will get you to your goals.

Make a list of the highest income producing actions you can take. Choose just three that you can commit to. Start implementing today!

Author Info: Barbara Saunders is a publication designer and has run a successful solo pro business for more than a decade. She is the Solo Pro Success Coach and the Director of the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionalsand the Solo Pro Academy. She also hosts the Solo Pro Radio show everyday at 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern It's our mission to build community and help creative solo pros build and run successful businesses by providing support, innovation, tools, and strategies. Our goal is to liberate our members from the feast and famine cycle.

Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs Annika Martins on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Annika Martins is a professional business coach. She works with women entrepreneurs who will accept nothing less than the lifestyle and business of their dreams. She defines her coaching programs as "a collaborative process designed to leverage each client's unique strengths to create a business that is both personally and financially rewarding". Annika is a dedicated partner, strategist, cheerleader and when necessary, she is not afraid to give you the swift kick in the ass you need!

Annika holds a Bachelor of Communications Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and a Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology from the University of Waterloo.

Date: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EST


Martin Luther King Day - A Day of Service

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgment. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The History of Martin Luther King Day
by Shmuel Ross and David Johnson

It took 15 years to create the federal Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. Congressman John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, first introduced legislation for a commemorative holiday four days after King was assassinated in 1968. After the bill became stalled, petitions endorsing the holiday containing six million names were submitted to Congress.

Conyers and Rep. Shirley Chisholm, Democrat of New York, resubmitted King holiday legislation each subsequent legislative session. Public pressure for the holiday mounted during the 1982 and 1983 civil rights marches in Washington.

Congress passed the holiday legislation in 1983, which was then signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. A compromise moving the holiday from Jan. 15, King's birthday, which was considered too close to Christmas and New Year's, to the third Monday in January helped overcome opposition to the law.

Read more and find out how you can serve in your community:

MLK biography on Nobel

The King Center

MLK Research and Education Institute

The "I Have a Dream" speech audio and video

Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement
The Seattle Times

"Lost" MLK speech from 1967 at Glenville High School in Ohio
MLK Online

Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service

Corporation for National & Community Service

What do you say when your prospective client says “I can’t afford your services”?

by Sue Kasson

Recently I have read too many newsletters and have heard too many teleseminars with sales experts telling you how to handle money objections during a sales conversation. What I am hearing and reading is to be aggressive – very aggressive in your response. One call I was on, with a top marketing “guru”, recommended saying, “Well, where can you find the money? Can you take out a loan or refinance your house?” What?? I’m going to take out a loan to pay for your coaching? And, on another call last week, someone tried to sell me internet marketing coaching by telling me that there were only 3 spots left and he would email me each hour as the spaces in the course were taken (in order to rush me into making a choice). It didn’t work.

I have been a sales coach and mentor for 11 years and I don’t believe in being aggressive at all – not just when handling money objections. Why would a client want to hire you….

If you are that pushy on the sales conversation?  It’s jarring for the potential client and too much stress for you to have to sell that way.

I now realize why I get emails from coaches and consultants that say, “Sue, I just cannot be pushy when I talk to my prospective clients. It makes me queasy to even think about selling that way.”

Here’s the good news. No pushiness is ever required! When someone says, “I cannot afford it”, you can say that you understand and tell them about a payment plan or another, less expensive, offer you provide. And, by all means, don’t discount the price of what you initially offered. It devalues you and your services.

Here’s an example. Louise, a woman I was coaching, had a prospect on the phone and offered her an investment in a VIP day. When the potential client explained that she would definitely do it if she only had the money, Louise than offered her a ½ VIP day, which the prospective client was able to afford. If the client had said no again, she could have offered a payment plan.

The important part here – you can sell in a relaxed, authentic way that comes across that way for the prospective client as well.

This assumes several things – you need to have at least 2 clear offers and that it is great to have a lower price point product to offer if money is an issue, like a group class or a home study course. Or just reduce the amount of time you work with the client.

These non aggressive sales tactics of just helping your potential client to decide on the best way to get your services is a matter of fact way of handling price objections. And, if they cannot afford your services, they will still feel good about the interaction with you and would recommend you to their friends.

Remember, there is absolutely no need to be pushy about getting clients. And, if you would like to learn more about offers and relaxed, confident client enrollment conversations, click here to visit today.

If you enjoyed this article and would like more practical sales strategies, click on Zero Stress Selling today. Sue Kasson is known for her relaxed and authentic customized client enrollment mentoring. She has trained and coached hundreds of people to get more clients and sell more products and services.

Liza Deyrmenjian on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Liza Deyrmenjian, CEO of AFINGO, hails from Vancouver Canada, where, at the age of 19, she launched her first apparel production venture, Arteenelle Manufacturing. Five years later, the business employed 45 tradesmen and women in a 9000 sq. ft. production facility. In pursuit of a new creative outlet, Liza then combined her business sense with her love of fashion, consulting as a wardrobe designer for over 30 commercials and feature films.

After selling her second manufacturing facility in 2003, Liza moved to New York City where she was sought after as a speaker and an apparel consultant, and where she created a curriculum for new design entrepreneurs looking to grow their business from sketch to sale. Today, Liza is intent on changing how fashion does business with the launch and the AFINGO Fashion Forum, and by reaching a global audience through international trade events and frequent speaking engagements.

Date: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EST


Energy Low? Try Sound Feng Shui to Lift the Chi in Your Home and Life

by Kathryn Weber

When times are difficult, it's easy to withdraw and slow down. Over time, the lack of vitality in our own personal energy can often be seen reflected in our homes. The lights are off more often, and the house is more still and quiet.

Once stagnation sets in around your home, you may also experience a rise in aches and pains and you may feel less energetic, and maybe even depressed.

Low home vitality can express itself in your personal energy, creating fatigue and lethargy. Over time, it can make you vulnerable to other afflictions and problems that range from rashes, allergies, and infections.

It's important that we build the kind of energy around us that lifts us up and keeps us energized and optimistic. Optimism is a healthy outlook that comes from an energized person and home.

If you find that your energy is low and little health complaints numerous, it might be a good idea to employ sound therapy in your home.

What is sound therapy?
A house that is still and quiet is the type of home that creates yin energy - and over time that kind of energy can depress the person with even the brightest and happiest outlook. To lift the energy of your home, try incorporating the clear, pure sounds of a singing bowl or brass bell. The sound of a bell or singing bowl emits a tonal frequency that cuts through yin energy and dispels it from your home.

Begin by ringing a bell in the center of the room or house and then move from the door in a clockwise fashion making sure to ring the bell in dark corners and stagnant areas. These areas collect yin energy and become a vacuum, drawing more yin energy to them. When a bell or singing bowl is used, the sound penetrates through the yin energy and creates a clearing effect. Do this three times in each room to fully penetrate the area with cleansing sound chi.

Singing bowls
The traditional singing bowl that originated in Tibet is made of seven types of metals to represent the seven major planets. Using one of these will not only clear the room, but will also clear your personal energy as well.

You'll notice that when the bowl is struck and the mallet run around the outside edge of the bowl, the sounds it emits begin to vibrate out in waves. That resonation of sound waves will be felt by anyone using a singing bowl and will pass through you, cutting through any negative or dark energy.

Singing bowls bring the strength and power of the planets to lift your energy and break up old energies. Use these when there's illness, arguments and low energy in your home or office. When used regularly, you'll notice your personal energy brighten.

Keep your home and spirit energized
If you want to permanently lift your energy and the energy around your home, be sure to use sound therapy daily. Install a water fountain, play music, or hang a windchime near a window to keep your home filled with active, natural sounds.

Even a radio or TV playing will keep a home energized with the sounds of life and activity - a key to keeping your home's chi vibrant and the chi energized and refreshed.

This is especially true if your home is not occupied during the day.

A home that is lifeless and still can become too quiet and too yin. Incorporating natural sounds will help lift your home's energy and your personal chi, too.

So go make a happy noise now and see if you don't feel better right away!

© K Weber Communications LLC 2002-2011
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook "The Cash Register at Your Front Door" visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

5 Keys to Unlimited Success

by Ileana Kane

Over the passed few years, I’ve learned some golden keys from my multi-million dollar (and one billion dollar coach) coaches and mentors. I want to take this time as we break into the New Year to share those with you. Here’s to trusting you will have some breakthroughs reading about what I’ve learned and incorporated them into your mindset and actions. Your life will be lived on a grander scale (with less effort)…I promise!

Key 1: Always act from your personal power. Realize there is no failure there are ONLY outcomes. If you do a mindset change on this you will always succeed in producing outcomes. This reminds me of what happened at Fed Ex. When they first opened up they sent out 7 overnight packages. There were 5 packages that were sent by the company and 2 that were sent by clients. The 2 client packages arrived at their destination. With thousands of dollars at stake, it would have been easy for the CEO to focus on ONLY 2 being sent by customers. He decided to focus on the REAL outcome and said, “We sent 2 packages effectively now all we have to do is enhance the numbers!”

When you realize there is no failure only outcomes, this will pull you through even when you might in fear!

Key 2: Realize you are 100% responsible for your life and business. In other words think: I GET to take charge of my life! When you take 100% responsibility without blame or judgment, you realize you have a part in what you create in your life and business. If you have the power of creating it, you have the power to change it!

Key 3: Commit yourself to do something that stretches you and seems to go beyond your present ability. Find something that you can commit to stretching you. Set yourself up for success and make a public commitment to someone who won’t let you off the hook. Then model someone who has done what you want to do so you know what to do. Then “do it NOW!” If you get stuck and don’t know what to do it, ask yourself “If I did know, what would I do?” Then act as if you know what to do.

Key 4: Always act from personal integrity. Make a commitment for the New Year to act from your true self. To access your true self, your values are the best place to start. Make a list of your 5 top values and ask yourself, “If I lived by these values, how would my life be lived in 2012.” Then create your 3 year vision ; --)

Key 5: Be fully committed to do whatever it takes. Commit to practice talking your walk and walking your talk. Practice on a daily basis to operate from excellence, your power within. Each morning write the one thing you will practice for the day.

Take a moment and write down your AHA’s and set some actions for yourself. Get a buddy, coach or mentor if you need accountability. To your UNLIMITED success!

© Ileana Kane 2011 All Rights Reserved

Get your FREE one-hour audio seminar plus 7 training audios for solo entrepreneurs on "How to Create a Consistent Stream of Clients" at: Ileana Kane, an award winning sales and marketing coach, author, speaker and Small Business Coach to solo entrepreneurs. Ileana is internationally recognized as a leading reinvention expert on self-employment success for solo entrepreneurs.

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How to Get What You Want This Year Without Setting Resolutions

by Deborah A. Bailey

Planning to make New Year’s resolutions? It’s fine to want to make a fresh start, but what about all those goals we set last year?

Do we even remember what they were? Sure, they all sounded great last January, but somewhere along the way they stopped motivating us.

Sometimes the problem is that we end up setting so many goals that we become overwhelmed. We have such great plans for making this year different than the last that we end up with more tasks than we can handle.

Unfortunately, our ambition to reach higher and higher can keep us stuck in striving mode, always focusing on what we haven’t done instead of enjoying what we’ve accomplished. If your life is beginning to look like an endless quest to climb the next mountain, you can end up burned out and frustrated. When our happiness is based on what we have yet to achieve, it’s hard to find satisfaction in our everyday lives.

So, how about setting some “ungoals” for the New Year? Put the goals away, step off of the goal-setting treadmill and give yourself a break. Flip your way of looking at goals and make a list of what you don’t want for the coming year.

What Don’t You Want?

Not sure where to begin? Instead of setting a goal of finding your dream job (or staying employed in your current one), make a list of the things you don’t want to experience this year — or ever again.

Coming up with ungoals is easier because we often dwell on what we don’t want in our lives, rather than on what we do want. Especially if negative people or downbeat news stories influence us, we can begin to believe that we’ll always be trapped in bad situations. Ungoals can help you to get to the root of what’s bothering you. They can be things like staying stuck in a dead-end job, staying in credit card debt, or not exercising regularly.

If you find it difficult to reach the goals that have been on your list year after year, focus on getting rid of the things that are keeping you stuck in the same experiences.

Write Them Down

Maybe you’re really not into journaling, but when you write down your ungoals they’ll move out of your head and into reality. It’s easy to keep ignoring the irritants in our lives; we can put them on the back burner as we distract ourselves with other things.

You can include something about each ungoal that really makes you uncomfortable. For instance, if under credit card debt you list something such as “impulse buying,” you’ve identified something you can stop doing right away.

Instead of writing down a goal and having no idea how to reach it, this method allows you to create automatic steps to eliminate the things that are keeping you stuck.

Once you get your ungoals down on the page there’ll be no more hiding from them. You’ll have to be honest about why things are not the way you want them to be. You can stop hoping that someday things will be different, and accept that you have the power to eliminate the things that are holding you back.

Keep It Simple

If we try hard enough we can probably fill pages with the things we don’t want in our lives: bad relationships, dead-end jobs, the extra ten pounds that won’t go away. Having a long list of things we don’t want can be just as oppressive as holding on to a list of goals we’re always stretching to reach. Keep it simple by starting with the items that are the major roadblocks in your life. Once those are cleared, you may find that the smaller irritations disappear as well.

Also, don’t expect that your ungoals will completely disappear from your list in the next 12 months. Even if you have to take baby steps to clear them out of your life, you’re still making progress. Don’t be hard on yourself if it takes time to eliminate them.

Don’t Dwell

Once you’ve written down your ungoals, put them away for a while. Don’t sit there and dwell over how they came about or why they continue to frustrate you.

If you’ve had the same goals on your list year after year, is it because the goals were unreachable, or have you been reluctant to change what you’re doing? Use your ungoals as a starting point to bring things into your life that you really want. Once you take action and change the behaviors that led to the negative results, you’ll be scratching them off of your list in no time.

Make a Fresh Start

If you begin to make changes but slip back into old behaviors, don’t beat yourself up. It takes a while to get used to new habits. Remember, it’s not about making goals at the start of the year then forgetting about them, or giving up when things don’t go as planned. We’re always reinventing ourselves, not only at the beginning of the year, but throughout our lives. You can make a fresh start no matter what. Set your ungoals and get clear about what’s keeping you from the life you desire.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of several fiction and non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life .” She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly podcast.Visit her site at:

This article originally appeared in Working World Magazine.

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