5 Keys to Unlimited Success

by Ileana Kane

Over the passed few years, I’ve learned some golden keys from my multi-million dollar (and one billion dollar coach) coaches and mentors. I want to take this time as we break into the New Year to share those with you. Here’s to trusting you will have some breakthroughs reading about what I’ve learned and incorporated them into your mindset and actions. Your life will be lived on a grander scale (with less effort)…I promise!

Key 1: Always act from your personal power. Realize there is no failure there are ONLY outcomes. If you do a mindset change on this you will always succeed in producing outcomes. This reminds me of what happened at Fed Ex. When they first opened up they sent out 7 overnight packages. There were 5 packages that were sent by the company and 2 that were sent by clients. The 2 client packages arrived at their destination. With thousands of dollars at stake, it would have been easy for the CEO to focus on ONLY 2 being sent by customers. He decided to focus on the REAL outcome and said, “We sent 2 packages effectively now all we have to do is enhance the numbers!”

When you realize there is no failure only outcomes, this will pull you through even when you might in fear!

Key 2: Realize you are 100% responsible for your life and business. In other words think: I GET to take charge of my life! When you take 100% responsibility without blame or judgment, you realize you have a part in what you create in your life and business. If you have the power of creating it, you have the power to change it!

Key 3: Commit yourself to do something that stretches you and seems to go beyond your present ability. Find something that you can commit to stretching you. Set yourself up for success and make a public commitment to someone who won’t let you off the hook. Then model someone who has done what you want to do so you know what to do. Then “do it NOW!” If you get stuck and don’t know what to do it, ask yourself “If I did know, what would I do?” Then act as if you know what to do.

Key 4: Always act from personal integrity. Make a commitment for the New Year to act from your true self. To access your true self, your values are the best place to start. Make a list of your 5 top values and ask yourself, “If I lived by these values, how would my life be lived in 2012.” Then create your 3 year vision ; --)

Key 5: Be fully committed to do whatever it takes. Commit to practice talking your walk and walking your talk. Practice on a daily basis to operate from excellence, your power within. Each morning write the one thing you will practice for the day.

Take a moment and write down your AHA’s and set some actions for yourself. Get a buddy, coach or mentor if you need accountability. To your UNLIMITED success!

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Osheane Chambers said...

All of us was destined for success. No one should be living on benefits,no one should be in poverty.There's an idea in everyone of us,an idea that can change lives an idea that can create jobs(reduces unemployment+boost the economy).an idea that will make you billions-from Income-log.com

Deb Bailey said...

Thanks for the feedback, Osheane!

stacie28 said...

what an interesting post, Deb! thanks for sharing these five keys to unlimited success with us! These tips can help anyone have success in his or her business. I personally admire smart people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Yury Mintskovsky because we can always learn useful and important things from these great entrepreneurs.

Deb Bailey said...

Stacie28 - Yes, I agree that we should always stay open to learning. I'm glad that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for your comments!

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