Author Q&A: Flying Lessons: How to be the Pilot of Your Own Life

Pamela Hale, founder of Through a Different Lens, creates powerful, practical tools and experiences that bring vision, creativity and wisdom into focus to help people thrive— physically, professionally and spiritually. Educated at Stanford and Columbia Universities, Pam has created a unique body of work woven together from her varied experiences as a teacher, life coach, spiritual director, photographer, fundraiser, consultant to non-profits, and shamanic practitioner.

In her memoir, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life , Pam uses the story of her pursuit of a private pilot’s license to help anyone—in the air or on the ground—to break free of “gravity” and realize one’s potential to soar.

Broken into three parts that include seven “flight lessons” for soaring beyond your limits, each lesson also corresponds with a chakra, yoga pose, and an archetype, so the manual works on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Pam is visiting the Secrets of Success blog to talk about her book, Flying Lessons: How to be the Pilot of Your Own Life.

Deborah Bailey: What prompted you to write your book?

Pamela Hale: First, flight has been an important metaphor that has followed me through my life. It represents freedom and rising to a new level of consciousness to me, and it is such an ancient, potent metaphor that I know it can be helpful to others as well.

Secondly, I learned so much from my experience that I was motivated to distill the hundreds of lessons into 7 that are lessons for our lives. A whole system fell into place as I went through this process, and that seemed important to share.

DB: What is your book about?

PH: On one level it's the story of my getting my private pilot's license in my late 50's, and how my female flight instructor helped me overcome all my fears and self-doubts. On another level it's about how anyone can "defy gravity" by learning to manage our own energy and becoming conscious of how our soul longs to fly, and knows how to spread its wings, break free and soar--without having to leave the ground!

DB: Who do you think will benefit from reading your book?

PH: This book is useful to all audiences, but particularly those on a spiritual journey, those going through a transition and looking for tools to navigate their journey. Cancer survivors will appreciate my references to how I've used the lessons in my own cancer journey, and those interested in aviation and aerial photography will be particularly attracted to Flying Lessons.

DB: What do you feel makes your book different from others in your category?

PH: The design and the 50 aerial color photographs are stunning, making this book a great, well-priced gift. The book is a multi-level experience: story, lessons for life and a seven-step system with spiritual practices that can last a lifetime.

DB: What do you want readers to come away with?

PH: I hope they experience the power of the metaphor of flight on a deep level that sticks for them. This book takes the wisdom of Richard Bach to a new level, where the reader has a system for putting their insights to work on practical levels in their lives.

DB: What's the best advice you could give to a woman entrepreneur who is uncertain of her next steps?

PH: Look at the flying lessons and ask yourself:

1. What is your "safe landing space?" Where will you go if everything falls apart?

2. How will you fuel yourself for the journey?

3. Are you really in the pilot's seat?

4. What will you do when you get discouraged? How will you remember why you wanted to "fly" in the first place?

5. How will you communicate with inner and outer negative feedback?

6. Can you practice using both right and left brain ways of thinking? Do you know how to expand instead of contracting under pressure?

7. Do you have a higher power? Can you surrender control and release attachment to outcome?

DB: What inspires you to do the work you do?

PH: This is the work I came here to earth to do. It gives me great joy.

DB: Where can people find your book?

PH: They can order it from my website at, and receive a signed copy and benefits like free teleseminars. Or, they can order it from and national retailers. In June it will be available on color readers like the iPad and Kindle Fire3.

DB: Please share your website and social media URLs

PH: is my website. To order the book, go to, and

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