Coach & Author Pamela Hale on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Pamela Hale, founder of Through a Different Lens, creates powerful, practical tools and experiences that bring vision, creativity and wisdom into focus to help people thrive— physically, professionally and spiritually.

Educated at Stanford and Columbia Universities, Pam has created a unique body of work woven together from her varied experiences as a teacher, life coach, spiritual director, photographer, fundraiser, consultant to non-profits, and shamanic practitioner. Creator of the Sand Spirit Insight Cards, workbook and certification trainings, Pam is a pioneer in the therapeutic photography movement. She got her pilot’s license in her late 50s and resides in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, Jon.

In her beautiful multi-layered memoir, Flying Lessons - How To Be The Pilot of Your Own Life, life coach, energy healer, and spiritual counselor Pamela Hale uses the story of her pursuit of a private pilot’s license to help anyone—in the air or on the ground—to break free of “gravity” and realize one’s potential to soar. Readers will journey with Pam as she conquers her own self-doubt and fear of flying. They too will gather wisdom from Clio, her flight instructor, and recognize the key challenges, Clio’s solutions, and the gifts of each step in the journey. They will learn how to navigate the turbulence in their own lives. To order the book, go to

Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EST 


Charles George said...

Hi Deb,
Thank you for doing the article about Pam. I always love learning about other entrepreneurs and their endeavors.

Deb Bailey said...

Hi Charles,
She's had a lot of terrific experiences. We had a wonderful conversation on the radio show - hope you had a chance to listen to her interview. (If not, just click the audio player under her post.) Thanks for your comments!

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