Teleclass: Developing Your Backbone: The Science of Saying NO

When you say “no” to someone in the context of your business, do you:

  • Accompany it with an excuse

  • Feel like you are rejecting someone

  • Feel like you are a control freak

  • Feel like you are being difficult

  • Feel like you are going to cause conflict?

  • If so, then you won’t want to miss the upcoming Getting over Overwhelm teleclass hosted by Monique Wells.  Monique's guest, Dr. Anne Brown, will talk about how to say “no” creatively and without guilt or self-reproach. 

    Anne is a life coach, psychotherapist, and author of the book entitled Developing Your Backbone: The Science of Saying NO. From corporate leaders to small business owners, she has helped women learn to say “no” effectively, guiding them toward happier, more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

    Anne will be answering questions from participants during the call, so take advantage of this opportunity to have her help you address your specific challenge with saying "no" in your business.

    If you want to embrace the freedom and power that comes from saying “no” to the things that do not serve you in life, then register at to get the call-in details delivered directly to your inbox. 

    This is a special event, so register now!

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