The Power of Focusing on Transformation

by Sheri McConnell

(Excerpted from Smart Women Know Their WHY)

Want to know my favorite business building secret?

Focus on transformation. The true way to create positive change in the world is to focus on the transformation of others. When you help other reach positive results in their lives and businesses, you also win.

Money is actually not the reason at all that people do or do not buy something. Money becomes relative in business when you focus on transformation. Said another way, when people really want the transformation you are selling, the price melts away. They will actually pay whatever you tell them to pay if they need the transformation you provide.

Most people will never believe the paragraph above. The have too many emotional attachments to the value of money and what it means for them. Yet, this concept above is what I know to be the truth for myself and hundreds of one-on-one clients I have coached and consulted with over the years.

The next time you sit down to create a product or service in your business, ask yourself the following questions so that you can focus in on WIIFT (What’s In It For Them).

          o What is the transformation?
          o What is the outcome or result of investing in the product or service?
          o What are the consequences of your clients not investing in the product or service?
          o What do they (your target market) want already?
          o What have they already asked you for?
          o What is their biggest source of pain?

Your job is to focus on making sure your products and services provide the tools for the transformation you promise. Now you can’t promise transformation itself. It is a journey that only your customers can take on their own. And many of them won’t take it. Do not have attachments to their results. They have to do the work to grow… but it is your job to provide the tools to allow them grow faster and easier.

Sheri McConnell is the CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning (formerly the National Assn of Women Writers-2001). You can visit Sheri, access her free article archive, and grab lots of free stuff at Sheri lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, their four children, a weenie dog, and three hermit crabs.

Healthcare Consultant & CEO Helen Dao on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Helen Dao (MHA, Master in Healthcare Administration of New Jersey City University) is the President and CEO of Dao Management Consulting Services, Inc. The company specializes in providing services to local, state, and national organizations in finding and implementing best practices and strategy approaches to address cultural differences and minority’s health disparities. Her expertise and focus is working with the Latino, Asian Chinese, and Caribbean-non-Hispanic communities.

Helen has lead different State and National quality improvement projects such as Project Access which focused on children with special health care needs, New Jersey PBTS Vision Task Force focusing on pre-school awareness and expansion of early screening in underserved communities, and the development and implementation of a national curriculum for care coordinators in Community Health Centers. Helen has been a guest speaker for national organizations such as the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), National Association of Public Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the National Epilepsy Foundation America. She has several published articles on cultural competency and patient-centered medical home model. Helen has conducted several seminars on cultural and linguistic competence at many different organizations such as UMDNJ School of Public Health, New York Institute of Technology Medical School, the Interagency Council of New York, and others.

DAO Management Consulting Services, Inc. is recognized by the National Center for Cultural Competence at George Washington University Center for Child and Human Development, Washington DC, to provide consulting, technical assistance and cultural competency training for organizations.

Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


What’s Your Excuse? The 8 Lies We Tell Ourselves about Our Junk

by Christine Kane

“Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our lives are meant to be simple.  Our intuition thrives when given freedom and space.  So does our ability to make good decisions.

Clutter – in the form of physical junk, time-wasters, or even draining people – steals our energy, stops our success, and blocks our clarity.

Each moment we ignore our excuses for holding on to things we don’t want, those things rob us of energy, health, and clarity. Yes, clutter is destructive!

If you’re a clutter-clinger, start by admitting why you hold on.  Read this list to see if you can find YOUR excuse – and then take action!

Clutter Excuse #1: “I’d be a mean horrible person if I let this go…”
Guilt is heavy gooey energy that convinces us we’re bad people if we make a strong choice – or if we let go of heirlooms, unwanted clothing or gifts.

So we allow this stuff to clutter up our lives and keep us in a comfortable – but draining – place.  Guilt is sometimes an easier path than clarity.  Ask yourself if you’re ready to release the stuff and the guilt – and finally get clear.

Clutter Excuse #2 – “I spent so much on it!”

Do you punish yourself for having made a bad choice by keeping the item around?  Or convince yourself that you’re going to get your money’s worth – even if it drains the heck out of you?

You won’t.  And it will.

We’ve all done stupid things. And we’ve all had to let them go. Now it’s your turn.

Clutter Excuse #3 – “I might need this someday.”

I often wonder how many idle telephone cords exist in the world.  Crammed in old desk drawers. Stuffed on closet shelves. They can’t be gotten rid of.


Because we might need them some day.

Evidently, some day – in spite of technological progress – you’re going to need that particular grey phone cord that came in the box with a phone you bought in 1993.

Throw it out. Now.

Same thing goes for:  The broken fax machine, switch plates from your first house, and every glass flower vase that came with deliveries.

Clutter Excuse #4 – “I might do this someday.”
I know. I know.

Someday you’ll take those broken pieces of china you’ve collected and create a beautiful mosaic birdbath. And you’ll go through those stacks of magazines and make that collage for your sister’s 30th birthday party. (She’s 51 now.)

Now – I don’t mean to deny you your plans and dreams.  However, I urge you to consider experiencing the infinite relief that appears when you let old project ideas go.

Call your sister and tell her the collage ain’t gonna happen. Buy a mosaic birdbath from an artist who makes her living from creating such treasures.

And then, make space for what you want to do. Don’t fill your space with what you should do.

Clutter Excuse #5 – “I Don’t Know Where It Goes.”
When items don’t have a home, it’s hard to determine whether or not they are clutter. Some things may seem like clutter – like the cute card that your daughter made that floats around from drawer to drawer – but they’re not clutter.

They’re homeless.

Once you start defining spaces for items, then it’s easier to see when something doesn’t fit anywhere and should just get tossed.

Clutter Excuse #6 – “My thoughts don’t have any power. Do they?”

Everything has energy.  The thoughts you have about the things in your home CREATE energy. For instance, if you hang on to stuff given to you by your ex, and you still feel bitter – then there’s bitterness in your home.

Get it?

It’s either fueling you or draining you.  If anything triggers you, then that is your barometer. Let it go.

Clutter Excuse #7 – “But I never wore it!”
See Clutter Excuse #2.

Clutter Excuse #8 – “There’s too much stuff!”

Overwhelm can stop us in our tracks. If this article makes you aware that there are lots of items in your life you don’t like, then go slow.   Schedule small chunks of time each day.  It takes time to be clutter-free! But the new-found clarity and lightness are worth it!

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 20,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at

Katrina Sawa: The JumpStart Your Biz Coach on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs that want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time…NOW, not later.  Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too!

Katrina was named "The Networking Queen" by her peers and clients since she founded her business in 2002. She was always found out mingling at chamber of commerce mixers, business networking events and expos and any event she could attend where her target market would be in attendance. Consistent networking and follow up is the primary reason Katrina has been so successful in her business.

Since 2006 however, Katrina has transformed her local, hourly-fee based business into an international online marketing coaching and information-product company.  This has leveraged her own time and money in ways where it’s freed her up to design the business that better fits her lifestyle – family, relationships, friends, traveling, volunteering, etc.

Katrina enjoys inspiring, motivating and educating other women on how to design a business to fit your life and frees you up to do the things you love.  A business that’s primarily online with automated services and products plus high end coaching, consulting or speaking. 

Katrina constantly tells entrepreneurs she meets, “The fastest way to build a successful business is to automate, delegate, systematize, build your list and talk to your list regularly in order to be on top of mind at all times.”

Katrina has her B.S. in Business, Marketing Concentration, from California State University, Sacramento. She's the author of Love Yourself Successful and she's been featured in three other entrepreneur-related compilation books as well as being featured on the Law of Attraction Radio Show on the Oprah and Friends Network.  Katrina and currently lives in the Sacramento, California area with her German Shepherd Zeke.  Get Katrina’s 3 Free business-building gifts at!

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Step Into Your Power

by Doreen Rainey

Having been to many conferences, workshops and motivational events, I hear the word POWER all the time. I'm told to "step into my power," to "own my power," to "not give away my power," and to "embrace and exert my power."

Well, that all sounds well and good - but HOW do you do that?

None of us want to walk around powerless - giving in to others when it doesn't serve us, having people take advantage us, or convince us to do things that we really don't want to do. But yet, we see it all the time.

So how can we fully embrace the catch phrases and the overused quotes about power and truly live in a state where we have goals and work to make them a reality?

I have 5 tips I'd like to give you to do just that. And these tips are actually found in the word itself.

1. P - Persistence
"A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success." ~ Elbert Hubbard

Being powerful means that you keep going, keep working, keep trying and keep showing up. To persist means to "continue steadfastly or obstinately despite opposition or difficulty". Being powerful is about making sure you are on the right course, and then being committed to cross the finish line.

2. O - Open

"An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it." ~ Unknown

I've run into quite a few "know-it-alls" over the years. Those people who are so intent on being right, on sticking to their story, or refusing to look at, listen to or acknowledge additional information or opinions, that they prevent themselves from truly growing. Powerful people look at situations and circumstances from many different perspectives. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will always change your mind, see things differently or agree with others, but it does mean that you allow yourself to examine those ideas, thoughts, processes and information that may differ from your own.

3. W - Win

"A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals." ~ Larry Bird

Charlie Sheen made the hashtag famous - #winning. Powerful people aren't afraid to win. They aren't looking to dim their shine so others can feel better about themselves. They aren't willing to hold back, shrink down, or wait for permission to go out and be the best they can be. Go for the win!

4. E - Evaluate

"Change before you have to." ~ Jack Welch

Powerful people get their ego out of the way. When they are on the wrong course - they change. When the direction they are headed is not working - they turn around. When the goals they set years ago no longer interest them or serve them - they set new goals. When they realize they have made a mistake - they admit it. When they see that there's a better way - they take it.

5. R - Repetition

"In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently." ~ Tony Robbins

Powerful people know it's about doing the RIGHT things - over and over again. They don't have an interest in being a one-hit wonder. They work to create systems, processes and a way of doing things that renders the results they are looking for. The discipline to stick with those systems and processes makes the difference. Consistency produces results - whether it's losing weight, saving money, getting out of debt, building a business or having deeper, more meaningful relationships.


© 2012 Doreen Rainey

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and having the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at

The Rise of the "Everyday Entrepreneur"

New report on female business start-ups reveals home-based enterprise is boosting the UK economy

For women to attain the flexibility and career progression they crave in the current economic climate, many are opting to start their own business, according to the new report authored by Professor Julie Logan of Cass Business School for Avon UK.  Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with over $11 billion in annual revenue. As the world's largest direct seller, Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.4 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives.

The Avon "Everyday Entrepreneur" Report – so-called by the report author because it has uncovered a new breed of business innovator – reveals that female entrepreneurs are opting to run their enterprises from home and often require little investment to get up and running.

In response to the report findings, scores of Independent Avon Representatives and leading businesswomen, including Karren Brady and Emma Jones, founder of Startup Britain and Enterprise Nation have pooled their experience to create a checklist of essentials to help guide women who are just starting out:

Avon’s Everyday Entrepreneur Essentials

The idea – know your Unique Selling Point
You don’t have to make millions, invent a new amazing product or employ hundreds of staff to be an entrepreneur - but you do need to have a good idea. Julie Logan, Professor of Entrepreneurship, says: "If you are to succeed your service or product must stand apart from the competition. This doesn’t have to be a new invention, you could create a USP by offering better customer service or quicker delivery. Whatever the USP this will be the core around which you build your company."

Passion – do something you love
When starting up a business, come up with an idea that you are truly passionate about.  This will help you battle through the tough times and keep you enthusiastic. Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation, says: "When your hobby, passion or skill becomes your full time job it never really feels like work. Figure out what makes you tick and take your first step on the path to self-employment. You'll never look back!"

Research your chosen sector before making the leap
Do your research, make a plan and take tentative steps to get your business off the ground before you leave your current job. This will reduce the element of risk involved, so that you can build your business on solid foundations. Gail Reynolds, Avon Sales Leader, says: "Before you start your business make sure you consider these three things; is the Timing right for you and the market place, is it the right Opportunity for you and your target audience and are you in the right Place in your mind and physical surroundings?"

Business Plan – plot your path
A detailed business plan is a vital requirement for any business. It helps you to set out your vision, looking at every area of your proposed business idea, and ensure you have planned the best possible way of executing it. Don’t forget to include sound financials and review the plan every six months or so. 

Network - seek advice and support

Develop your own support network of fellow entrepreneurs and advisers to regularly bounce around ideas. Encourage the support of immediate family and friends – you might be able to share your childcare responsibilities with someone else in a similar situation. Visit business forums like or join a business network like to build support from within the industry.  Jennifer Howze, Co-founder of Britmums, says: "Keep all the business cards you get and write on the back where you met the person, what you talked about, or other memory aids so when you come across it later you can place the person quickly."

Make cashflow a priority
There are business opportunities out there with a low cash barrier to entry.  Begin with saving as much capital prior to starting your new venture as possible.  The Aspire Fund launched by the Government and matched by private investors, offers funding specifically for female-led businesses. Visit for more info.

Spread the word – use social media
Word of mouth recommendation works in any medium. Use your own social media channels including Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook to raise awareness of your product or service, create a personality for your brand and connect with your target market. Avon Mentor, Karren Brady, says: "Lots of people are afraid of the internet and new technology because they have little or no knowledge of it but the best thing is to jump in, get online and start learning."

Utilise a simple website to showcase your business
Think carefully about how your customers would search for your product or service online – what questions do they have, what specific words would they use? Write your website with these key terms to drive search results and traffic to your website. Promote on business cards, email signatures and using social media.  You can get free website building tools from sites like this one: 

Be Realistic – you won’t earn mega-bucks overnight 
Starting off you can sometimes set the bar too high. Remember that running a business will entail working long hours with potentially little money for a while but the results will be worth the sacrifice.

Determination – Believe in yourself and your abilities!

Self-belief is vital. You might be tempted to give up if things get tough but keep going and focus on your abilities. You need to be committed to your business for the first few years in order to reap the benefits later. Angie Winter, Avon Sales Leader, says: "Persistence and determination are key to success. Never think your business is now established, always look for new clients, new products and new opportunities."

For more information visit and  

Lynn Steinberg on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

For Lynn Steinberg, food is the center of her family celebrations. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, half-sister, grand-daughter, cousin, sister-in-law, daughter-in law, aunt, friend and co-worker, Lynn is a lot of things to a lot of people. And, after living in six cities since college, she has sent gifts to all of the people in her life, all spread throughout the country, at some point each year.

Over time, she found herself sending more and more food as gifts. First, it was pizza from Chicago. Then she sent pickles from New York, followed by cookies from Columbus and ice cream from Cincinnati. Today, Lynn is an expert in shipping food from coast to coast and finding the best gifts for the people in her life. She first started sharing her advice with others through the popular Goodies For Gifts blog. Now, she’s helping consumers everywhere find, buy and share food as gifts with

Date: Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


Writing a Headline: 7 Proven Headline Formula Strategies That Sell

by Donna Gunter

Writing a headline seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Just give your piece a title that tells what the story is about and you’re done.  However, if you want a headline that is compelling to your target market and makes them take action, a bit more work is involved.

The very first step in writing a headline is to uncover every possible benefit of the subject of your content — your product, your service, your program, your article, your book, your special report. This is good preliminary work for any headline formula. The reason is clear: benefits are your best sales tool. Without taking the time to create list of benefits, writing a compelling, action-oriented headline will be more difficult.

Once you have created your list of benefits, then determine your headline formula strategy.
Here are 7 proven strategies in writing a headline that sells:

1.  Highlight the ultimate benefit:  Determine the most attractive benefit your product offers. What unique advantage does your product give customers? If you’re uncertain, talk to prospects and customers. Give them a short list of 2 to 5 solid benefits that you have come up with, and then ask them to choose just one, or add another if their “ultimate” benefit is missing.  By talking with your target market, you’ll get them to identify the one benefit that is of supreme importance to them. It could be a single benefit or, more likely, the “ultimate benefit” of your product. Try to narrow it down to one powerful benefit and then use that as your starting point.

2.  Borrow it: 
  This technique “borrows” ideas, words, phrases, and formats from other headlines and adjusts these to suit your situation. I do this all the time from my swipe file of amazing headlines.  Simply choose different headlines that you like and combine features of several to create a hybrid that makes sense to your topic.  However, be careful and don’t copy someone else’s headline, word for word, as that becomes plagiarism. With your own file of collected headlines, you’ll have a virtual resource center of adaptable ideas and techniques.  To start your swipe file, simple search for “headline swipe files” and you’ll find a number of free PDFs of headline resources online.

3.  Answer the “how-to” question:  We all want to improve ourselves or our lives in some way. The secret with this strategy is to focus on a particular need or want and then promise to fulfill it. However, how-to headline must highlight the benefit or final result, not the actual process itself. So, instead of “How to Stain Your Deck” which sounds like a lot of work, focus on the real motivators, which might be staining your deck quickly and professionally, or “How to Stain Your Deck in a Weekend Like a Pro.”  For this formula, simply begin with the words “How to” or “How” then immediately fill in the benefit.

4.  Avoidance Behavior: In this strategy, you help people receive what they want while avoiding some pain with a very effective solution, or {Avoid problem} with {my solution}.  For example, “End Your Lower Back Pain Forever With These Simple Exercises.”

5.  Provocative Question:  Ask a question of your reader that relates directly to the major benefit of what you’re writing about.  It also must make the reader answer with a resounding “Yes!” or “I’ve got to know more!”  Sample headlines might be: “Do You Want to Lose 20 Pounds in Only 30 Days?” or “Turned Down for a Mortgage for a New Home?”

6.  Testimonials:  Capture the actual words of your most satisfied customers. Somehow, the words of others – people who once were in the same situation, as the prospects themselves – have great power to influence a prospect’s decision to buy.  Your first step is to gather any feedback that you may have already collected from customers, and then choose the most benefit-laden statements. You can write the headline in the first person and put quotation marks around it.  For example, “If I Can Lose Weight With This Diet, Anyone Can!”

7.  Mistakes and Secrets.  No one wants to make a mistake, and everyone wants to be “in-the-know” on a secret. For example, “7 Biggest SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make in Each Post” or “5 Secrets to Hiring an Event Planner That Won’t Break the Bank.”

Take some time to think about your headline for your project to ensure that you make it sizzle.  Writing a headline can that sells can make all the difference as to whether your email is opened and read, someone buys your product or service, or a visitor downloads your free giveaway from your web site.

Start your headline swipe files here:

102 Headline Writing Formulas by Chris Garrett

101 Headline Formulas that Capture Attention and Get Your Message Read by Peter Sandeen

Discover how to stop the client chase and create an online service business drives traffic to your web site with free instant access to 7 proven internet marketing strategies that separate the top 1% of online businesses from the rest by visiting

Happy Mother's Day

Julia Ward Howe was the first to proclaim Mother's Day in 1870. Her Mother's Day Proclamation was a pacifist reaction to the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War.

The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America. She then began a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday in the United States.

Although she was successful in 1914, she was already disappointed with its commercialization by the 1920s. Jarvis's holiday was adopted by other countries and it's now celebrated all over the world.

In most countries, Mother's Day is a recent observance derived from the holiday as it has evolved in the United States. When it was adopted by other countries and cultures, it was given different meanings, associated to different events (religious, historical or legendary), and celebrated on a different date or dates. - from Wikipedia

"It's Just Business:" Tips on Balancing Business and Love

by Danielle Tousignant

"Nothing personal" and "no offense" seem to be the way I begin my sentences these days. I recently launched the web startup,, an app to help streamline the way people search and register for fitness classes in their area, with my long time boyfriend Mike Stefanello, and separating business and love has not been easy.

Our business partnership happened unsurprisingly. Mike is a web developer and I am a sales person both with an entrepreneurial spirit so our desire to start a business was natural. We would constantly bounce ideas off of each other and think of ways to take everyday actions and bring them online. Workout Spots was born out of my frustration towards how antiquated my gym was, and Mike quickly brought the idea to fruition. Who wouldn't want to build something great with someone you love.

Although things came together perfectly, it has been a struggle to not take things personally. Rejection has been the hardest thing to deal with. Giving an opinion or idea and having him tell me "no."  I constantly repeat "it's just business" in my head. I think that the best thing when working with one another is talking it out. If you have an idea than be confident and sell it, and your partner should give you their full attention and listen, but that doesn't always mean they are going to agree. And on the other hand if an idea is thrown around that you don't like then stand up for what you believe and respectfully contest it.  It is all about communication. Don't passively agree to something because than you become bitter, and bitterness leads to failure when dealing with business and personal relationships.

Knowing when to turn business mode off has been a challenge as well.  We eat, breathe, and sleep Workout Spots, constantly going back to the drawing board and working on new features and modules, but when is it okay to shut down the computer and go out to dinner or snuggle up with a movie? Learning how to balance love and business is the key.  It is important to turn off the computer once in a while, shut down Google Analytics, and spend time with each other outside of the office.

I would encourage you to start a business with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or whoever it is that you love and trust because it is a journey, and there is no one better to embark on it with than someone that you adore.  Keep it simple and honest. Always address issues when they happen and try and put your feelings aside. What works for me is after we shut work down is to laugh with each other.  Every day we talk about how lucky we are to be working on something so great with one another.  We hope that Workout Spots will help other people's lives and be the go to tool for booking a yoga class or finding a nearby gym, and keeping the end goal in sight while holding each other's hand is what makes us a great team.

Danielle Tousignant is the co-founder of

Clare Eluka on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Ethical beauty entrepreneur and formulator and multi-allergen sufferer, Clare Eluka, is a pioneering force in the contemporary health and well-being industry. After working 10 years in the beauty sector for global brands Bobbi Brown and founding a small vegan brand whilst teaching A-Level English by the tender age of 24.

With 9 years as a freelance celebrity makeup artist on artists like Conya Doss, Grammy nominated N'Dambi and R&B legend Mica Paris with her self-directed makeup agency, Spikes Makeup, est 2006

On Clare's 26th birthday, July 7th, Premae Skincare was born - the world's first, critically acclaimed and highly anticipated pioneering Allergy-free face and body brand. Within 40 days of launching in December, the brand was nominated an award for the best free from face product for the Ezcema moisturiser, Clemensy Balm and has received recognition from Celebrity Health professionals and customers!

Clare has been nominated for 3 awards so far this year:

  •  Educator of the year by Women 4Africa Awards, shortlisted - announced May 19th
  •  40 under 40 Amazing Women, 'Eco' Category by Cosmopolitan Magazine
  •  Red's Hot Women Awards, 'Pioneer' Category by Red Magazine 

Clare is a pioneer and role model for disadvantaged youth, growing up in Islington Care system, Clare lost her father at the age of 9 to diabetes coma and her mother subsequently suffered with long-term bipolar. As a philanthropist and humanitarian whom believes in charity and giving back to global local disadvantaged communities.

Clare is also commissioned by global charity, Children in Need to work with inner city London youth to educate them on the science of beauty.

Clare has been recently appointed as Creative Director for Young Womens Day Foundation and Excellence Awards.

As part of Clare's career, Clare is writing two books, due for release late 2012 and is completing her Allergy practitioner diploma to open her mobile allergy clinics Clare Care's from 2013.

SPECIAL OFFER for listeners of Women Entrepreneurs Radio:
Go to and enter the discount code: "WERADIO" to get 10% off your order! (This discount will be available 5/14/2012 - 6/1/2012.)

Date: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


6 Steps to Finding Your Authentic Voice

by Kelly K. O'Neil

It takes courage to speak from your true, authentic voice. Heck, it even takes courage to FIND your voice. And that roadblock -- courage -- can prove fatal to aspiring leaders and emerging business owners. Why? Because the fear to be who you truly are renders you powerless. It sets you up for failure, right from the beginning, by operating your message from a place of fear. After that? Nothing else that follows is truly authentic.

Trust me, your clients will smell that fear. They'll know you're not being authentic. Nothing will repel them more. But, before you speak from your true, authentic voice, you must first find it. For many of you, that involves stripping away layers of fear. So how do you get started?

Put Pen to Paper. For some of you, it will be easier to find your voice in print before you find it out loud. Whether you write for others -- blogs, e-mails, letters, reviews, etc. -- or for yourself (in the form of journaling, ranting, raving, etc.). Whether you write with pen and paper or keyboard and screen. Whatever you do -- just start writing. This voice is often your most true voice. Why? Because it's what you say to yourself in your head ... not necessarily what you say out loud.

Hung up with writing? Don't let it stop you. Grab a phone that can record, a mini recorder ... anything ... and start talking it out in front of the mirror, in the bathtub, on a walk in the woods -- whatever works for you. The important part is to let your voice out ... in the privacy of your own world ... in the way it best flows for you.

Get Organized. As you get in the habit of writing, patterns will emerge. There will be a lot of junk, but there will also be some gems. Think of yourself as a sculptor -- you have to carve away at the crap to find the shape of the treasure inside. Go back through what you wrote (or recorded) and edit away at the junk. Don't rewrite your thoughts entirely -- or, even worse, shape them into someone else's. Just cut away at the extraneous stuff. The emotional stuff. All the extra. We're looking at identifying your voice here ... not analyzing your every thought.

Write Power Statements. Now that you've found your voice, relate it to your business ... to your mission and vision ... to your goals. In YOUR voice, write statements about what you hope to achieve, why you hope to achieve it and how you will do so. How will you improve the world? The lives of others? Why do you want to?

Edit. Yes. Again. Go back through step 3 with the same eye you used during the second step. Are you being true to your voice? If there's anything grandiose, or doesn't sound like you'd say it to yourself in your own head, chop it up and start over. Often, when you get away from writing (or speaking) to yourself, you get further away from your voice. Put yourself back in the place where you are speaking to only yourself.

Don't Be Afraid. Now that you've found your voice, share it without fear. Speak from this true place with courage. This is who you are. This is what you do. And your ideal clients -- the ones you will cherish working with and who will become your most raving fans -- will like you and appreciate you for it.

Revisit As Necessary. Go back through this homework frequently to help remind you of your voice and ensure you aren't going too far off track. Since this is your true, inner voice, it won't be necessary to actually revise your statements much, but feel free to evolve them as you change, as you gain more courage, as you become more secure speaking from your true, authentic place.

These six steps will help you find the power to speak from authenticity and truth, and the courage to stand behind who you really are. Don't get me wrong: Not everyone will love you for it. In fact, same may hate you for it. But part of running a successful business is not necessarily having everyone like you. But the people who make a true difference are not the ones hiding their voices. It's the ones embracing who they are. And you should be one of them. Swing by my Facebook page and let me know what you thought.

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Kelly O'Neil, Founder and CEO of Kelly O'Neil International, best-selling author and award winning brand marketing strategist, is one of the most sought-after brand marketing and results coaches for conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring women leaders.

Kelly is the inspirational driving force behind a rapidly expanding business empire that includes Ignite Business Coaching™, Millionaire Prodigy Club™, The Women's Leadership Academy™ and The Excellence Society™. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs find their authentic voice, design strategies and brand platforms to share their unique message and strategically build profitable businesses. For free resources, training materials and to sign up to receive a free CD "7 Simple Success Practices of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs," as well as Kelly's Arrive Ezine, visit

How is Your Health Wealth?

by Janet Gomez

We know that no matter how much money we have, we can't buy good health. We may be able to pay for all kinds of treatments that will make us feel good for a short while but what if we don't want to or don't feel we can pay? How can we ensure we have Health Wealth anyway?

The director of my nutrition course used to compare the state of your well-being to the state of your bank account. If your account is in credit you're in good health. How quickly your "credit" is used up depends on factors such as your environment, lifestyle and your diet.

Your environment covers everything around and within you as well as everything you are involved in personally and professionally. Your interaction with your environment is important to determine your level of "health wealth". For example, if you eat the right type of food for you but are feeling angry or tense or you eat too much, this would be an interaction that causes you to use some of the health wealth in your well being account. Do this on a regular basis and you'll feel yourself slowly moving into the debit zone.

In my personal and professional life I witness increasing evidence of "health debit" as family, friends and clients all draw on their  "well-being" bank account but don't replace it. So I'm going to share 9 nutritional and well-being strategies to help you stock up on your health wealth for the coming weeks and make sure you don't get to the point where you're running on empty.
  1. Look after the health of your digestive tract by giving it a regular rest. A half day every fortnight can be enough to make the difference.
  2. Increase your intake of organic local fruits and vegetables to 7 servings daily.
  3. Cut back on your intake of refined sugar. Decide to make your own sweets for the occasional treat.
  4. Limit your alcohol and coffee intake and drink plenty of water, filtered if possible.
  5. Get your essential omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids every day from organic nuts and seeds or oily fish (if you're not vegetarian!) to help build strong immunity against illnesses and disease.
  6. Resolve personal issues as they arise and release your stress on a daily basis. Just a few minutes can make all the difference.
  7. Have a positive outlook and practical approach. Remember that it's your choice how long you decide to stay feeling as you do. If you're not feeling great, acknowledge the feeling and do something gentle to change it - to stop using up more health credit.Your health wealth starts with your attitude to life.
  8. Strive to attain peace within by stilling your mind. Breathing exercises, meditation and chanting can help. This peace is a source of happiness that will always be yours.
  9. Get a good night's rest, ideally by 11pm so the body can have time to rest and recuperate.
Now pick at least 5 of these strategies to start building up your well-being account today! 
Janet Gomez, nutritional consultant, produces the "Nutri-Jyoti News", a free monthly e-newsletter for busy professionals. Feel ready to learn how to use nutritional strategies to manage your energy levels? Then sign up for her FREE e-course "5 Nutritional Keys to Vitality in your Life" on the Nutri-Jyoti home page now.

Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved Janet Gomez

"5 Things You Must Do Before You Write Your Book" on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Thinking of publishing a book to promote your business? Before you invest time and money, there are five things you must do before you write your book. Listen in and find out what they are!

The host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio™, Deborah A. Bailey is author of the books,  “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life” and “Think Like an Entrepreneur: What You Need to Consider Before You Write a Business Plan.”

She has had bylines in Baseline magazine,,,, Working World Magazine and She’s been a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, Fox News Strategy Room and WFMZ TV and was recently named one of the “25 Career and Business Women Bloggers Worth Reading” by BlogHer and one of the Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to Follow on Twitter.

Deborah recently launched book coaching services for entrepreneurs.

Date: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm EDT


Up Level Your Life and Take Charge of Your Business, Finances, Health and Spirit

by Sylvia Browder

Are you a woman with a passionate desire to propel personally and professionally to the next level? Are you in alignment with your life’s purpose? Well, it’s time to Power Up and Up Level Your Life!

Up Level Your Business

It’s time to kick butt and find ways to grow your business! Reflect on your business's progress and make plans on how you want it to expand! Here are 3 ways to Up Level your business:

Attract your ideal client.

A client recently confided to me in frustration about a customer who regularly yells and demeans her bookkeeper. This bookkeeper is responsible for calling customers who are past due on their invoices. Though her customer is regularly late, he eventually pays. I looked at her sternly and said, “Fire your customer!” Yes, she was shocked at my response and wondered why I would suggest it. As I explained, the purpose of being in business is to align with your ideal customer. Right? The beauty is that you can pick and choose who you want to do business with. So, if your ideal customer is rude, obnoxious and constantly late in paying; then either keep that customer and eventually lose a good employee… or sever the ties!

Set fees that reflect your value and service. 

Are you compensated for the expertise you provide your clients? This is a struggle for many. As an expert, you must possess a level of confidence in yourself and services. Assess the results that you have delivered to previous clients. Are they satisfied with the results? If so, ask for a written or video testimonial. Add them to your marketing collateral. This gives you credibility, thus, allowing your product or service to sell itself regardless of price.

Design your signature program. 

Create a tiered program that allows you to add additional benefits to each level, thus, designing several price points. You are able to use the same offerings while creating more value to each tier. Even better, you can work with multiple clients at various price points.

Up Level Your Finances

Handling your money and finances can be downright dreadful! As director of a nonprofit SBA funded agency, I provide technical assistance to women seeking traditional or micro funding. Some are successful and at the top of their game yet struggle financially at managing their day to day personal and business finances. Their stories are painful yet all too familiar.

Here are 3 financial tips that I commonly share with clients:

Create a budget.  

A personal budget is extremely important in managing your household while your business’ budget allows you to maintain a positive cash flow, pay your overhead and show profit. Properly managing both will help you in determining how much you will save and invest! “The Time Value of Life,” is an informative book in which author Tisa L. Silva, combines finance lessons and real-life experiences to illustrate the importance of each. Two easy to use online tools recommended by Jenny Kerr, CEO of The Jenny Pincher, LLC are Adaptu and Mint. Both can help you track your expenses.

Invest wisely. 

Having an investment plan is the key to long term success. There are many options available, so I suggest you speak with a financial advisor.

Establish a savings plan. 


Do you set money aside for an emergency? Are you ‘Paying Yourself’ first? With the economy being so weak, sometimes it takes every penny that comes in to make ends meet. You must get out of that mind set and start saving on a regular basis. Start small and increase as time goes on.

In addition, if you routinely pay all of your financial obligations before putting a percentage in savings, the probability of a healthy savings account or investments is slim. To avoid this, set up a separate account and have a certain amount automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Up Level Your Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while running a business, taking care of your family and maintaining a household can be a juggling act. Many health care experts report that the leading cause of health complications is stress. How well are you listening to your body? It is sacred and should be treated as such! It is what keeps us alive. It is important to treat your body right.

Here are 3 ways to minimize stress:

1. Eat a balanced diet. Avoiding junk foods is an important factor in maintaining good health.
2. Drink plenty of water daily. It is important to drink 8 glasses of water daily to slow down the aging process. Committing to this will keep your body fully hydrated and prevent dryness of skin.
3. Avoid the sun. This is very harmful to your skin. If you must be in the sun, protect your skin from over exposure by using sunscreen products.

Up Level Your Spirit

Are you listening to the voice of your inner spirit? What connects you to it? For some, it is meditation, reading scriptures or attending Church. Simply, spirituality is the search to know our true selves. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life, but the question is how long does it take to get through them? In spite of all that might be going on, it is important to listen to your inner spirit.

Live in the moment. 

By living in the now allows you to experience life directly! Look around you; enjoy the beauty of your surroundings; take a deep breath and exhale; and stop worrying about what if, instead, enjoy what is.

Try this. Write down a daily affirmation and place it on your refrigerator, dashboard of your car or computer’s screen saver. For example, “Today I choose to be centered and connected to my spirit. I open my heart to the beauty of life!” Each day, make it a point to say it… mean it… and live it!

In conclusion, when it comes to success in life, it’s about understanding your mindset and taking steps to Up Level your life!

Sylvia Browder is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. She has served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004. For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs, She can be contacted at info @

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