Are You On a Manifesting Roller Coaster?

by Mariana M. Cooper

As Enlightened Entrepreneurs we are often faced with what seems like a confusing set of circumstances in our businesses especially because we are managing both the marketing and the manifesting.

As I grew my business and reached deeper and deeper into new frontiers I noticed that my manifesting started to become very erratic. An opportunity or new client would come in and I would get excited and then without any incident they would cancel or something would happen and the deal would fall through.

This would happen with other things as well. The ideal clients that I had outlined in my journal would come forward but then I would get someone who was so far off the mark and wonder what is it in me that is attracting this? I thought I had outlined what I wanted and it seems to come and then go.

It was like a roller coaster and every time something "good" would happen I would get excited and then it would go by the wayside and I would get "frustrated or sad". This was feeling confused and disheartened and it was beginning to have an effect on my cash flow.

Why was my manifesting work producing such a roller coaster ride of wanted and unwanted outcomes?

Has this ever happened to you?

Well what I realized was that as I was rapidly stretching and growing myself and my business to new levels, I was also hitting up against new conscious and subconscious comfort zones that needed to be broken through. I was on one hand saying "YES bring it on! I want lots of new clients in my classes, I want lots of speaking opportunities, I want the new homes etc."

But then on the other hand when I got really quiet or when something would burst forth my reaction would be "Oh my that's big!" "Oh wow my schedule is filling up!" "Oh my what if I can't handle that or what if I won't have any free time left or what if I feel trapped in a situation that feels too confining?"

Well those "what if's" as small as they seemed to me were automatically registered by the universe as "Oh, ok she doesn't want that." And in accordance to the law it was taken away. Then I would say "No, no I do want it, I do..." and very shortly it would come back around. And so the roller coaster effect was all due to my own internal ups and downs.

The solution to this is to actually ask for Healing.

1. Ask to be healed of all conscious and subconscious blocks that may stand in the way of you being WILLING to ACCEPT what you desire or think you desire.

2. Ask to be healed of self doubt or provided with all of the resources, systems, staff,     ideal circumstances and situations to support your new growth.

3. Ask for faith or the willingness to be faithful in these new directions that you are creating.

4. Ask to be reminded of your everlasting connection to Spirit that exists NO MATTER what is happening around you.

When you get clear and become truly aware of your own inconsistencies and fix them you will see that the ride will smooth out and you will blast forward to the success that you are seeking!

Have you ever felt like you were on a roller coaster in your manifesting? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Marketing & Manifesting Strategist For Enlightened Entrepreneurs. For more information, products and services visit our blog at:

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