4 Free College Courses for Entrepreneurs

by Angelita Williams
You will discover early on that being an entrepreneur means you will have to be a jack-of-all trades, especially if funds are limited. 

This is because if you can't afford to hire employees, you might have to play every role yourself which may include boss, secretary, accountant, and marketing director just to name a few.   

Handling everything can be overwhelming, especially if you're not trained in finance or any of the other subjects you need to know to help your business flourish. While returning to school is recommended, it can be expensive. Instead, you can opt to "enroll" in free online classes that are designed to help you strengthen any areas you might be weak in. The ones hand-selected below can help you manage your expenses, raise more capital, tighten your marketing campaign and be an overall better boss. 

4 free college courses for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurial Finance, which is offered through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, helps students analyze the preliminary costs and expenses of launching a technology-based start-up venture. The course help students address key issues, including where and how capital can be raised, how much should be raised, and how to read and structure contracts so that you know what you're getting yourself into before signing any dotted line. 
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Entrepreneurial Marketing, which is also offered through MIT, helps its students understand the importance of marketing as well as how to use the resources available to them in order to make a successful campaign and reach desired target audience. After all, without successful marketing it's hard to attract a loyal customer base and actually make money.
Training and Human Resources
If you can afford to hire a few employees, you're going to have to know how to treat them. You're also going to have to know how to set some ground rules for what is deemed as "acceptable" and what isn't— there needs to be a professional atmosphere set in the workplace at all time. This course, provided by the University of California-Irvine, helps entrepreneurs prefect their human resource skills as well as learn the proper way to "train" new hires and be a good boss.
The Entrepreneurial Strategies
Last but not least, The Entrepreneurial Strategies course offered through Kutztown is designed to teach students how to craft entrepreneurial business strategies as well as how to put those strategies into action. The course is equipped with 160 animated slides and is about three hours long. 
There are other free online courses available on the web as well that can more or less help you with any other area you might be struggling in. Try doing a good Google search or look into these following resources to lead you in the right direction: MIT, Academic Earth, and the Open University.
Angelita Williams offers life long learning tips in her articles on college education, lifestyle, and business management. Though she specializes in online education, she likes to think that she can write about any topic with substance and precision. You can contact Angelita at angelita.williams7@gmail.com.


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This post puts hope in entrepreneurs who need more training in the business world. Thank you for coming up with a short list of free online business courses. There will certainly be more well-learned business owners now. And when they decide to enter procurement, they will be better armed with knowledge.

Deb Bailey said...

You're welcome! It's always beneficial to keep learning. Thanks for your comments!

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