4 of the Best Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs

by Amanda Watson

Being an entrepreneur in today’s economy is no easy task. It takes belief in yourself, drive, determination and the willingness to stand up for what you do. Being a woman entrepreneur takes even greater effort. 

Any woman who is successfully running a business can tell you that being a female in power takes plenty of hard work, and that it’s important for women in business to stick together and support one another. 

If you’re in need of some guidance, or a perspective from someone dealing with issues just like you, try listening to some of the newest podcasts especially for women entrepreneurs. Here are four great ones you can listen for free now:

Provided by Knowledge Shift, this series of podcasts features powerful women speaking about entrepreneurship, family, balance and women in business. Featuring Cyndi Maxey, co-author of “Speak Up” and “How to Present Like a Pro,” listeners can take in podcasts from her and a variety of guest female speakers. Podcasts include "It’s in the Bag," "How Green is Your Office," "Powerful Women," and "All in the Family."

Hosted by Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur Ali Brown, this podcast centers on business advice for women, such as perspectives on making more money, starting a business, and maintaining self-confidence. Titles include "Becoming a Money Magnet," "Online Marketing Secrets," and "5 Ways to Stay Organized."

This podcast features an interview with Erin Albert, the author of Single. Women. Entrepreneurs. that highlighted thirty single female entrepreneurs. The talk centers on a discussion of women entrepreneurs across the United States and their perspectives when it comes to starting a self-made business, the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur, and advice to fellow women entrepreneurs. 

WomenEntrepreneurs and Where We Are Headed
Stephanie Frasco is a social media marketer and offers regular podcasts on topics ranging from business sense to online marketing techniques. In this talk she covers women entrepreneurs, her own experience as a woman in business and where she sees women going in the future.

Amanda Watson is an experienced freelancer blogger who covers web-based businesses and higher education. She writes about the latest online MBA news and current trends among online entrepreneurs. You can reach Amanda at watsonamanda.48@gmail.com.


Procurement Books said...

I like the podcast about single women entrepreneurs. It's a very empowering and encouraging interview. It just goes to show that so many single women are resilient amidst the economic fluctuations today. ne main advantage that they have is acquiring flexible schedules. They have so much time and energy to devote to earning and improving their businesses even if they have day jobs. An amazing genre of entrepreneurs, indeed.

Deb Bailey said...

I agree! The number of single women entrepreneurs is certainly growing. Thanks for your comments!

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