What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

by Kendall SummerHawk

Every woman entrepreneur has goals for her business that are personal to her, and that need to work with her lifestyle.

First, you need to know exactly what are your goals, so that you don’t risk falling into the trap of designing your business based on someone else’s expectations, or on what you see others doing that may not ultimately be the right fit for you.

The mistake I see a lot of women making is thinking they have to give up something important to them, else they can’t be successful.

For example, let’s say your goals are to keep your business part-time so that you can spend a lot of time with your family. While a part-time business may not make millions of dollars, it doesn’t mean you have to give up reaching a financial goal of six or even multi six figures. That is totally achievable if you know what to do and have the right systems to follow.

Or let’s say you’re passionate about the idea of creating an empire, but you’re worried you’ll be a slave to your business, sacrificing your time and your freedom.

Here’s the good news: No matter what you’re goals are, you can achieve them!

What will help is knowing what TYPE of entrepreneur you are. I’ve boiled it down to 3 entrepreneurial types: The Empire Builder, the Lifestyle Seeker and the World Changer.

Each type has it’s own strengths, fears and pitfalls to avoid. By knowing which type YOU are, you can play to your strengths (which will magnify your opportunities) and avoid costly mistakes. Let’s see which type you are, okay?

The Empire Builder

Bigger is always better for you, as you love the idea of completely “owning a space” within your industry. As a kid you were the one who set up the lemonade stand or started your own baby-sitting service instead of playing Barbie.

And while you love the idea of being a leader, you worry that you may have to sacrifice too much to get the success you are passionate to achieve. Which means you often feel pulled by competing priorities of business, home, family, hobbies and more.

Financially, you’re not willing to sacrifice your dreams of an amazing lifestyle and all of the goodies that come with it. But you do need to be careful not to fall into the trap of creating unnecessary money drama as “false fuel” that drives you to keep growing.

My advice is this: Create a Personal Money Blueprint that includes steering clear of money drama and eliminating the people and the situations from your life who pull you down and keep you small.

You’ll also be well served by surrounding yourself with a strong, confident, ambitious woman mentor who has a handle on creating an amazing life. She’ll help you stay centered in your Divine Feminine energy and will coach you to find your version of success, without feeling guilty and without giving up your glorious Empire Building dreams!

The Lifestyle Seeker

You value quantities of free time to spend with family, being with friends and pursuing a variety of interests and hobbies. Starting your business was attractive to you because it promised that you could create an amazing lifestyle along with income.

The trick is to not fall into the trap of playing small and limiting your income just because you only want to work part-time!

While you may not make the millions of dollars the Empire Builder likely will, you can absolutely enjoy a thriving, successful six and multi six figure business.

My advice is this: Your Personal Money Blueprint needs to include the key income generators that maximize your opportunities in very little time.

And as for your mindset? Be careful not to buy into the belief that making a great income from your business takes tons of time! With the right mentoring you can easily create a six and multi six figure plan that is simple, easy to follow and provides you with the freedom you crave.

The World Changer

Serving a mission greater than yourself is what fuels your passion and commitment. You may have even started your business by accident, and often wonder if you’ll be able to make it work because it’s so not about the money for you.

As a result, you worry about money perhaps more than any of the three entrepreneurial types, and don’t ever seem to have the money you need to grow your business and attract clients. Money is a big source of anxiety for you, which is doubly distressing because it’s the very thing you believe you care about the least.

While you’re the first to say, “I’m not in business for the money” this mindset will prevent you from having the world-changing impact you are most passionate about creating.

My advice is this: Your Personal Money Blueprint needs to include a clear, passionate commitment to making money because it’s really tough to change the world when you can’t reliably pay your bills.

You will also be best served if you stop avoiding hanging out with wealthy people and instead, immerse yourself in communities of thriving entrepreneurs.

If you vow to stop avoiding wealthy people and instead, focus on soaking up everything you can about how they generate income, you’ll quickly become a powerful influencer and you’ll learn how to generate the cash you need to fund your cause. Instead of being the poor person who talks about making a change, you’ll be the successful entrepreneur who makes change happen!

Whichever Type Of Entrepreneur YOU Are, With The Right Personal Money Blueprint You Can Be Rich, Successful And Happy!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a j-o-b, it’s a life journey that gives you everything you need to be a positive force for change, for good and for wealth in the world. Just remember that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones you play full out, without compromise, in their life and in their business.

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Procurement Books said...

It would be very nice to be a bit of each one, don't you think? Being a woman entrepreneur is a very empowering career. You get to have the world in your hands to help form it into a better one.

Deb Bailey said...

Yes, I agree it would be ideal to have a bit of each. The great thing is that we can make those choices when we are in our own businesses. Thanks for your comments!

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