Shannon VanBuskirk of GovX on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Shannon Van Buskirk is a founder, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of GovX. Before founding GovX, Shannon was a co-founder and served as Chief Operating Officer of Pacifica Sales where she was responsible for overseeing the design and development of the popular Web site. Shannon was also responsible for all of Pacifica Sales’ operations, customer support, technical operations and accounting.

Her development and management of ecommerce Web site led to its success in growing to over $30 million in ecommerce sales of tactical eyewear, boots, gloves and other items directly from Oakley to military personnel and other government agencies. Prior to co-founding Pacifica Sales, Shannon had a very successful 18 year career in residential real estate. A real estate executive with Coldwell Banker in La Jolla before moving to the Willis Allen Company, the largest independently operated real estate company in Southern California. Shannon moved to Willis Allen in 1995 to work with Andy Nelson when Mr. Nelson purchased all remaining shares of the company. Willis Allen Real Estate was established in 1914 and specializes in luxury, high end homes.

Shannon is responsible for overseeing the design of web site as well as all customer support and key operations of the company. She received a B.A. in Communications from the University of the Pacific.

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