Want Your Clients to Get Better Results? Do These 3 Things

by Therese Skelly

Want to be a better coach or service provider? Take better care of your clients? Get even more rocking results?


I have some good stuff for you in this article. After hosting a biz retreat for 4 days, and seeing the beyond belief results, I can honestly say, that there were some strategies that emerged that in retrospect added to the power to create huge shifts.

You can also use these for any business you have! So let’s rock and roll...

#1 – Decide to play your biggest game possible

Does that sound silly? Kinda trite of cliché? I know. Every Life Coach in the world is telling you that. AND, I also know that there’s something you would probably love to do or offer, but haven’t yet allowed yourself to do it.

Here’s what happens…

You may be making your decisions based on ‘will they buy this or not.’ On one hand that is reasonable marketing advice. Market research, target market needs, etc. But you can't hide out here forever, playing small and being afraid to take risks.

Better yet, listen to your desire! Listen to the program or product that is calling you to create it. Say yes to the thing that scares the pants off of you. THAT’s what playing the biggest game means. Instead of playing safe, TAKE NEW ACTION. Start selling something that will bring you joy. Because here’s what I know….if you have the desire, there is an audience out there that you can serve.

I have been saying for years that I wanted to do retreats, and finally got sick of just talking about it, so my action was to plop down $3k to rent the space even before I had sold the program out. The willingness to lock myself into that commitment made it much easier to pick up the phone and start inviting the right people. So after you decide, just move forward! No backing out! Just offer it. When you say yes to the bigger game you play, you become a far better model for your clients.

#2 – Give first and profit second

This retreat had a ‘feel’ to it that I wanted to convey. It would have netted me an additional $4200 if I had the participants pay for their own lodging and food. But when I got the vision of how I wanted the retreat to be, I ‘got’ that I wanted to create a really soothing and supportive and peaceful environment. All the food was organic, vegetarian, healthy, and yummy! The space was big and magical. My clients didn’t have to deal with crappy hotel food or bland, boring meeting rooms.

I will say this. There is a place for profit. You absolutely SHOULD be paid very well. And then there is a time when you just add extra value, give more, and shoot for creating a much different or unique experience.

Where can you do that in your biz?

If you are always focused on cutting corners and trying to get every last cent out of your clients, their results and retention will reflect that.

So ask yourself….where could you spend a bit more $ to give your clients that little extra that lets them know you care?

You want to be thinking about the LIFETIME value of the client. So while on one hand I may have ‘lost’ that $4200, the reality is that I’ll very likely more than make it up in the next few months because the clients will want more. One person will be booking a VIP day with me as a result of seeing the work at the retreat, and I’m banking on being able to serve the others in different ways as well in the future. That’s how it goes. By focusing on the experience and not always leading with the bottom line, you will be seen in a much different (better!) light.

#3 – Expect more of your client than they think they are capable of

Whoa Nelly! Getting a little ‘drill instructor-ish” with this one, but let me explain. You as coach or healer or service provider should know what’s possible if people work with you. But more than that, you MUST have a belief in your clients’ ability to transform that is bigger than any fear, doubt, or concern that will be encountered along the way.

Day one of my retreat I said these words ----


I can say that because I know that the journey is often one that scares the heck out of most people and that they usually stop and never get to that sweet other side.

So it was my job as coach and facilitator to push, very lovingly, on those places where I saw the clients playing small, defaulting to their old beliefs or ideas, or not stepping in to play the bigger game they totally can be playing. Now let’s talk about you.

Because here is the caveat...

You have to be ‘walking the talk’ as well! You can’t expect your clients to go through the fire, be unstoppable, do Whatever It Takes to be their most powerful selves, if you are not willing to do the same in your own life or biz!

I always tell my students and clients to BE THEIR BRAND! And that means that whatever you want to teach, you get to live into. Most often that comes because of contrast. I’ll give an example. A few years ago when things were challenging for me financially one of my dear biz girlfriends said, “Look, your business is called Happy in Business so if you can’t figure out how to be happy RIGHT HERE, you can’t own that name!” Harsh, but true.

Your turn.

Where can you live more fully into what you teach so you can say, ‘Yeah, this stuff REALLY works!”

Here’s what I know…

The more you invest in yourself, the more powerful YOU become, the more your clients will benefit. It’s way cool! So your #1 job isn’t to get more ideas to grow your biz. No. Your most important work is to become the powerful leader you are meant to be!


(c) 2012 Therese Skelly. Discover a simple, yet surprising secret to getting unstuck in your small business by visiting www.HappyInBusiness.com and signing up for her next free workshop and receive a free audio "Uncovering the 7 Biggest Money Drains in Your Business-Tips and Tactics to Stop Losing Money Each Month."

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