What Did Your Word-of-the-Year Teach You?

by Christine Kane

This is the time of year when I get emails and Facebook notes from people who downloaded my Word of the Year Discovery Tool last year at this time.  They’re writing to share the breakthroughs that happened to them as they let a single word “guide” them throughout the past 365 days.

This practice of choosing a word-of-the-year (rather than making resolutions) is something I wrote about in a blog post back in 2006. The post went mildly viral.  Since then, all kinds of articles have been written about it, jewelry artists create custom-made word jewelry for people who want to wear their word, and Facebook is alive and kicking with discussions about it.  (My Platinum mastermind has already started talking in our private forum about their word for next year.)

I now believe that choosing a word for the year is so compelling because it takes the “should” out of our own upleveling. Our word calls us out, rather than driving us to work harder.

In the world of business ownership and entrepreneurship, the idea of intention all too often revolves around ego-driven achievement. So it goes like this:

If you have a goal, you name that goal. You go for that goal. You make it happen. You reach that goal. You get the reward. Then you make another goal.  You are almost always going for “more” or “better” or “faster.”

And yes, this is a completely valid way to do things.  And it works, too! Hell, it’s what makes many businesses successful!

However, the thing about goals and intentions when created from such a hardcore place of drive is that often, what we say we want is actually coming from a place of lack or shame or fear.  So, yes, we can make lots of stuff happen, but the true thing we desire – our own freedom – doesn’t ever happen.

And this is what strikes me about these messages from people who chose a word based on my coaching in that little tool I created.  They are most excited about the strength and freedom that unfolded within.  Not just the results they created.  Almost always, they report that they had a little bit of resistance to their word at first. Or they were surprised at their word. Or they wanted a “cooler” word. Or a “bigger” word.  But the word they ended up choosing was the perfect word for their true upleveling.

When we step back and just allow, our word of the year seems to simply choose us.

This is not to say that you can’t go forth and achieve and get things done and be your big badass self.  (In fact, action is required!)  But it is to say that setting an intention is often much more fun when there’s mystery involved.  When you open up to a word that will truly guide you, you’re doing much more than playing some kitschy little new year’s game. You are letting your soul show you the way to your own wild open-hearted custom-made path of happy.

So, I’d rather hear from you than me on this topic.  If you’ve ever chosen a word of the year, what was your experience during that year? What happened? What didn’t happen? And most important, how did it open you up?  Share away and let’s inspire some peeps!

Oh, and if you want to grab my Word-Of-The-Year Discovery Tool, it’s here for the taking. http://christinekane.com/word/

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 26,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at http://christinekane.com.

Should You Make Promises?

by Lisa Sasevich

A lot of people will tell you that it’s difficult these days to fill events, but that just doesn’t have to be the case.

To easily fill your large or small event with ideal, action-taking clients, you need to make sure that you have a clear and distinct promise that is evident in the title of your event.

The promise is the transformation that the attendees are going to receive. It’s how their life or business will be transformed by attending your event.

The clearer your promise, the easier it will be to fill the seats.

For instance, if you’re a woman who’s struggling with midlife hormonal shifts, and you see an event, like Karen Leggett’s, called The Art of Balancing Hormones, you’re going to say, Hey, that’s exactly what I need. Sign me up.

Monetize Your Mission was the very first event I ever did. Its promise is clear. You want to monetize the mission that you’re on? Go to the event. Our bestselling event, which has more than 2,300 graduates all over the world, is Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp. You want to speak and sell, where should you go? Lisa Sasevich.

When the promise isn’t evident in the title, it’s much harder to fill the room. If people can’t tell from a glance what they’re going to get, it becomes a slog for you to explain it.

I used to teach a class for another company called The Amazing Development of Men. The title doesn’t tell you what you’re actually going to get, so I spent a lot of time explaining the promise, until I finally got the brainstorm to change the name to “Understand Men 101.” When we did that, we went from introductory classes of 4, 8 or 20 people to 50, 100 and 200 people—just by adjusting the event promise. Again, that worked because the outcome of finally understanding men was obvious—and irresistible—to the people who wanted that result.

Extend the Magic
Now, once you get your ideal clients in the room, you continue the magic of this simple idea by having an equally clear and distinct promise for your upsell—whatever it is that you are offering attendees to continue and deepen their work with you.

So, if that’s your high-ticket mentorship or mastermind group program, it needs to have a clear and evident promise as well.

As you can see, this is a concept that can serve you many times over. In fact, it’s part of the secret sauce that, for me, has generated more than $20 million in sales and allowed me to work from home with the most amazing clients, touching people all over the world.

If you’d like to learn more about the ingredients of this secret sauce and have me show you exactly how to get not just to the promise of your event but the promise of your mastermind, you’ve got to attend Event Profit Secrets. We’ll show you how to create an experience that your clients will not want to end, so they’ll stay with you in your group program for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months after your event.

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The Hero’s Journey is Everyone’s Journey

by Maritza Parra

Have you ever watched a movie and wished you were the hero of the movie? Lost yourself completely that you thought you were in the movie – until the end credits brought you back to reality? When you watch a movie about a hero, you feel excitement, fear, suspense – you feel inspired and excited and more.

That’s the hero part of you, waiting for you to answer the call to become a hero in your own business and life.

You don’t have to be a swash-buckling pirate saving a damsel to be a hero. You don’t have to be Diana Nyad, swimming from Cuba to Florida, to be a hero. Being a hero can mean stepping up in your life to live more fully, taking more risks and going after more opportunities, or awakening to develop your unique gifts and creativity.

The Hero’s Journey is everyone’s journey, if you choose to grow and make positive changes. It can mean “showing up” more fully present in your relationships. Or taking your talents and gifts more seriously and finally taking the time and space to follow a dream.

And will there be challenges?

Absolutely. The path to becoming a hero in your own life is not challenge-free. There will be doubts, naysayers, lots of “helpful” advice, pebbles,in the path, unexpected allies and even dragons to deal with.

And that’s when you know you’re on the right path.

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Merry Christmas!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


6 Reasons Blogs Drive Business in Professional Services

by Liz Lynch

As you know, I read a lot of online articles over the course of each week, and share them regularly on social media hoping friends, fans and followers can benefit from the advice and insights as well. Recently I started sharing the “best of the best” in a Top 5 blog series that’s become my favorite post to write each week.

Last week I came across three different articles written by the heads of three different companies, all in different industries, suggesting that blogging has been instrumental to the growth of their business.

    Chris Johnson of Simplifilm, a video production house, said that 60% of their leads have come from just two blog posts.

    John Kramp of consulting firm The Riverstone Group wished he had started blogging sooner: “I now know that if I had started blogging from the beginning,” he says, “I would have learned more much more quickly, I would have been clearer on our business story and would have connected earlier with people to help and cheer us on earlier.”

    Likeable Media founder Dave Kerpen threw down a challenge at his company six years ago to blog daily, and he’s gotten business from decision makers who are regular readers. One even said, ”‘We have to do a RFP, but I’ve been reading your blog for a year now, and I know we’re going to hire you. I have $250,000 for our first project.’”

We see how writing blog posts can help different types of companies attract new business. And it seems that blogging for professional service firms is particularly valuable since B2B services can be hard to explain in simple and compelling ways. But why does it work?

Here are 6 compelling reasons why blogging can be such a big driver of growth for professional services:

1) Writing helps organize your thinking. 

To write a coherent post, you need to identify a central theme, gather the evidence to support it, and structure your argument so others can follow it. This removes a layer of complexity that might be preventing your target audience from seeing the value of your services.

2) Writing pushes you to explain things better. 

With so many years in your field, you see problems and solutions clearly. Because others don’t have that same knowledge, you have to distill complicated ideas into easy-to-understand concepts. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

3) Writing forces you to understand your audience. 

It compels you to look at their perspective and understand not only the common situations they face, but also why they might resist taking action and how to persuade them to do so anyway.

4) Writing regularly means you need to continually generate ideas to write about. 

You begin to build a mountain of evidence that proves your expertise in your field. Typical website marketing copy tells readers you know your stuff. Blog posts show them you do.

5) Writing online facilitates distribution. 

You can easily email links to your articles to potential clients, post them to social media sites, and offer them up as resources in online discussion groups. This also makes it easier for others to read your posts and share them as well.

6) Writing online leaves electronic breadcrumbs that lead back to you. 

Optimizing your posts for search engines and writing posts that others freely share all create a trail that leads prospects back to you when they search online for solutions to their challenges and answers to their questions.

Blogging on a regular basis not only helps your business grow, it helps YOU grow as a professional. You’ll hone, shape and expand your expert knowledge and have more to offer your clients. If you’re not yet blogging for business, now is the time to start. And if you have, your top priority should be to ramp up the quality and frequency of your posts.

© 2009-2013, Liz Lynch International LLC

Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online, shows 6-figure professionals how to unlock the power of their connections and convert relationships to revenues easily, consistently and authentically.”

Why Elevator Speeches Are Lame

by Christine Kane

When I was just out of college, I got a job at a PR firm.  At that time, every new person I met at any party or in any bar always started the conversation with the same question: “What do you do?”

It’s the classic perfunctory question, and as such, it seems to require a perfunctory answer. It dawned on me at this point that I’d been getting asked the “Perfunctory Question” – in some form or another – since I was sixteen.

Think about it. In high school, at some point, everyone starts asking you the same question:

“Where are you going to college?”

So, rather than any exploration of who you are or what you love learning about, you learn how to provide satisfying stock answers. After you finally make your college choice (or default to where you got accepted), you enter the next level of the Perfunctory Question:

“What’s your major?”

Now, you may be so far away from your college years that you don’t remember every college guy you met at every loud party lifting a plastic cup of keg beer to his mouth and asking you…

“So, what’s your major?”

But it happened, I promise. At some point in college, after you’ve shared your major with everyone, you enter the next Perfunctory Question, which is,

“Where are you going to work?” Or “Do you have a job yet?”

Which – again – launches you into easy-to-categorize ways of telling people that you are, in fact, okay, and that you are able to make this conversation safe and easy on them.

Then you enter the world of work. And along with it, you enter into our final Perfunctory Question, which is:

“What do you do?”

This one will follow you forever.

So even though you know that, as a business owner, your income requires that you learn how to market, communicate and connect — you have learned – from years of habit – to dumb it down and make it perfunctory…

“I’m a therapist.”

“I’m a coach.”

“I’m a graphic designer.”

Most of us reduce our work to the most understandable, easiest-to-say category just so people will “get” us and get us fast.  We’ve learned well. And this is why, when you’re introduced to the idea of an elevator speech, you cringe.

After all, having a quick, easy, stock answer always got the job done.  Why should you try to create any deep or meaningful response to that question? Well, because now that you have a business, you have to market. And that means you have to connect a little deeper.

(And no, I’m not asking you to become like your friend Janice who changed her name to “River” and answers this question by telling people she’s a divine presence in the universe here only to provide light and love to all. Please do not do this.)

If you have a business and you want clients, you need to learn how to communicate clearly what you do for people so that you attract them and so that your Ideal Client wants to know more.

You have to break the ‘let’s just get this out and over with” Perfunctory Pattern that you’ve learned up until now.

Here’s how:

1 – CONNECT with your answer.

The elevator speech formula is “I help X [Ideal client] get Y [Results you deliver.]  Take the time to find the most elegantly simple wording of this formula so it works for you, so it’s something you WANT to say over and over again.

2 – PRACTICE your answer.

I know. I know. You’re an “in the moment” kind of person. Practicing your Elevator Speech? That’s so, you know, NOT you.

Okay, yes. But get over it.

When you have a structure and know the steps, you can be “in the moment” all you want. The structure provides the freedom. Every great improv musician started with a metronome at some point.

So, revel in looking like an idiot and walk around your house practicing your Elevator Speech.

3 – ASK a great question.

Rather than waiting for someone to ask you the Perfunctory Question so you can use your Elevator Speech, why not create your own list of three non-perfunctory questions that ultimately defines you as someone who knows the pain points of your clients?

Think about it. You have the opportunity to Uplevel the perfunctory conversation. What questions do you most want to ask people to determine whether or not you are the one to help them or give them a great resource?

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 26,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at http://christinekane.com.


The Good News About Procrastination

by Doreen Rainey

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed for the Your Worth Your Wealth Telesummit where I shared challenges, lessons learned and my successes in building a multi-six figure business.

During that conversation, the topic of procrastination came up and Jenenne, the fabulous host of this event, talked about the idea that the longer we procrastinate, the longer we stay stagnant - in the same place - not making forward progress.

I've heard people say that before, and I actually use to say it myself. Until I realized that it was absolutely not true. It's not true that when you procrastinate you are standing still, not making strides towards your goals - that's the good news. However, there's also bad news. The reason you're not standing still is that when you procrastinate, you are actually losing ground, putting yourself at a deficit and actively putting yourself further and further behind in reaching your goals.

How? Because procrastination uses up a commodity that is nonrecoverable - time!

For every minute that you put something off, for every hour you delay, for every day you say tomorrow, for every week you declare next week, for every month you decide to wait until the first of the following month and for every year you think it better to wait until the new year - you are certainly, without a doubt, NOT standing still. Your are significantly putting yourself behind schedule - so much so that it may be next to impossible to recover.

It's corny but true - time waits for no one.

If you think that by allowing:

    Other people's needs
    Lack of knowledge
    Feeling overwhelmed
    The fact that it's not "fun"
    That fact that you're scared to make a decision
    The idea that it will be uncomfortable
    The thought that you will be inconvenienced
    That you'll have to go at alone
    That you'll have to wait for _________ (fill in the blank) to happen.

that you're just keeping yourself in the same place, you are WRONG!

If you've been procrastinating on goals that you set yesterday, last month, in January, two years ago, five years ago, ten years ago - and all you do is say "someday" or "one day", I just want to remind you that at some point, "someday" or "one day" won't be option. Not necessarily because you'll be dead, but because the opportunities that are available to you right now to assist you in getting your goals accomplished won't be there.

There's another saying, "It's never too late." Well, that depends on what you're talking about. And for some, your procrastination will result in the very real fact that, "It's too late."

So how do you combat your procrastination? How do you get moving and not put off what you know you need to do?

In answering that, I could reference psychology articles, strategies to overcome fear or ways to set up accountability structures. Or, I could just say: find one thing you can do today that that you've been putting off and do it. Then, tomorrow, find another thing you've been putting off and do that. On the day after that....I hope you get the picture.

Don't make this harder than it is. Get over your list of excuses and in the words of Nike - Just Do It.

If you need clarity, a plan, a strategy, a new perspective or a shift around what's possible for you when you move past the tasks you've been procrastinating on - contact me a about a RADICAL Breakthrough Strategy Session or a RADICAL VIP Day.

RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey helps her clients Get RADICAL - by defining success for themselves and getting the guts to go after it. Get her FREE RADICAL Success Starter Kit at www.doreenrainey.com.
© 2013 Doreen Rainey

5 Leadership Tips From Women Who Made it to the Top

by Taylor Short
Today, women are climbing to higher positions at major companies, becoming senior vice presidents and executives despite the tendency for them to drop off as they move up the corporate ladder.

Software Advice, a source for technology reviews and comparisons, wanted to discover more about how women are changing the business landscape, so we charted the journeys of five highly-successful women in customer service and found out that a combination of relationship building, being flexible and welcoming and implementing feedback led them to their positions today.

Molly DeMaagd

Title: Social Media Customer Service Director, AT&T

Years of Experience: 19

Biggest Takeaway: Identify and fill unmet customer needs.

A 19-year AT&T employee, Molly DeMaagd reached her position as the social media customer service director after starting in the company’s call centers, helping launch the first email customer service team, and its first online self-service customer service website.

In her current role, DeMaagd noticed more customers posting service questions to the company’s Facebook page, and knew she needed to make a new path to help these customers. CEO of AT&T Mobility Ralph de la Vega requested that a new social media customer service team be created, and DeMaagd lead the project from only four members in 2009 to the 70-person team today.

DeMaagd’s ability to spot and fill gaps in the customer experience is what helped her become a key figure in AT&T’s support services.

Sandi Hassett

Title: Director of North America Customer Service, LifeScan

Years of Experience: 11

Biggest Takeaway:Use collaboration to lead your team toward a goal.

Sandi Hassett honed her strong leadership skills on the battlefield, leading a platoon as an Army officer stationed at Fort Polk, LA. In her 11 years as the director of North American Customer Service for LifeScan, a producer of blood glucose monitoring devices owned by Johnson & Johnson, these abilities helped her build the structure necessary to establish clear roles for each department.

“We needed to identify how business needs and [the customer service department] fit in the organization,” she says. With this goal in mind, Hassett implemented skip-level meetings, a weekly informational summary sent by email, and focus groups to ensure communication from customers, employees and executives is easily communicated throughout the company.

Her efforts have improved company operations, no doubt thanks to her leadership experience.

Namrata Kripalani Felger

Title: Director of Customer Experience and Quality, Dell

Years of Experience: 11

Biggest Takeaway: Constantly ask questions to get to the root of a problem.

Namrata Kripalani Felger worked her way up to her position as director of customer experience and quality for Dell after starting as manager of the computer and technology giant’s supply chain and operations department.

She found success by harnessing her curiosity; she questions the validity of processes and breaks down problems into simpler pieces by asking “why”. “This strengthens my ability to improve processes and manage through change,” she says.

Felger monitored three data points--employee feedback, customer feedback, and internal metrics--and significantly improved the customer’s experience transitioning to the newest Dell products.

She led a team to smooth out the process and improved key sales and operational metrics by as much as 30 percent by simply asking questions.

Barbara Higgins

Title: Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Retention, Allstate Insurance

Years of Experience: 24

Biggest Takeaway: Being proactive in learning about your industry, employees and customers.

After several years of experience as Disney’s operations director, Barbara Higgins joined Allstate Insurance as senior vice president of customer experience and retention. She immediately immersed herself in learning everything about the insurance industry by meeting with experts, agency owners, and customers.

“When I was ready to start implementing key initiatives, I knew what to measure in order to figure out if the direction was right or not,” Higgins says. “I had a better idea of what the impact might be on the individuals charged with delivering service to our customers.”

Once she began using this new knowledge, she was able to remove barriers that kept Allstate from improving the customer experience by engaging employees and moving them to positions that match their skills.

Sheri Williams

Title: Director of Customer Service, Trulia.com

Years of Experience: 14

Biggest Takeaway:Establish strong relationships with peers early to facilitate changes later.

At Trulia, a residential real estate listing website, Sheri Williams directs the customer service department. She started her career in community relations at a bank call center, and served in a leadership role at Janus Capital Group for six years.

Creating a strong relationship early on with Trulia’s vice president of product helped Williams in suggesting product changes based on feedback from the customer service representatives. She established the relationship by staying in contact with him by email and phone, and by travelling to San Francisco about once a month to meet in person.

Williams used this communication channel to address an issue with corrections to real estate listings on Trulia.com. She suggested emphasizing certain system enhancements to the VP of product and he listened. The problem had a swift solution thanks to her efforts.

Communication and Relationships are Crucial to Excellent Customer Service

The women we spoke to blazed different paths to their current positions, but effectively leading a team toward a customer service goal requires two things each one possesses: the ability to communicate and build relationships with colleagues, employees and customers.

5 Ways to Think like an Entrepreneur

by Deborah A. Bailey

If you looking for ways to reinvent your career or make the leap into entrepreneurship, now is the time!  

Though there are a lot of people starting businesses these days, entrepreneurial thinking is not restricted to business owners.  Learning to think like an entrepreneur will give you skills to succeed no matter what's happening in the economy.

Let’s take a look at the traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Having a vision – What do you really want to achieve in your life? What do you enjoy doing? When you have a vision for what you want to accomplish, you can stop running in circles. You can stop following what other people are doing, or listening to well-meaning people who think they know what’s best. Do you want to follow your passion and live your purpose? Start with a vision.

Being creative – Creativity isn’t just about art! It’s also about thinking outside the box in order to solve problems and find new ways of doing things. When you connect with your creativity, you are open to solutions that may come from places you never expected.

Trusting your intuition – How often do you listen to your “inner” voice? It may be hard to do when there’s so much going on around you. When you learn to trust your own judgment, you can trust that you know what’s best for you.

Taking risks – It’s possible that in order to achieve what you want, you may have to try something completely new. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? That’s what risk taking is all about.

Taking action – Once you have gathered the information you need, it’s time to take action. When you’re proactive you get to decide the next step, as opposed to having it decided for you. And don’t forget – choosing not to make a decision is also a decision! When you let things happen by default, you can end up being a victim of circumstances instead of being a victor.

Remember, you have to be it before you can do it. Whether you decide to become an entrepreneur or not, you can think like one. Instead of waiting to be chosen you can choose success!

Copyright © 2012 - 2016 Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life." She's also the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio, a weekly women entrepreneurs podcast. http://DeborahABailey.com


Success Expert & Author Randy Kay CEO of TenorCorp on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #281

Randy Kay has been an accomplished CEO, humanitarian, corporate executive and success trainer for some of the most accomplished people and companies in the world. He is a person who is pioneering a new definition of success that encourages people to follow their unique journey and reach their singular destination. Kay has shared his knowledge and the collective experience of generations of success “masters” into Daily Keys to Success, a comprehensive book on how to improve your skills and abilities for producing a thriving life.

After a long, successful career and life producing results for Fortune 500 companies and training thousands, Randy Kay created TenorCorp as a strategic development organization for individuals and companies throughout the world. He has coached or trained countless highly successful people to achieve their own unique success by customizing an approach using consistent success factors: universal principles, skills, and practices that once grasped and applied, will guarantee success.

Randy Kay is chairman and CEO of TenorCorp, a diversified strategic development firm that works with emerging to large companies, and individuals seeking to grow their business or personal and team skills. Earlier in his career he served as CEO of a biotech company and a media company, commercial executive with large pharmaceutical and medical device companies like Johnson & Johnson, and chairman or board member for numerous philanthropic organizations.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Kay began his career in marketing for Procter & Gamble and by creating promotional campaigns for worldwide corporations. However, ask him to define his success, and Kay says, “Success for me is when I see my contributions reflected in the success of someone else so they can thrive.” http://www.randywkay.com/

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Are Your Clients Accountable Enough?

by Kendall SummerHawk

If you’re in the business of transformation then it’s imperative that your clients get into action and actually implement all that they are learning from you.

So what do you do when a client promises to take a step forward…and instead, stalls out?

Or when a client checks in with you, full of excuses rather than celebrations?

Or when a client ignores the commitments they made and instead focuses on a host of other, questionably productive activities?

If there is one secret between those who are successful and those who are not, it’s in their appreciation and commitment to being accountable.

Which is why, you, as their coach/mentor or healer/teacher need to have a few effective strategies under your belt so that you feel confident and prepared when your client shows up as less than powerful in this crucial area.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies for handling "L.O.A.D." (that is, lack of accountability disorder). Oh, and you can use these strategies for yourself, too! :-)

Strategy #1 Peer Pressure Works

Staying accountable to a goal is easier when the goal is publicly stated. This is when peer pressure is a useful tool because most people will get into action rather than face the embarrassment of "not coming through". So the next time your client states a goal, ask them to post it on Facebook, or share it with 3 supportive friends or post it in any other public way they have available to them.

Strategy #2 Head Off Distractions Before They Happen

When you’re coaching or requesting your client to take action, ask them which part of their goal is the most exciting or feels the easiest for them. Then (and this is the powerful part) ask them which part feels the most challenging. Finally, coach them on ways they can take empowered action if that challenge should happen. By revealing now what might get in their way, and by creating a plan, you’re setting your client up for amazing success.

Strategy #3 Book-End Daily Progress

Who can your client report into each morning about their intended actions for the day…and report in again to at the end of the day with their progress? This is called "book-ending" and it is one of the most powerful accountability tools I’ve ever used. I love it so much that we set up book-ending buddies with our Stars Courageous Coaching® members, asking them to either book-end on the Stars forum, or privately with each other via email.

Strategy #4 Meet Each Excuse With A Question

Sure, life happens and things come up for people. But this is rare. What is more common is for your client to come to a session with you, loaded up with excuses (ahem, consider this code for either a lack of commitment to the original goal, or, prioritizing everyone else’s needs before their own). Your role is to dive into why they let this happen and what would have to be true for them to stay committed as if their life depended on it.

Remember, Your Clients Want You To Kick Their Butt, So What Are You Waiting For?

Would you like to learn simple ways you can brand, package and price your services, quickly move away from "dollars-for-hours work" and create more money, time, and freedom in you business? Check out my web site, http://www.KendallSummerHawk.com, for free articles, resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar "Money Blocks & Breakthroughs.

Award-winning, million dollar marketing coach Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert in women entrepreneurs and money.

Year End Promotions Your Customers and Clients Will Love

by Sydni Craig-Hart

There’s nothing small about the revenue potential of year-end (or holiday) season when it comes to small businesses. It’s the time of year when your ideal clients are spending big, and — if you’ve got the right plan in place — primed and ready to spend with you.

As the season approaches, it’s important to identify factors that could influence your audience’s purchase decisions. Keep these trends in mind as you start this year’s planning and promotional strategy.

1. Your audience has gone mobile

Here’s a snapshot of what happened in the world of mobile this past year:

    Smartphone usage in the U.S. increased by 50% (Kleiner Perkins)

    The number of emails being opened on mobile increased by 330% (Litmus)

    Tablet usage doubled in the U.S. (Pew Research Center)

Bottom Line: More people than ever are using mobile devices to make their purchase decisions. If a potential client can’t easily find and consume the information they’re looking for from their mobile device or if you send an email that doesn’t look good on a smartphone or tablet, it could cost you business.

2. Your next clients and customers are looking for consumer feedback

Over 90 percent of consumers now read reviews before making a purchase. They trust them too! In one survey, 78 percent of participants said they trusted peer recommendations over ads.

Bottom Line: In addition to review sites like Yelp, consumers are also relying on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to help with shopping research.

You’ll want to be active on the sites where people are looking for your offerings and pay close attention to what’s being said about your business. Look for opportunities to engage with your fans on Facebook, respond to a customer’s question on Twitter, or thank someone for a positive online review at every opportunity.

3. Email still sells more than social media

According to new data from Monetate, email continues to be one of the biggest drivers of conversions for businesses with an eCommerce presence.

The study, which analyzed more than 500 million shopping experiences in the first quarter of 2013, found that the conversion rate for email was 3.19 percent, compared to 1.95 percent for search, and just .71 percent for social media.

Bottom Line: While social media and other online marketing tools will also play an important part in this year’s promotion, your permission based email contact list will continue to be one of your most valuable assets. Keep that in mind as you start your planning.

No matter what type of product or service you sell, one thing remains the same: people are shopping online, by phone, or in-person during the year-end season. Make sure you’re the business they choose to spend with when making purchases for their friends, family, and colleagues.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with planning your year-end campaign, I have just the guide to help make it a little easier: FREE Year-End Campaign Planning Guide

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Mentor, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com. Known for her easy, strategic and results-focused approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client's businesses so they can create money NOW.

Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com for your FREE kit, "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" and schedule your FREE "Profit Breakthrough" session with Sydni!

Deirdre Baker Founder of Superior Business Management Solutions LLC on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Deirdre “DJ” Baker is the founder of Superior Business Management Solutions, LLC. She has over 20 years experience in the areas of business management, accounting, business processes and executive support.

DJ assisted in the startup and growth of small companies and support of larger ones as they navigated through mergers and acquisitions. She has worked in various industries including Security, Fitness, Construction, Financial, Investigative, and Waste Management.

Her career over these 20+ years and her outside work as a volunteer and freelancer, has given her extensive knowledge in all areas of Business Management, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, B2B Relations, Account Management, Office Management, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Print Design, WordPress Web Design, Blogging, eBook Creation, Article Marketing, and so much more.
She has personally worked as a freelancer for well over 5 years prior to starting Superior and has helped many businesses manage their back office support needs. Her knowledge is diverse, always expanding, and cutting edge.

Deirdre has recently launched “Today’s Small Business“; a digital magazine catering to Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Business, Solopreneurs, WAHMs, and anyone interested in starting a business of their own. http://superiorbms.com

Today's Small Business digital magazine http://goo.gl/KIQUia.

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 8:00 pm EST


Sharon Levy CEO & Founder of Taking Tea InStyle on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

The luxe entertainment tea boutique, namely Taking Tea InStyle, was founded in 2005 by CEO and Founder, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Sharon Levy.  After spending many years in corporate America, where she held various management positions, Ms. Levy turned her attention to her true passion: her love for tea and entertaining; hence the creation of “The Ultimate Tea Experience.”

It is Ms. Levy's attention to detail and flair for design that leaves her guests enchanted and wanting more. From the moment you invite Taking Tea InStyle into your space, you are assured of receiving the best experience possible. A serene atmosphere is set with fine china, exotic flowers, delicate pastries and tea sandwiches.  Ms. Levy prides herself in providing a “white glove” service on a level found at only the most exclusive venues.

In addition to providing the ultimate tea experience, she has a line of custom blend whole leaf teas that will not only delight your palate but heal your soul.

The teas are available at boutique locations as well as on the website.

Ms. Levy is certified by The Specialty Tea Institute (STI) in Tea Education Level I and II. STI is a division of the Tea Association of the USA, dedicated to serving the needs of purveyors in the specialty tea industry.

In addition, she's also is an expert in social etiquette and dining skills, and she presents workshops for children and adults.


Listen on Libsyn:


Life is a Laboratory

by Jack Canfield

Everyone has a dream.

Many of us simply lose sight of it or let it go because of some earlier disappointment, rejection, or lack of progress.  The natural tendency is to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, so we deny our dream, afraid to reach out for the people, resources, and opportunities that could support it.

I want to share a quick story about my friend Catherine Lanigan.  She had earned a college scholarship on her strengths as a gifted writer. Catherine’s Harvard professor gave her an F on her first short story and convinced her she had no talent. She wrote nothing more for 13 years.

Then one day in her small Texas town Catherine visited a movie set. When she expressed her desire to be a writer, one of the scriptwriters shot back, "B.S.! If you wanted to be a writer, you would have written."

When Catherine explained how her professor discouraged her, the scriptwriter replied, "An academic guy? What does he know? I write for a living. Tell you what. You go home and write something and send it to me, and I’ll tell you if I think you have any talent in the real world of commercial literature."

A year later, Catherine finished her novel and sent it to the scriptwriter, who loved it and sent it to his agent in New York. The agent also loved it and asked to represent her work. Catherine’s first novel was followed by numerous others including Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, which became a major motion picture.

Is there a dream buried deep within you? If so, you owe it to yourself—and the world—to fully express it.

First you need to get in touch with your dream. When you get in touch with the essence of who you are and what it is that really wants to come through you, it propels you forward, allowing you to overcome any obstacle, no matter how big.

Secondly, gather feedback from many people (but don’t let someone else’s opinion bury your dream as Catherine did for so long). Whether you’re venturing into a new career, proposing a project in your community, or developing a computer application, get as much feedback as you can. Weigh it; then follow your own instincts.

Finally, try things you’ve never tried before to see what works. When we were kids, we’d try anything, but now? Today a child having a computer problem will hit every button to get it to work. Many adults fear touching the wrong button will break it.

Embrace a spirit of curiosity and playfulness in your pursuit. If one thing doesn’t work, try another. If that doesn’t work, try something else. This can be great fun. Imagine life as one big laboratory—and keep experimenting until your dream yields the results you want.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul® and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at: www.FreeSuccessStrategies.com.

Support Small Business Saturday®

Support your favorite small business!

November 30th is Small Business Saturday®, a day to celebrate and support the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.

The Secrets of Success blog is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we’re encouraging everyone to Shop Small® on November 30th.

Most importantly, get out there, Shop Small, and let’s make this November 30th the biggest day of the year for small business.

To learn more, visit ShopSmall.com.

Are You Ready for Opportunities Whenever They Arise?

by Liz Lynch

As a business owner, I’m always looking to enhance my odds of a successful outcome, whether it be a speaking engagement, an initial conversation with a prospect, or an actual client assignment.

As a budding photographer, I had that same goal in mind when I booked a weekend in Washington DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Tidal Basin ringed in pink blossoms in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial is one of the most stunning places to photograph. I figured, how hard would it be for a beginner like me to get a great picture?

Well, what I didn’t count on was a winter that lingered into April, keeping the air temperature too cold for the cherries to bloom. I was one of thousands of tourists, camera in hand, strolling among the bare trees on a weekend that is normally considered the peak of color.

Then I stumbled into an orchard swathed in brilliant yellow. Forsythia trees were in full bloom at one end of the Basin. Around each one, families and friends posed for both group shots and selfies, and a close up or two of the golden blossoms themselves.

Because conditions weren’t perfect for the cherry blossoms, they continued to hide, so pent up demand was lavished on the grove of forsythias instead. These flowers were ready for their close up!

It made me think about how tempting it is for professionals to hide when conditions are less than perfect. “It’s the holidays,” “It’s tax season,” “I don’t have my (website/elevator pitch/LinkedIn profile/etc.) ready yet,” or whatever the reason may be.

I’ve found that success comes from consistently reaching out for opportunities, not from saving your strength until every star is aligned. What are you saving it for? Pulling yourself out of the game only puts you further behind competitors who continually work at building their visibility, making new contacts and having conversations to create those opportunities.

So here are some questions to consider…

    Where are you holding yourself back from playing full out?
    What is it you think you are missing?
    What are you doing to overcome this?

Over the next few days, think about these questions, but more importantly, think about ACTIONS you can take to put yourself in the best light no matter what the conditions, so you’ll be ready to shine anytime, all the time.

© 2013, Liz Lynch International LLC

Liz Lynch, international speaker, consultant and author of Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online, shows business professionals how to connect to the right people and attract the opportunities they deserve. To become a more visible leader in your organization or industry, visit www.NetworkingExcellence.com.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated.

Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition. Today, Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday.
-from Wikipedia

Holiday Survival Guide: How to Cope with Your Imperfect Family

by Ali Brown

Holidays are supposed to be times of great joy. Doe-eyed children, glittering decorations, and warm family moments are on display everywhere in films, cards and commercials, and it’s hard not to want to recreate these fictitious scenes in our own lives.

But for most of us, being reunited with our families can bring up a lot of old stuff. And, if you aren’t well armed with a sense of humor before the family starts pouring through the front door, anger and despair from old hurts might swallow your holiday cheer. Here are a few pointers for handling your family with style and grace this holiday season. Hang in there!

Manage your expectations

Most of us would like to think that everyone has a dysfunctional family, and that no one has a family quite as quirky as our own. In a way, this is true because there’s no way anyone else’s family could possibly annoy you as much as your own. Simply maintaining this perspective could cool you off a little. But it’s also healthy to remain realistic about the family dynamic. Instead of shooting for perfection, anticipate that a spat or two might erupt while everyone’s back together. These aren’t simply dinner guests, after all.  They are -- for better and for worse -- your family!

Greet them warmly

If the relationship has been strained in the past, they are probably dreading this holiday reunion time as much as you are. Start things off on a different foot. Give them a warm hug when they walk in the door or express your gratitude for their coming to be with you. You can set the tone for the trip (and reset it every time things start slipping to the old family dynamic).

Pick your battles

Make the distinction about what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. If the conversation takes a turn you don’t want to handle, politely excuse yourself and leave the room. If you know that you are heading toward a dead-end argument, acknowledge this reality and let it go. But, don’t be afraid to defend your beliefs if you feel strongly about them. I don’t know a better way to kill an argument than by saying “We agree to disagree.”

Like everything else in life, family time is sprinkled with warm moments and frustrating ones. If the tree didn’t fall over at least once and the dog didn’t chase Aunt Susie’s cat across the dining room table, then you’d be left with nothing to talk about other than Uncle Harold’s gallbladder. After all, the best memories are the -- well, memorable ones!

© 2010 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at www.AliBrown.com.

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Melissa Cassera

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 12/12/08: 

Melissa Cassera is an award-winning PR Expert and President of Publicity Firm Cassera Communications. When it comes to turning business owners into celebrities, she’s the real McCoy. Melissa has 10+ years of experience as a PR strategist, marketing + communication virtuoso — and has led multi-million dollar campaigns for companies + start-ups in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, and France.

Her clients regularly score national media attention, book deals (with bidding wars), paid speaking gigs — and sometimes, 6-figure spokesperson deals + reality TV show pilots.

From uncovering the latest pop culture trends for business success to prowling around E! Online for hours + hours for legitimate research, Melissa loves the challenge of blending business with passion (and guilty pleasure). Her advice has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News as well as glossy magazines + web portals like Glamour Magazine, Redbook Magazine, AMEX Open and Forbes.


Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Melinda Emerson

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 6/9/10: 

Melinda Emerson “SmallBizLady,” is an author, speaker and small business coach whose areas of expertise include small business start-up, business development and social media marketing.

Melinda‘s mission is to End Small Business Failure. She publishes a resource blog, www.succeedasyourownboss.com. She hosts a weekly talk show on Twitter called #Smallbizchat for emerging entrepreneurs.

As one on the nation’s leading small business experts, Melinda has been featured on NBC Nightly News and in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report and Black Enterprise. Her first book “Become Your Own Boss in 12 months; A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works” was released in March 2010 by Adams Media. Melinda also founded Quintessence Multimedia, a full service strategic communications firm where her clients include Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Comcast and IKEA.

She also writes a regular column on social media for the New York Times You’re The Boss Blog.

Melinda is the author of a workbook and curriculum Are You Ready To Become Your Own Boss? and recorded an audio CD, 10 Things You Must Never Forget in Business. 

Click the link to listen to the archived show: 

Norma T. Hollis America’s Authentic Voice Doctor® on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Norma T. Hollis believes in the strength of the human spirit. She is a multi-gifted, prolific woman who expresses herself as a mentor, speaker and trainer. Her passion is creating programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. She transforms lives with her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas.

Take authenticity. Norma studied authenticity as it relates to the human spirit for over 30 years. Her programs build authenticity in a variety of groups including young children, professional speakers, adults and work groups. Her multi-dimensional perspectives on humanity and what it means to honor the human spirit are giving people greater clarity and confirmation of their reason for being on this planet.

Her programs also inspire people with the courage to claim their authentic life path. Norma helps people learn how to live with the joy that accompanies the deep level of self-knowledge that comes when their human spirit quests for what is real. http://www.normahollis.com/

Date: Wednesday, November 20th
Time: 8:00 pm EST


5 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

by Christine Kane

If you have a product, the worst thing you can do is plunk it down on your website and hope your ideal client will be compelled to hit the “buy” button.

And if you’ve read anything about marketing in the last few years, then you already know that. You also probably know that a launch can do wonders for selling your products or programs. It’s true.  A launch or campaign can fill your program, sell your product or get people to your event.

Okay, great.  But there are lots of components that make up a successful product launch.

Here are five of them…

1 – Your list is key.  Not just the numbers, but the people, too.

This is the big buzz-killer for many folks. They hear tales of six and seven-figure launches and think, “Me too!”

But they don’t have a list. And they don’t have access to anyone else’s list. If you don’t got a list, you don’t got no one to sell to. (Isn’t that an old blues standard?)

Yes, you can partner with other people who DO have lists. But most people who DO have lists are going to want to know if YOU have a list. (That way, you can return the favor. After all, it’s called a partnership, not a rescue!)

Another thing to consider is WHO is on your list?  If you have built a list primarily of corporate executives and you decide to sell a program on quilting, then we’ve got a bit of a congruence issue.  Make sure the people on your list are the perfect people for your product or program.

2 – Build a relationship with your list.

I met a healing practitioner who had a list but never did anything with it.  Never wrote them, never added value, never offered anything. When she heard about launches, she got fired up and started launching immediately to her list.  No one signed up for her program.  Here’s what I told her…

Your list is not a LIST.  Your list is people.  As such, you need to build a relationship with them.

So, if you haven’t been in touch with your list CONSISTENTLY… then you haven’t built any trust with them. You haven’t added any value for them. You haven’t created a relationship.

And they won’t buy from you just because you decided to launch something.

Spend some time adding value and giving free content at least once a week. Then when you do launch, your list will already like and trust you!

3 – Make your offer clear and simple.

Your buyers need to know what they get when they sign up.  If they don’t understand it, they won’t buy.  If it’s too complex, they won’t buy.

So make sure you take the time to map out what EXACTLY you are offering, how long it lasts, what bonuses they get, and when the offer ends.

Some people get so scared and driven when they sell anything that they offer their program, the kitchen sink, their first-born and a one-on-one coaching trip to the Bahamas together for every participant in the program, plus the collection of 11 workbooks they wrote back when they were a CPA.

News Flash: Less is more. People want clarity.  If you’re not clear, they won’t buy.  Get out of your fear of not offering enough – and give them what they truly want…RESULTS!

4 – Be diligent about following up.

I see this all the time.  If a launch isn’t going well, people often give up and stop reaching out to their list.

Big mistake.

There’s lots of hard data to prove that most sign ups these days will come in the final 24 hours of your campaign.

And remember, follow up doesn’t mean “assault and battery.” Don’t exclamation point people to death.  You can still be conversational and add value in your emails. But you need to be consistently in touch as your launch is happening.

(And ideally, you want to write some of these emails in advance so that you’re not writing from a place of fear and reactivity.)

5 – Use social media to build buzz. Not to count sales.

It’s awesome that you have so many people who like your Facebook page.

But the truth is, they’ve probably liked a lot of other pages too. And they get lots of stuff in their feed. And most of it drifts by without ever catching their eye.  What this means is that while Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram) may be great ways to build your list or even supplement your launch with some buzz-worthy posts… they are not substitutes for a strong list.

The Facebook platform is Facebook’s platform. Twitter’s platform is Twitter’s platform. These are all streaming and fleeting.

Your list is YOUR platform. Use it.

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 26,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at http://christinekane.com.

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Latoicha Phillips Givens

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 11/24/08: 

Latoicha Phillips Givens, Esq., founding member of the firm Phillips Givens, LLC. She is an intellectual property attorney specializing in trademark, copyright, licensing and new media issues. www.phillipsgivenslaw.com

She graduated cum laude from Florida A&M University, and received her Juris Doctor from The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law in Washington, DC. The National Bar Association named her a J. Franklyn Bourne Scholar.

Check out Latoicha's post, "What Every Blogger Should Know About Trademark Law Before and While Blogging" for more information about blogging and intellectual property.

Click on the link to listen to the recorded show:

Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Reloaded with Guest Kellee Maize

Celebrating five years on the air, we're featuring memorable shows from the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  archives.

From Wednesday 3/30/11: 

Kellee Maize is a Pittsburgh-based rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and dancer.

In Kellee's own words...
I moved to Pittsburgh in my teens with the dream of making an impact on the world. I just felt drawn to the city, like there was something waiting for me here.  I learned more about the negative sides of our society through study at the University of Pittsburgh. At that time, Hip Hop was solidified as my passion and outlet for activism. I began singing and rapping on stage in 2000 and have not stopped since.

I founded a female owned and operated, socially conscious company, Nakturnal. I founded Nakturnal in hopes of helping woman work together in pursuit of their dreams and because I learned through spiritual study that when women gather, the world will heal. For over two years now, Nakturnal has been considered a leading marketing and events organization in the the area. We work daily to inspire women, help independent artists and raise awareness for worthy causes. We have been expanding nationally.

While Nak was growing, I found more time to record and perform, and released my first album with the help of DJ Huggy. I released my second album, Aligned Archetype, nationally on January 29th, 2010. This album highlights my mystical side and brings together my other musical passions including dubstep, house, reggae, Bmore club, R&B and of course Hip Hop. I consider myself a spiritual person and now see activism on an energetic level that starts within so I work on my SELF daily. I feel my outer purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy that speaks to the soul of the listener.

I believe massive global change is coming and that it starts with the individual. I feels Pittsburgh, my home, is a focal point in this planetary change and that women and female energy in men and women will help us enter a new stage.

I feel that our inner world is a mirror of our outer reality. We have the power to help positively affect the world by "being the change we wish to see", as Ghandi puts it. While this can be incredibly challenging given our human tendencies and emotions, I believe we are entering a new stage of evolution in human consciousness and hope that in the same way I am affected daily by artists and musicians that my music inspires change and awareness in the listener.

I feel all people have special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle and that we are all made of the same energy and therefore are really all one. I know deep down that music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our current fear stricken society. I feel we can enjoy this time/space reality while opening hearts and minds, and creating lasting change. http://www.nakturnal.net 

Kellee's video: "Start None"

Click on the archived show on Libsyn: http://womenentrepreneursradio.libsyn.com/rapper-singer-songwriter-entrepreneur-kellee-maize

Creating BIG Incomes Requires Taking BIG Actions

by Ali Brown

From kitchen table startups to multimillionaire mom-preneurs, more women are taking control of their lives and shaping their own destinies today than ever before.

And the statistics are showing it…

We ladies are launching startups at nearly three times the national average rate in the U.S. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that leads to the fact that MORE than half the new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018 will be from women-owned firms.

It makes complete sense that entrepreneurship is so attractive to women right now. The traditional work model has never been a good fit for women, especially for those raising families, so for us, being able to custom-design a business that fits the lifestyle we want is the ultimate dream.

But, being an entrepreneur requires one KEY quality: the willingness to take risks. And this is where I see many promising entrepreneurs and new business owners struggle.

You see, when I mentor a client, they always start out saying they are finally ready to play big and build a wildly profitable business.

Then, we get to the place where they are required to take risks. Opportunity x lands right in their lap. And what often happens is — while they find x exciting — they get uncomfortable and start to shrink back. “I can’t spend that kind of money on x,” they say. Or, “I’m not ready for x yet.” Or “x is too big for little old me! Why don’t we start with y or z first?” Or, “x sound great, but let’s save it for next year.”

When we are born, we first crawl, then walk. In school, we go to grade one, grade two, grade three, and so forth. In college, we become freshmen, sophomores, juniors then seniors. In the working world, we start out as assistants and then we move up to managerial roles.

The problem is, this “grade school” way of thinking stays with us for life. And those of us who muster up the nerve to start a business don’t realize that when it comes to accumulating huge profits, this ladder-type thinking will defeat you. It feels safer, but in the end, it will get you nowhere.

What you need to do instead is leap. Leap over previous boundaries. Leap over your competition. Leap over everything! Big gains come from leaping — not ladder climbing. This will take some adjustment to your thinking.

To help my clients start thinking bigger, I recommend they read autobiographies and biographies of big-thinking entrepreneurs like my friend Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, and Bill Gates. One of my favorite stories is in Richard’s humorous autobiography, Losing My Virginity, in which he shares how he started Virgin Airlines. He sold seats without knowing how he was going to get a plane. If that doesn’t inspire you, what will?

You’ll find that when these people came across big opportunities, they were in line with their mission, and they didn’t shy away. They jumped in all the way — even when the resources they needed to do so weren’t apparent yet.

Did you get that last part? They said yes even when they weren’t sure how they’d do it, where they’d get the money, or who could help them. And they found — sure enough as you will too — that when a big opportunity presents itself and you step up and say “yes”, and if you truly believe in your heart that this goal is yours, suddenly the universe seems to rearrange itself to help you.

And here’s the good news… You typically don’t have to go looking for these opportunities. They are usually right in front of you, or will soon drop in your lap. Once you declare you are ready, your awareness is heightened, a shift occurs, and you will suddenly see the path to all that you and your business can be.

So, are you ready to be an entrepreneur? If your heart is right now is shouting, “Yes!” make note now of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

For example:

    Do you know of a big new client you could land if you really pursued them?
    Are you aware of an accomplished mentor whom you could hire or whose program you could join?
    Do you need to dramatically raise your rates?
    Do you want to create a new income stream to increase your cash flow?
    Are you aware of a powerful event you could attend that could help fast-forward your success?

Listen up… make the call, register for the spot, place the ad, invest in training, book the trip, list out potential income streams—whatever that step is—and make that big move. All your rewards are waiting… if you’re ready to make the leap!

QUESTION: What BOLD action step have you been putting off that could help you move forward in your life or business? Could you take that step this week? Please share in the comment section below!

© 2013 Ali International, LLC

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow a profitable business that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at www.AliBrown.com.

Luxury Handbag Designer Deondra Jeree on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

A fresh face for the fashion industry, Deondra Jeree started the groundwork on her designs after gaining inspiration from the talented youth at the Handbag 101 awards in New York City. Being only 21 herself, Deondra is making a strong statement as one of the youngest luxury handbag designers of our time. Her age allows her to be fearless and thoughtful and also lends the advantage of keeping her childhood dreams insight.

As a young girl she always knew she wanted to do something fashion focused and this passion continued to guide her career path. Deondra turned that desire into a graphic design degree and exclusively took on fashion label-graphic design and art.

The long-term dream of having her own line was realized in late 2012 when she started creating her first handbag collection.


Date: Wednesday, November 13th Time: 8:00 pm EST 


Happy 5th Birthday Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Women Entrepreneurs Radio is five years old today! 

My very first show was broadcast on 11/12/2008 and featured Energy Guide, Elena Camp

Listen the recorded show here: Listen to that show here: http://womenentrepreneursradio.libsyn.com/elena-camp-energy-guide-and-law-of-attraction-trainer

Thinking of starting your own internet radio show? Here are some tips for how to become a host or a guest.  

Internet Radio is a very easy (and inexpensive) way to market to hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients.

You can create an Internet radio show simply by calling into a conference call service and uploading the recording to an audio player or platform (such as Blog Talk Radio, Live 365 or Podomatic). Once your recording has been uploaded to a platform and a feed is created, that feed can be uploaded to podcast directories such as iTunes. Your recorded show can also be downloaded to mobile devices, computers or MP3 players.

This flexibility gives you the option to share the recordings on social media, your website or blog, or on the hundreds of podcast directories on the Internet. One recording can be used to market your products and services over and over again. 

What are some ways you can use internet radio to boost your marketing?

  • Build a media platform for your book
  • Quickly build an audience of fans and followers
  • Accelerate the "know, like and trust" factor with your prospects
  • Become known as an expert in your field
  • Create new revenue streams

How to Get a Guest Spot on an Internet Radio Show

Begin by doing a search for the shows that are a good fit for your topic. You can
find them by doing an internet search or by looking at platforms such as Blog Talk Radio, TalkShoe or  iTunes to see what shows focus on your target market.

Once you’ve identified the shows that you’re interested in, listen to individual
episodes and get an idea of what the show format is. Who are the guests? What
are the topics? Make sure the show is a fit for you and your business.

Finished with your research? Contact the host to find out if you can be a guest on the show. Include a brief bio, a link to your website and any media mentions you may have. Provide enough information so that you can show that you'll be a great guest who will provide a lot of value for the listeners!

How to Create a Popular Internet Radio Show

Prefer to host your own show and build a fan base? Start by picking a topic that you're excited about. When I started my show, I'd just started coaching people in career transition. So, I decided to focus my show on women entrepreneurs. 

I started out by asking the entrepreneurs on my contact list if they wanted to be guests. Then I posted queries on PR lists (such as HARO) letting everyone know I was looking for guests for my show. Now, five years later my show is so popular that I don't have to go looking for guests - they find me! In addition, I've created a way to connect with other entrepreneurs and grow my network. 

Whether you decide to host a show or be a guest, you can use internet radio to get lots of attention (and customers) for your products and services. 

There's no expensive equipment to buy or difficult technology to learn.  If you can use a telephone, you can be a part of internet radio! You can be heard by thousands, if not millions of people because your recorded audio will continue to market for you long after the show is over.

Just as with video, audio will give you a personal connection with you ideal client so that you can create that "know, like and trust" factor while you create raving fans!

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