Alicia Vanderschuere of rosieMADE LLC on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Alicia Vanderschuere spent 15+ years in corporate merchandising. After she achieved her dream job but still felt unfulfilled, she realized she wanted to become part of the solution for America, not continue to be part of the problem. So, she coupled two of her passions-USA manufacturing and the advancement of women-to create rosieMADE LLC. Her goal is to inspire and empower women! Through commerce and community, she hopes to provide a platform for selling products, learning, and collaborating. A portion of every sale will be reinvested into resources for women.

rosieMADE LLC. is a company with a simple and necessary goal. We want to inspire and empower women!
  • Increase revenues of women-friendly businesses
  • Increase jobs and wages for American women
  • Promote the accomplishments of women and support their advancement
  • Encourage women entrepreneurship

We carry products for women made by women and are all USA made! To create change, a portion of all proceeds will be re-invested into resources for women-businesses through the rosieMADE Foundation.

With every purchase our customers know where the product was made and who made it. They feel great knowing that a portion of proceeds will generate impact. Together, women will advance! WE CAN DO IT!

Date: Wednesday, February 13th
Time: 8:00 pm EST

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